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I have over 200 pipes to sell… mostly used, some new with original boxes, some Meerschaums… a lot of them unique and beautiful! My ex husband was a nut for collecting them for years, and I have them all! I also have special racks, lighters, etc.  I was wondering what the best way was to sell them besides ebay? I’d prefer to sell them by bulk.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thank you!

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  1. Jesse Silver

    Selling a collection on ebay can involve a bit of work. If your images are not well lit and sharply focused you won’t get a favorable result. But if you are willing to do the work, and if you have some very desirable pipes, you can sell your collection in lots and do pretty well. There are some very motivated collectors out there.
    In any event, get several bids from dealers before going with one. Valuations can vary widely. If there’s a quality pipe shop where you live you can approach them as well.

  2. MilaK Post author

    Thank you Jesse! I intend to do a little of both… selling a bunch to collectors and selling special pieces on ebay. You’re right on both cases… and I will gather information and compare before I dive into it! I have such a variety that it takes time to do the research. And I do believe there is a pipe store I can visit… good idea! Thanks again! I appreciate your advice!

  3. Jesse Silver

    Glad to be of service. One way to get a handle on values is to use ebay as a learning source. I follow a number of auctions just to get an idea regarding prices. Rarity is not as much of a factor as many people would like to believe. Condition is a critical component in what a collector will pay. Some makes are very highly sought after, while others are not. Using ebay’s advanced search options will allow you to view already completed auctions based on key words, which can be useful for learning what is hot and what is not, at least on ebay.

    Also, there are quite a few informational sites on the Web, many of which can be found in the links provided on this site.

    Check out Pipephil for a lot of information on various maker’s logos and other nomenclature with pictures. I also refer to Pipedia for information and am a contributor to that site, having written the Barling page.

    Don’t rush if you don’t have to. You’ll do better for yourself in the long run, and you might have some fun along the way.

  4. MilaK Post author

    Hi Jesse
    You’re right… I’ve actually have been using ebay as a source of prices and desirability of the pipes! But I do appreciate the other links that would give me further information! That would really help! I was just googling the name… and reading what I could find… like articles from Pipes magazine. But I also found that most pipes have their own site… and that gives me more info as well.
    I have compiled like 11 pipes and took a couple of photos that I will be sending out just to get a feel of what I have… and I’d like to send them to you as well… I’d really appreciate your input and thoughts….! Thanks again!

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