old man piper is back

While it has been quite some time since I have updated and added some content I am proud to say that pipes.org is being rebooted. SO you will have some new content added as I find time.

For this little update I would like to suggest that you try Gawiths rope tobaccos. For those who are tired of aromatics, English’s, Vapers etc. rope tobaccos give you genuine tobacco taste without the fluffs. My current faves are brown 4, Black XX and happy brown bogie. For some smokers these are harsh and strong but if smoked slowly in a group 3 or larger the Tobys can be more than satisfying. For a quick smoke I prep them into a ribbony shag and smoke them in a group 1 bowl. A nice Nic hit with a lot of flavor. Goes nicely with a cup of strong coffee or a mug of twinings Irish Breakfast tea with a lump of sugar.

Together the Irish tabac and the Irish tea make a warm beginning to start the day.

AS I stated above we will be adding more content as time allows so let us start our spring together.

happy smokes

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