The Forums are being upgraded…

The forums should be working. I’m still sorting through all the archives, but if you click on the main topics, you will be taken to the newest posts. If you only had a login for the forums, it should still work. If you had logins for both the main site and the forums, you might have to go through the password retrieval process. Sorry for the pain all this causes, but we really couldn’t continued to run on the software we were using before. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “The Forums are being upgraded…

  1. Jesse Silver

    Great to have the forums integrated, though adjusting to the change in layout will take me a little time. One thing about the old layout that I liked was that the archives appeared on the page under the current topics. Could that arrangement be continued? Opening on topic page only to be faced with a list of archives makes me feel like there’s nothing current happening.

  2. Jesse Silver

    Hi Steve,
    Glad to see progress being made on the forums and very glad to see some new posts. On the old page, posting images was straightforward with the upload button easily located below the comment text window. But I don’t see where on the new page one can upload an image to a forum. Can you tell me where it is located?
    I’ve commissioned a new pipe from Tony Fillenwarth and would like to be able to share pictures of it when I receive it from him.
    Thank you for your help.


  3. Jesse Silver

    The Forum content seems to have gone bye bye, poof! gone. When I select a topic I get an message that says “Oh bother, no topics here” or something very like that. I haven’t tried a different browser to see if the problem is browser specific, but at this point in history, sites should be cross platform compatible.

  4. Jesse Silver

    Well, the forums seem to have completely died as a result of being transferred to the new format. […] What a shame. Now the latest addition to the various threads is an ad for purchasing marijuana. This was my main reason for visiting as there isn’t much else here worthwhile. Ta! Ta! Enjoy your marijuana ads and links to peep shows. Thus dies a site.

    1. Steve Beaty Post author

      This site has been around for twenty years. When it started, I had one job and no kids. Now I have three of each 🙂 I can’t carry the whole thing myself, nor should I as everyone’s voice needs to be heard. The pot posting was one that fell through the cracks during an upgrade, not a hint of things to come. I’m not happy with the new format for the forums either — I’m considering converting them to phpbb. Thoughts? And yes, this site will die if no one is willing to help keep it alive.

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