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bullet cobs on Tuesday

Deep down in Louisiana I found the maker of todays cobs Raphael Higginbotham “Raph”. After we featured him once before we began to IM off and on and I became part of their pipes community on FB.
Not only does Raph do masterful things with cobs he is also an indie Tobacconist making such blends as Cajun swamp grass, Cajun slices, Magnolia, Cajun Maple and Rum and Pirates Plunder just to name a few.
Look him up on FB and check out his line. He is working on a site which we will def link to in the future
I will definitely be enjoying this Cajun cob today as we celebrate Cob Tuesday.



Sitting in the corner of a crowded lounge yet immersed in your own little world. Just you and your pipe and the tobacco within. An intimate relationship. This is what Greg Pease has created in his new blend Gaslight.
As part of the old London series of tobaccos this blend of Latakia, red Virginias and Orientals creates a slow burning, heavily scented experience that screams intimacy. From the ease of the crumbling the cake segment to the packing of the bowl. Beginning with the foreplay of the char light to the slow and methodical puffing necessary to fully grasp the experience this tobacco winces you on a mystical journey. Deeper and deeper you travel. Puff after puff this tobacco exposes its sensuality slowly throughout the entire experience leaving you satisfied as the bowl is finished.

black XX

Not for the new smoker.. Ever wonder what you would feel like after 3 double espressos. Smoke a bowl of this and find out.. You open the tin and you see something that resembles a turd facing you.
Yes a rope tobacco.. Just like grampa would smoke. Being a grampa thats a compliment.
Cut a couple of dime thick slices with a sharp exacto. Break them up and let them dry a bit. Load the bowl light and enjoy.
Citrus and fruity with a lot of musty smoke. Not a very pleasant room note but it tastes great. Puff slowly and remain seated.. For when the vitamin n kicks in ooolllaaalllaaaa.. Having been a smoker of cigs for 40 years before turning to the pipe full time this is a wonderful jolt.
Not for the new smoker.
When you need something to get you going in the morning and a coffee just isn’t cutting fire up a bowl of this..
A definite staple in my aresenal.