Te-Amo Monday

Te – Amo Revolution Cigar.

Size: 5 1/4 x 56
Wrapper: San Andres Habano
Binder: San Andres Corojo
Filler: Nicaraguan, San Andres Negro, San Andres Corojo
Strength: Medium
Body: Full
Flavor: Full

This was a cigar which surprised me in a good way. Apart from it being rather rectangle in shape which helped holding the cigar in your hand or in mouth it was a pleasant smoke for a Te – Amo . The Band of cigar is somewhat funky and modern with just one word on it Revolution nothing on the cigar referring to Te-Amo at all. The wrapper is a medium brown with moderate veins and not much oil to it. The wrapper of the Te- Amo Revolution has notes of spice, wood, and grass. The foot has a scent which is a blend of spices, grass, and a very light floral tone. it does also produce a cool smoke. So once you have the foot off the cigar you do get a nice draw with plentiful smoke, the spices do warm up the palate a bit and you get that flavor of cedar working as well. The ash holds well and the cigar does burn razor sharp which again surprised me . Coming down in to the cigar the ash does become flaky but still has a nice even burn and no correction is required. Some earthiness has joined the profile of the spices and cedar however on the whole it’s very much still the same profile. The last part of the cigar we have hit a peppery note, the sweetness is out of there but the earthiness and the spices remain. The ash firms up during this third, the burn is sharp, and the draw still provides a nice full body of smoke. The Te-Amo Revolution smokes cool to the nub with consistent flavor. Considering I am not a Te – Amo fan I pleasantly enjoyed this cigar, an easy going cigar with no work required to keep it burning and the various profile changes in the stick kept it interesting to the nub.

Te – Amo No 4

The Te – Amo is all Mexican, Wrapper, binder and Filler so you could call it a Puro if you wanted too. This cigar is normally what harsh, good way to over come this is ask how long it´s been sitting in the humidor for ,otherwise leave it yourself in a humidor and it will cut the edge off a little. There is a nice strong outdoor woodsy odor that compliments the thick gray smoke. The taste calmed down from harsh to spicy, like mild chilies. The draw on it is somewhat firm but that is ok . What I am not going to do is start having a tantrum over this stick, it is a budget cigar and deserves to be on the top 10 under $2 list. I will however have my rant about the label which is glued onto the cigar , it´s almost ripped the binder off. Wither it be a cheap or expensive cigar there is no excuse no these sort bands. The Cigar smokes in at round 40 minutes I don´t suggest you smoke it to far down after the band , it sort of drifts into a nasty taste.

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  1. Steve Beaty

    I had a revolution too, and was pleasantly surprised. The recent Te-amo’s I’ve smoked have not been pleasant, in stark comparison to Te-amo’s of old that I really enjoyed. The Revolutions are a “back to the good old days” of Te-amo for me.

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