Holiday pondering

As I sit here in the early morning daze with coffee and a bowl of leprechauns liquor burning in a Missouri Meerschaum hardwood aptly named “old reliable” I begin to reminisce the last year and ponder the new one.

Great tobaccos came forward to be tested and reviewed. Some good some not so good. New pipes passed thru my mouth. Some passed while some were passed on.

What remains constant is the plethora of people that I have become acquainted with over the last year thanx to social media and my conserted effort to “get out” more and venture to the social gatherings that take place daily in my local lounges. Almost on a daily basis I am able to interact with these people who have accepted me in to their niche because of the affinity for the leaf. This is a hard world for the smoker to exist in. To share our love for each other and enjoy the comraderie the love of the leaf brings forth is a commendable as well as a traditional endeavor. Male bonding.

The masses do not like smokers. They shun us like lepers . Discard us as a pest or worse like a bag of garbage. Yet we persist. We grow stronger. Our influence grows deeper. The rise of young smokers finding their way into our arena is a hopeful sign of the future.
New pipe makers are amassing and bringing their wares to us daily. Some will succeed others will not. Their talent and the out of the ordinary designs I see are astounding. Their creativity hold no boundaries.

All because of the leaf.. God’s creation.

Others have taken the endeavor to small craft and hand blend new tabacs. Some of which I have tried. Another worthwhile effort . Bringing fresh minds to fresh palettes always willing to try something new and exciting. I commend these endeavors also. Carrying on the tradition of their forefathers .
All for the love of the leaf.

“of all the things in the garden shall ye partake” Tabac is there. Whether it be used to roll cigars , smoke in a pipe, smoke as a cigarette or just enjoy the fragrance of the plant itself . It is Gods plant for us to partake of.

Does it have health risks? Yes as has been said many times. But what doesn’t.? Too much of anything will cause health damage. This is a well understood concept. AS long as we accept those risks and continue to enjoy the friendships we make and brotherhood we share life becomes tolerable and a good smoke is palettable.

SO as we look ahead to 2015 let us also look forward to the new designs of the pipes that are coming out. The new tabacs which we shall partake of and enjoy or dislike. The ability of our immediate social groups and our not so immediate social groups on Instagram and Facebook will keep us aware of it all and let us all interact, debate, share a portion of our lives together. All because of one thing.
The love of the leaf.

Happy 2015

Christmas and pipe smoking

I personally always enjoy smoking a pipe round this time of year, the days are short and nights long and most of us have to bare the cold weather. When I am outdoors in the cold I normally take a pipe with me with a good round bowl and abit bigger than I would normally carry in pocket. This gives me the chance to not only lightly puff away but acts as a hand warmer too . In the days of my Christmas past my house use to always smell of spices, drink , ripe meat cooking away slowly and nothing adds to these smells like a tin of seasonal pipe tobacco. After a long day working in the office leaving the house in the dark and coming home in the dark I like to pick up my churchwarden either my GBD or my Savinelli Hans Christian Anderson and puff away blowing smoke rings. With the lights dimmed and some candles on you can see the bowl light up and the swift of light smoke filling the room. For me it’s a pleasure. This is normally a time where the most people will smoke a cigar ( New Year ) or a pipe with family, it’s a time and moment to treasure. Don’t forget to buy a couple of tins of tobacco of a few extra cigars to pass around and savor the moment with those you love. Pipe smoking is something than builds memories many pipes I own in my own personal collection I would never sell or give away yet there also probably the least valuable but there the ones I can say I smoke that pipe with that person at that time and what a memory it was. Your children, your grandchildren will remember you as a pipe smoker, they may even remember the smell and type of tobacco you smoke so give them also good memories with you smoking a pipe.


new tabacs announced

Happy Friday.
Last night I was going thru Facebook posts and a couple of new tabacs are coming out. On a large scale a new G.L. Pease tabac called Sixpence is beginning to ship. According to Greg the new tabac is
A rich flake comprising a base of beautiful red virginias, a generous portion of perique, and just a bit of dark-fired leaf to add body and dimension. The tobaccos are delicately kissed with a special spirit, then pressed and aged in cakes before being sliced and tinned. The taste and aroma are deep, full and satisfying, reminiscent of traditional tobaccos from long ago.

