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black XX

Not for the new smoker.. Ever wonder what you would feel like after 3 double espressos. Smoke a bowl of this and find out.. You open the tin and you see something that resembles a turd facing you.
Yes a rope tobacco.. Just like grampa would smoke. Being a grampa thats a compliment.
Cut a couple of dime thick slices with a sharp exacto. Break them up and let them dry a bit. Load the bowl light and enjoy.
Citrus and fruity with a lot of musty smoke. Not a very pleasant room note but it tastes great. Puff slowly and remain seated.. For when the vitamin n kicks in ooolllaaalllaaaa.. Having been a smoker of cigs for 40 years before turning to the pipe full time this is a wonderful jolt.
Not for the new smoker.
When you need something to get you going in the morning and a coffee just isn’t cutting fire up a bowl of this..
A definite staple in my aresenal.