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A few weeks ago while roaming thru my Facebook feed I came across an interesting innovation in our lifestyle.. Yes we have pipes and yes we have cigars but I saw this cigar pipe that Oscar was showing.. An already upcoming pipe maker, the pipe cigar is a new innovation for him. SO I contacted him and he offered to send me one for review. Always interested in innovative smoking utensils I keenly awaited its arrival. When it arrived, the cigar pipe had my initials engraved as the band and an accompanying ash tray, a cigar and matches were included.. To me presentation is wonderful but its the utensil first and foremost.
Made from maple the cigar is well crafted, the tabac chamber smooth and the bit is much like the old cigar bit we would use in the old days.. A solid piece of wood.

In my discussion online Oscar said that the issues with heat are much like a true cigar, therefore the band is well placed so you would hold the cigar behind the band.. Being a clencher by habit, the pipe filled with tabac felt like the weight felt like a 50 band cigar. Easily managed. And yes the pipe remained cool.
For its initial smoke I loaded it full with Sutliff 957 and used a charring light to get it started. Very nice. With only two more lights the bowl went straight thru without relight all the way down to the last 1/4 inch.. A very cool dry and flavorfulsmoke from an awesome device.
Cleaning out the remaining dottle of which there was little was a breeze and the pipe cleaner did its job nicely. I filled it again with some Sutliff Breckinridge, a no-nonsense tabac, and again enjoyed this pipe as a cigar replacement.
I have used it several times this last week in place of a cigar during the work day and with ne’er a problem. The chamber is getting a little cake which is good and this will definitely be an addition to my rotation for when i want a cigar during the day.
Not being a fan of aromatics I would presume that there may be an issue with the moisture and gurgle but I have not experimented with that. I will update this post in comments with updates.
Feel free to contact Oscar thru the pipes.org facebook page or thru comments here and I or he will respond.

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