On a smaller scale, Bluegrass Cigar Suite blenders Jason Brown and Jordan Kenner are releasing Homers Delight, The blend of black cavendishes was subjected to a ‘vertically distilled fermentation’ process, and left to age an extended period of time, allowing the subtle flavors of the tobaccos to fully develop. The tasting panel used during our sampling period noted flavors of ‘sweet chocolate’ and ‘glazed donut’. Room note is very sweet, dominated by the chocolate note described in the smoking experience. Due to the limited nature of the tobacco, it will be limited to 1oz purchases only.
Look for the new Sixpence at your favorite tobacconist and get a hold of Bluegrass Cigar Suite at to try these out..
sweet smokes

Hobbits Weed Reserve

For all the lovers of Hobbits Weed tabac that is blended in store by Tewksbury & Co., the date for the release of the new Hobbits Weed Reserve has just been announced. December 15 is the date. Available in limited quantities.. While an aromatic tabac usually does not age very well. This has. As a taste tester you will find a much richer flavorful smoke with subtleties that aging brings forth.
Dave and Patrick have been working on this since last Christmas when it was put in the aging room. And I do believe they have done a remarkable job.
Save the date and get your order in early.. It will be a tad more expensive than traditional Hobbits Weed but worth every penny

Sweet Smokes

Modern Virginia


What is old is new again . Or in this case modern
Yesterday I posted a listing from the archive of which had a large sampling of old Dunhill tabacs. What stood out for me was the non-aromatics with fruit essence that Dunhill blended for its shop.
This curiosity hit a nerve in my brain as I have been delving into this new Mac Baren tabac, Modern Virginia..
The tin states that this is a mixture of 2 virginias, one bright and one dark mixed with some Cavendish and burley topped with some sweet ripe fruit
At first I was hesitant of the combination of the grassy tastes of Virginias being mixed with fruit.
I am hesitant no longer as it growing on me. Available in both loose cut and a flake I am basing my review on the loose cut as I am going to give the flake a while to age and meld. Allowing me to reevaluate this at a later date.
Smoking this tabac requires sipping the smoke to avoid the tongue bite of traditional aromatics. I experienced that bite in the first few bowls because I wanted to smoke it like a traditional Virginia.. But it will attack you if you do.. Changing strategy and smoking it slow and methodical in a larger briar or cob will give you greater enjoyment. From my testing the cob is better, but alas. Packing it loosely also enhances the flavor meld.
I have smoked this as an all day smoke several times since I received and after readjustments were made to smoking technique, this truly is a tabac reminiscent of the old Dunhill non-aromatics..
Worthy of enjoyment.
As I said earlier what was old is new again….. or in this case modern. Modern Virginia
sweet smokes

Dunhill tobaccos

A list of some of the Dunhill Tobaccos from our archives
available ONLY from Dunhill in London
Alfred Dunhill Ltd.
30 Duke Street, St. James
London, England
phone: 0171-499-9566

Dunhill Mixture #34569

A dark broken flake, richly flavoured with a background
“tang”. Medium Strength.

Dunhill Mixture #36166
(Dark Flake, Mixuture #179)
A Lemon and Bronze Virginia Flake; Gently rubbed out.
Mild to medium strength.

Dunhill Mixture #36667
A full bodied dark broken flake. No added flavours.
Full strength.

Dunhill Mixture #36609
Similar to a Navy Cut or Plug tobacco. Full strength.

