The Beast is coming on April 29

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Well it is now official Cornell and Diehl tobacco small batch is introducing their second tobacco in the series. While most of us old timers remember the old Pease tobacco Aleister and its later released GLPease Haddos Delight, C&D is releasing The Beast. Based on the legend of Crowleys mind expanding recipe of smoking straight Perique soaked in rum. Although the new blend will tone it down a bit. The smoke is said to be strong but not overpowering. It will be released in a small batch of 777 tins available April 29th thru online retailers.
We are definitely looking forward to this opportunity to relive days past.

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  1. thesillyoldbear

    Hey there,

    We can confirm that retailers will be selling The Beast as of the 29th, one small correction however, the blender is Cornell and Diehl. Please let me know if we helo with more details.


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