Peterson System

While set up by my friends at a local smoke shop to experience tongue bite my tru friend gave me a lesson in the use of his grandfathers Peterson system pipe.
Ok heres the story, I’m sitting in my local hangout (CASTROS BACK ROOM NASHUA NH) during the Celtics / Lakers Play-offs.. Everyone is smoking the best of the best cigars @ 12-20 bucks a whack and My friend and I were testing out the stores Pipe tobacco selection, we were smoking Cavandish, and LATAKIA, bulls eyes, virginia blends, Peterson Summer blend and My new all time favorite BLUE NOTE, my buddies were setting me up the whole time, i packed 3 BOWLS IN A PERIOD OF 1 HOUR.. I said 3 bowls in 1 hour. the guys smokinh the cigars were all liking the smell of the pipe., i was enjoying the flavor.. then on of my buddies did a mean thing he gave me an ice cold lemonaide said it was gonna “enhance the flavor of the tobacco” hell no mann that split a crack right down the middle of my tongue. i was suffering from a bad case of tongue bite, then he gave me a “3 alarm Dorito” and it freekin burned my tongue even more.. a couple hours later i see him cleaning his pipe and notice the mouth piece “STEM” has a hole at the top of the stem where the roof of your mouth would be, and he started to tell me of how the tobacco taysted better fronm this style , and theres less tongue bite. i looked into the peterson system pipe and for 50-70 bucks totally obtainable, i would recommend one to anyone looking to broaden their horizon and expand their collection.. a beautiful pipe, at A REASONABLE PRICE..

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  1. WilHenDavis

    Hi Tonka, I occasionally frequent “2 Guys SmokeShop” in Nashua;
    in order to smoke my pipe (they’re neighbors of mine). I have a collection
    of pipes (mostly Kapp Petersons) and I discovered “2 Guys” only
    recently, and so far I’ve been the only pipe-smoker I’ve seen there. They
    have a reasonable selection of pipe-tobacco, and they’ve always been most
    helpful in letting me use their facilities. I read your note with interest,
    and noting your proximity to Nashua, wondered if you had ever tried “2
    Guys” Good luck with your Peterson System. – Wil Davis

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