Dunhill Mixture #620
Red Virginia, chopped flake, a little Latakia, and some
Dunhill’s Royal Yacht. This blend has a natural sweetness
and a slow rate of burn. A dash of white rum flavouring is

(Ed. comment: “They” should not ADD FLAVOURINGS!!!!!! 8={ )

Dunhill Mixture #27
A classic ENGLISH mixture. Nutty taste. Mild to Medium strength.
Consists of Latakia, Cavendish, Virginia, and Oriental leaf.
Similar to Dunhill Std. Mild.
(Ed. comment: I have tried this and find it to be EXCELLENT 🙂

Dunhill Mixture #21
A straight forward, fine cut, UNFLAVOURED, Red Virginia.
Mild in strength.

Dunhill Mixture #94
A medium strength blend of 50% Cavendish and 50% Red Virginia.
Not considered aromatic.

Dunhill Mixture ELITE
A mild to medium mexture containing: Perique,
and 9 other, different, tobacco leaves including:
cavendish, Virginias, and Flakes. Semi-aromatic blend
flavoured with plum and other mixed fruit.

A complex blend of Virginias, Cavendish, Latakia, and Oriental leaf.
Medium strength.

( Ed. Comment: VERY GOOD!!! 8=}}} )

Dunhill Vanilla
A mild to medium blend of Burley and Virginia Flake,
flavoured with vanilla essence.

Dunhill Cherry and Rum
A blend of Royal Yacht flavoured with Cherry and Rum essence.
Mild to Medium strength.

Dunhill “Royale”
A combination of “Blenders Own”, “October 89”, and “New World”
(see below for descriptions)
Mild to medium strength.

Dunhill Duke Street
A traditional English mixture consisting of broad cut Lemon Virginia,
Latakia, Cavendish, and Oriental; with Mr Alfred’s Own and 2 dark
flakes added. Slow burning and between mild and medium in strength.

Dunhill #36080
“Mr. Alfred’s Own”
One of the original Dunhill English Mixtures:
Mild to medium, consisting of Latakia, Cavendish, Virginias,
Oriental Leaf and HAVANA FILLER! leaf for zest.
(Ed. comment: I like it!!!! 8=)

Dunhill #10
A richly flavoured English mixture. Medium to Full strength.
A HIGH proportion of Latakia and Cavendish is a base for
added Virginias and Oriental leaf. This blend is similar to
“Dunhill London Mixture”.
(Ed. comment: I like it!!!! 8=)

Dunhill #73
The fullest flavoured English mixture. Over 52% LATAKIA!
with Cavendish, Virginias, Perique and Oriental leaf.
(Ed. Comment: VERY EXCELLENT!!! 8=})
(Ed. comment: I like it!!!! 8=)

Dunhill “Peach”
Same as “October 89: with added peach essence.
Mild strength

Dunhill “Apricot”
Same as “June, 86”: with added apricot essence.
Mild strength

Dunhill “Cherry”
Same as “June, 86”: with added cherry essence.
Mild strength

Dunhill “June, 86”
A ‘Continental’ aromatic mixture. Not too sweet. A blend
of Virginias and Flakes, and lightly flavoured with Whiskey
and Caramel essence. Mild strength.

Dunhill Blenders Own
A mild to medium strength semi-aromatic mixture consisting of:
Rich Flake, Burley, Virginias and Perique. Some Latakia is added
along with vanilla essence.

Dunhill October 89
Using Dunhill 620 as a base, broad cut Lemon Virginia,
chopped flake, Red Virginia, Cavendish, and Oriental leaf
is added to produce a mild, slow burningk, and cool mixture.
Honey and apricot essence is added along with a fruit essence.

Dunhill 36081
(Three Year Matured)
Medium strength blend of Red Virginia and Oriental leaf.
Lighly flavoured with mixed fruit essence.

