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A journey into the world of pipe smokingHi there. My name is Chuck and I live in South Florida. I’m sneaking up on 40 now. (If I ignore it it’ll ignore me). I smoked cigs in my younger days for several years then during a severe winter storm when I was living in WI My lungs would hurt when I went outside to smoke of course it was -10 at the time but it still hurt so I gave em up and haven’t looked back since. My father smoked a pipe when I was a young child I remember opening his tobacco container and smelling it. He quit smoking as I grew up so I don’t actually ever recall him smoking his pipe. Another memory was I was in a waiting area of some restaurant it was really busy with a lot of people standing around, suddenly i smelled smoke, a tobacco smoke that i recognized from my childhood. I looked to the back of the room there was an older gentleman with his lady on his arm smoking his pipe waiting for the line to die down. I smiled at him and thought how cool he was. Nowadays I have a lot of downtime I work 3 12-hour days and one 6 hour day so have 3 1/2 days off to do whatever. So while cruising the net I came across a you tube video by pipefriendchs just chatting about movies and listening to cool music and smoking away on a pipe, Now I find myself thinking while doing something relaxing, this is a perfect time for a pipe. I have started researching pipes and pipe smoking, the do’s and don’ts, reading about the basics 3step pack vs the Frank method, The whole ritual of lighting, sipping not puffing:-), dreaded tongue bite, Learning about the different types of tobacco and cellaring and blending. I am intrigued by it all. I’ve been looking up this stuff for around 2 weeks now and have decided to go ahead and make a foray into my local tobacco shop.

I have one close here in fort lauderdale. Bayview tobacco which is a cigar and pipe shop. They have a good selection of pipes online and have a list of shop mixed tobaccos so I think it should be a interesting trip. I like the dublin halfbent shapes and the ovoid shapes. Another shop I found is Bennington up in Boca Raton It sponsors the Boca Raton Pipe guild which I am contemplating joining. It’s a bit of a hike up there and $75 a year for 6 meeting sounds a bit expensive to me, getting cheap in my midlife 🙂 I understand $60 of it goes to the Moose lodge so they can have a safe comfortable place to meet. I definitely want to go for the learning and meeting experience though so I’ll probably end up going for at least a year. Then contemplate starting a club down here.

Well, I shall report in with my trip first trip to Bayview tobacco and let you all know how it went and what I got out of it all.

Also in researching I have plotting and planning what i need for my new hobby tools cleaning products and pipe racks. There are a lot of designs for pipe racks (gotta get ready for a large collection!) I saw a style I like (thanks again pipefriendchs), plexiglass colored and lit up I loved it and have drawn up some plans to build my own rack I will post pics of the progress and finished project.

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  1. Quuba

    I really think that a person should have at least two to three more hobbies. As a student, I often find myself being stressed out and smoking my pipe my dad gave me. I feel kind of old for that and so I decided I would try writing essays about the cons of being a young smoker. Aside from that, I also have my guitar to keem me busy from time to time and now I feel more youthful than ever, Hope I helped and may the good fire of your cigar leaves keep on burning.

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