there are two things that a man will never forget– his first love and his first smoke.
my first smoke from a pipe was on a cheap Cool and Sweet that I bought in england in shakepeares hometown. it was a straight apple with a draw that was ok. the brand of tobacco was a house blend from Old Virginia Tobacco Co. called Williamsburg. It was a friuty blend with just a touch of Latakia. It was smooth. i was under age so i walked out into the woods behind my house to smoke. i found a stone wall and sat there for an hour. it was one of the most meditative moments in my life.

my second pipe had a much better draw. I saved my money, when to a local pipe store and bought a Peterson Shamrock. it was a bent billard shape and made me feel a little like Sherlock Homes.

the next blend that i got was from a tin. it was called Balkan Mixture and was a mix of virginia tobaccos and latakia but was much stronger than the first blend.

people always ask you the same question when they find out that you smoke a pipe, why? well i went to college this past year and after everyone asking me, i finally came up with a good answer. the reason i smoke a pipe is to stop thinking. the reason i smoke is to commune with myself and get to know me. I have always been the sorta different one in the group. smoking a pipe makes me more different but allows me to be myself and it calms me. tea and tobacco have become my outlets and hobbies and the pipe has become a indulgence.

the pipe tobacco is important and the pipe brings the romance. it smokes smoother and cooler than a cigar or cigarette and tastes infinetly better. the pipe itself smells wonderful after a smoke and feels great to hold in your hand.

so i still consider myself a novice pipe smoker but i am learning. I can now smoke my apple without relighting it. it also has a good level of cake built up on the side. my bent billiard is starting to smoke better and it thoroughly broken in. the house blend called Williamsburg is still my favorite blend of tobacco. it is a mix of Carolina tobacco with a touch of Latakia and Perique. The Balkan blend is a Virginia and latakia blend.

I recently bought my third and final pipe for a while. it is unfinished because of some of the wood filling the maker used. i am not sure what style the pipe is; it is slightly bent and a Dublin-like bowl except it is larger. it is an Italian Savinelli pipe and smokes very well. I am in the process of breaking it in (i am doing this one right).

So i have found that my new Savinelli is my Italian beauty and my Peterson is my English love. The Peterson has more personality and is my old stand-by. When combined with Williamsburg; I could smoke all day without rest. The Savinelli is my one timer; like a good *censored*. It has a great smoke and when it is smoked with the strong Peterson Irish Oak, it only takes half a bowl to satisfy my taste.

I have a pipe that i have a steady relationship with and I have a pipe that is like having an affair. Both relationships are satisfying in their own way. I feel like the only relationship left to fulfill is a brother like one. I have talked to other pipe smokers and found that they are searching for the same kind of perfection. This brotherly pipe is one that I am not sure I can fully describe but as far as I feel now, this pipe will smoke well, long, and cool. It will sit in my hand perfectly and will stay lit without getting too hot. But most of all I will never stop loving it and will have to force myself to put it down and rest it.

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