(Ed. note: the original 3-year matured was truely a 3 year
matured red virginia with NO fruit essence!: I know, since
I have sampled tins of the original blend dated as far back
as 1949!!. It is beyond my comprehension that Dunhill would
take a marvelous old blend like 3-year matured and add
fruit essence to it 🙁 )

Dunhill 1167
( Cuba )
A medium strength, spicy blend consisting of mixed Virginias,
Cavendish, Oriental Leaf and added Havana Filler leaf and
Perique. This blend contains NO Latakia.

Dunhill New World
A rich, mild to medium blend consisting of Burley, Virginias,
Cavendish, and Latakia. Two dark flakes are added to complete
this satisfying blend. Finally, it is flavoured with
maple essence. (Ed. note: WHY!?! )

Dunhill 1066
This mixture contains a high percentage of Oriental leaf.
Virginia, and Latakia are added. This blend is Broad cut
and has a slow rate of burn. Medium strength.
(Ed. comment: I like it!!!! 8=)

Dunhill Bowled Out
A natural, sweet smelling mixture which consists of rubbed
Virginia, Turkish, and a small amount of Perique.
Medium strength, non-aromatic.

Dunhill 221B Baker St.
A mild to medium strength mixture with a quizzical twist to it
that only the Formidable Sherlock Holmes could fathom out.

Dunhill “Baby’s Bottom”
A smooth, medium strength mixture which consists of Red Virginas,
Bronze and Lemon Virginias, some Flake and a good helping of
(Ed. comment: The original “Baby’s Bottom” was produced by
a company named “Savoury’s, Ltd. There were 5 or so different
Baby’s Bottom blends back in the 1950’s and 1960’s )

Dunhill “White Spot”
A fairly Full bodied smoke that has 35% Latakia, with added
Red Virginia and Turkish. A VERY ENGLISH blend!
(Ed. comment: I believe this is a resurrection of an older
Dunhill blend, also named “White Spot” )

Ed. Note: This is only a partial listing. Dunhill in London still
produce other blends. Many are tinned. Dunhill will also make up blends
for a customer under the “My Mixture” label.

a bit of cherry cider


Fall is arriving slowly this year.. While the weather during the day up here in the rockies is quite warm, the evenings are brisk and cool. What a great time to bring out the cobs and enjoy the fall harvest.
As I am not normally an aromatic lover this new tabac from Sutliff is quite the treat. Black Cavendish, Burley and some Virginias greet you in the tin along with the smell of a cold jug of cherry apple cider. Light and flavorful. The tabac is not overly moist and this morning i filled a cob with this blend as I prepared to start my day.
Lunting thru the neighborhood to the commuter my taste buds enjoyed the cherry cider flavor. Not syruppy or overbearing as some cherry blends. The bowl took two lights to get it going but went thru the entire smoke with only a little dottle at the end. With most cherry tabacs a harsh bitterness tends to occur around the half way point. Not so with this blend.
A smooth flavorful smoke all the way thru. A definite addition for my morning rotation.
Another fine tabac from Carl.

W O Larsen 2015


W.O. Larsen Limited Edition 2015 .
I bought this 100 gram tin at my lounge for 30 euros. It was a limited edition and they only had three tins so I thought I better give it ago . The tin art is nice and colourful, being a dark blue with a gold bottom and the numbers 2015 appearing bright on the lid, not too busy and just a small sticker saying smoking kills which came off nice and easy.
When you open the tin the tobacco is in a clear vacuum pouch which keeps the tobacco fresh, I removed the contents to a more air tight jar. Tobacco colour is light with bits of Cavendish through it . The Blend has white flower leaves , with a composition of brandy, raspberry, pomegranite and other sweet flavours.
I packed my Karl Erik pipe with it and lit it up. The room note is very pleasant but that is no surprise considering what it’s cased with. I found it personally far too sweet for my pallete, in fact almost sickening. It’s a close match to a tobacco called Rose of Latakia by McCelland which I also found a hard time to stomach .
On the plus side your wife will not complain about the room note of this tobacco.
So if you want to smoke indoors this coming winter and can muster the strength to smoke perfume then this tobacco is the one.