W O Larsen 2015


W.O. Larsen Limited Edition 2015 .
I bought this 100 gram tin at my lounge for 30 euros. It was a limited edition and they only had three tins so I thought I better give it ago . The tin art is nice and colourful, being a dark blue with a gold bottom and the numbers 2015 appearing bright on the lid, not too busy and just a small sticker saying smoking kills which came off nice and easy.
When you open the tin the tobacco is in a clear vacuum pouch which keeps the tobacco fresh, I removed the contents to a more air tight jar. Tobacco colour is light with bits of Cavendish through it . The Blend has white flower leaves , with a composition of brandy, raspberry, pomegranite and other sweet flavours.
I packed my Karl Erik pipe with it and lit it up. The room note is very pleasant but that is no surprise considering what it’s cased with. I found it personally far too sweet for my pallete, in fact almost sickening. It’s a close match to a tobacco called Rose of Latakia by McCelland which I also found a hard time to stomach .
On the plus side your wife will not complain about the room note of this tobacco.
So if you want to smoke indoors this coming winter and can muster the strength to smoke perfume then this tobacco is the one.

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