2 thoughts on “The Bobcats at Home

  1. shsimmons

    Hello all,

    Heard about this site from my cousin Bob in NJ. I have been smoking pipes since 2002. I really like my Savinelli pipes. They can take a wood filter. Replacement filters hard to find. Just found a place to buy them yesterday. Always looking for new pipes and good deals. Pipe smoking doesn’t seem as popular in CA as back East.

  2. Kardo

    This really made me laugh. Thanks for sharing this because my dissertation writing is really bugging me lately and I don’t think I’ll be able to pull this off without losing some stress. I’m a pipe love and I smoke whenever I study. Its a family tradition and I guess it rubbed off even though I have my own family now. Big thanks and I hope you keep on sharing the pipe love.

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