What they smoked #1


Bing Crosby is a legend. an actor, a singer and yes a pipe smoker.. Everyone has seen Bing smoke his pipes. But did you ever wonder what he smoked in it as a regular tobacco.. From time to time we come across these answers for historical figures thus and will attempt to see if the tobacco is still being made. So that you too “can swing on a star and carry moonbeams home in a jar”..

Bing’s favorite blend is still available by C&D and is called crooner
Crooner is an American classic blend of slow-burning, nutty cube cut Burley and the sweet and fragrant notes added by the herb, deertongue. It is lovingly recreated by C&D from a recipe from the late Bob Runowski, who used to blend it with, and for, Bing Crosby.

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    1. MikeM

      I heard the same story from Kramer Tobacco about their blend. There are probably a lot of claims, and to make matters worse Mr. Crosby was a paid spokesman for at least one OTC blend. What would history be without a little controversy. In the end all that matters is that he was smart enough to enjoy a briar and he made some excellent music.

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