Straight or bent pipe?

My view on when to smoke a bent pipe, and when to go for the straight, sportier one. I started smoking pipe a couple of years ago, and my first pipe was a regular, bent one. This kind of pipe is perfect when sitting reading, thinking and writing. But after a while, I thought I should get a sportier pipe. You know, th kind you have when strolling around in the park, driving your car or talk to women. The bent pipe didn’t feel right for these situations, so I got a straight one (like a Billiard). Ah that pipe was geat! Walking around in a park, smoking that straight pipe. I felt like a young man of the world! The bent, classic, one feels more oldfashioned, and don’t attract women the same way as the straight one.

So, when I felt like a calm moment in my chair, with a good book, I took my bent pipe. When I was on the move, walking, talking and flirting, I took my straight pipe.

Do you also use differnet pipes in different occations like this?

2 thoughts on “Straight or bent pipe?

  1. polo_neck_jumpers

    Well said sir!

    I should think all pipe smokers who have even a small collection have a pipe for each occasion. Your bob on with the bent pipe being perfect for relaxing, and a straight better for out and about. I find that the classic straight billiard pipe perfect for a night at the local ale house also, there’s something about the straight pipe that makes the mixture of conversation and smoking effortless, maybe its because with it being straight its ideal for pointing at you opposition when discussing the merits of you argument. When I was travelling the colonial New Zealand I spent a countless nights camping in the middle of no where usually sat round a fire, for this I found the churchwarden as the favoured pipe, most likely due to its cool smoke making it impossibly relaxing.

    P.S. Fantastic comment about how a straight pipe is preferred for pursuing the ladies, you sly old dog.

    A humble man’s needs, Tobacco Pipe, Real Ale, Roaring Fire and fine Company. Hoo-Raa!

  2. kapten Post author

    Thanks man! Yes, to be able to point the pipe is surely a great thing! That’s a great way to empower your argument during a discussion!
    And yes, women surely likes the straight one better, at least after my years of exploratory testing in the field. What are your experiences?
    Does the straight or bent pipe attract more women? Perhaps different kind of women?

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