Tewksbury 1918

Hobbits weed is a very popular tabac in the pipe smoking community. But did you know that Tewksbury also vends other blends.. For starters King George and Celtic blend are two of my regular tabacs from there.. Dave also runs an Explorer series for experimental new blends that have been released in small batches as test blends for popularity. These blends average about $4.95 for a 2 ounce sample.. Often these blends become popular and wind up in the more expensive established blend selection. Caribbean Cavendish was one of those blends that this smoker exalted and it became a popular spring summer blend

One of the newer blends in the Explorer series is 1918.. A wonderful Cavendish blended with a chocolate marshmallow casing, which to me resembles a s/more sans the graham cracker. A wonderful summer smoke without the over abundance of cavity causing sweetness that ruins many chocolate blends. A great tasting tabac for an after lunch aperitif or as a light replacement for Molto Dolce as an after dinner sweet tooth imbibe.

Give Tewksbury a call and grab yourself a few ounces of this tabac and let me know what you think? Tell them you read about it on pipes.org.
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