Rose of Latakia

Rose of Latakia

Brand McClelland
Blended By McClelland Tobacco Company
Blend Type English
Contents Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia
Flavoring None
Cut Ribbon
Packaging 50g Tin

This Tobacco seems to be having good reviews, well I am going to be the bringer of doom. I received this tobacco from a friend in the States along with a few others. On the tin the description is this ” Only the most precious most flavorful Syrian leaves are called Rose of Latakia. This Blend is complex, delicate, fragrant, incredible. ” When I opened the tin up I found the smell reminded me of my Grand mother’s perfume. The leaves rather dry , packing it was no problem it did need however several false-lights to get it off and running. Smooth but very sweet , nice burning to a gray-white ash and doesn’t leave any doddle in the bowl. But this is just not a blend I would turn to for a “smoking experience.” Might be a good intro for those curious about blends with latakia that do not want to overdose on say, a balkan blend. Overall a nice smoke, just nothing great to write home about here. When I first tried this blend I smoked it in a new briar pipe which was given to me as a gift along with the tobacco, I felt I should do it some justice and smoke the two together. However later on I moved the blend to a Meerschaum pipe it did work better, however again not my sort of blend.

P.A van de Gevel

I hope you all have had a chance to listen to Peds interview last night on the PipesMAgazine radio show.. A very good interview and some very insightful and intelligent responses and anecdotes..

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