Sutliff Spinnaker

Receiving aromatic tabacs during the winter months when I am smoking heavier blends due to the chilly weather has a few possible outcomes. One, they get lost in my lounge and I never get to smoke them or two, they get time to age a bit before I finally pop the tin come spring/ summer.

That is what happened to this tin of Spinnaker from Sutliff I received last December. It was at the bottom of a stack of Englishes and Balkans that are stored in my cellar. Surprised as I was I decided that this would be my smoke of the day.
The tin says that Spinnaker is a “burley and black Cavendish with a delightful mixture of sweet and tart”.. OK then sounds like a perfect smoke for a warm Wednesday.

I popped the tin and the strong aroma of almond and cherry permeated into my nostrils. The tabac was damp to the touch so I let the tin air dry a bit before I attempted to pack the bowl of my Italy no name ½ bent.. 30 minutes later with bowl packed I lit the pipe and began to enjoy.. The almond settled down a bit and the tart cherry took over. Not like some cheap OTC cough drop cherry but more like cherry cordial, also by Sutliff Altadis. The bowl did not goop and the smoke was actually enjoyable. So much so, a second bowl was packed and enjoyed on the commute to work this morning.

I will definitely enjoy a few more bowls of this today and will definitely keep it around for some time.
Sweet Smokes

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