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When a maker contacts you after you post on a social media site and says “You can smoke the hell out of my pipe” I am definitely interested. So it was when I posted about a custom cob with 45 caliber shank that i have where the casing gets hots after a few bowls. I was curious to see if anyone else had these issues. The responses I got were few.. One maker suggested that I look in the bowl and see if there was any wood between the bowl and the casing shank.. It appeared that the casing went to the bowl with no wood in between. This was deemed to be the cause of the heat issue since there was no buffer. This maker who assisted me was Basil Meadows of Reddog Pipes.

Basil sent me the above pipe that I can smoke the hell out of and to see if I notices a difference. Well let me tell you. I put this pipe thru Ben hell yesterday smoking 8 bowls in a 12 hour period only to switch up with one of my logs for lunch. Let me tell you even in the 95 degree heat and smoking English tabac and Virginias the casing did not get hot.. Warm yes but not like the other.

This pipe is high quality, all fittings tight and looks definitely solid as a new member of my rotation. Welcome young cob.

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I am giving it a rest today on Cob Tuesday but do not fret. I am smoking my Missouri Meer Hardwood and have a Riccardo Santia Corndog in my holster to switch up with.

Sweet smokes

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