Stern Switzerland Pipe…Help

I am fairly new to pipe smoking and am trying to find some information on a pipe I just purchased.


I recently purchased an estate pipe in very good condition. It is marked Stern #588, an umbrella over the letters SSK, “switzerland” around the neck and on the stem the letter “S” inside a circle, it is a churchwarden style. Could anyone give me some history and maybe a value of this pipe? Here is a link to see the pipe
I can’t seem to locate anything other than L.H. Stern from NY.I thank you for your time and response.


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  1. Greenman

    This is a very late post, for which I apologise, but there you have it. L&H (Ludwig and Hugo) Stern manufactured pipes from factories in NY, latterly from 56 Pearl St, Brooklyn, NY . I believe Hugo was the elder brother and began as a seller of pipes and tobacco, but his younger brother was something of an innovator and tried to invent the ‘self cleaning pipe’, an elusive Holy Grail! Their early pipes were considered to be excellent, but during WW2 they were criticised for failing to supply the domestic market , since they tried to offer pipes to servicemen on active duty. After the war their products were less finely crafted and, although they lingered until the mid-60’s, they seem to have faded out by the end, never having regained their former excellence. They are quite widely collected and come up quite often on E-bay or as estate pipes. As to value; I have no idea without seeing the pipe, but I suggest that it would be of interest to a specialist collector, depending upon the condition and model.

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