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From: ??????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #4 [March 11, 1989]
Bcc: pipes-dist
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		Pipes Digest #4 [March 11, 1989]

Dear pipe people,

Well, things are rolling in the mailgroup! Our ranks have grown to 22
members, and new people are still joining every day from all around
the country. (BTW, did my original posting have world distribution? I
tried, but I'm not sure I made it...)

I've had a thought for something you might want to try; this seems
like a perfect place to swap pipes. There are two ways we could
organize such a thing: either direct (person-to-person) or a "mystery
pipe" swap; I'd be willing to organize the latter, as long as people
send postage along with a pipe to swap. Person-to-person swaps are, of
course, fine any time.  Are y'all interested?

Speaking of which, I'm interested in finding a hose pipe of some kind.
I've seen them in shops, and had always thought it would be good to
set one on the desk and puff away while working. If anyone has one,
I'll trade for a pipe of comparable value, or cash.

Well, it's time to dig out the Persian slipper for a bowl of shag, and
edit the remainder of this week's letters. Hope to hear from you soon.

Smoke in peace,
~\U Steve.


From: ???????????????????? (Ami A. Silberman)
Subject: me

	I'm Ami Silberman, a graduate student in Computer Science at the
University of Illinois.  I've been a pipe smoker for about 6 years.
Currently, I use about three pipes, one is an old Dr. Grabow, which I use
for highly resinated tobaccos, one is a reproduction 19th century English
clay pipe (you can get them for a couple of bucks, they are made from 
copies of the original molds), and a very unusual Meershaum Bulldog which
I bought used.  (Used pipes are often a very good bargain.)  My tastes
in tobaccos run toward the unflavored, although I do appreciate a little
vannilla or almond, especially in cavendish.  I like Black Cavindish straight,
mixed burly and cavendish, and also blends with Latakia.  I usually alternate
or tobaccos, so I am unlikely to have more than one pipeful of the same blend
in any given day. (Currently I'm working on about 10 different bags of

I occasionally smoke a cigar, and somewhat more often smoke
ciggaretes.  I've tried Davidhoff's (too dry), Royal Dragoons (by
Simon Artz, Cairo, very yummy), various clove types, and several other
Turkish types.  I had a Galois once, and thought it was the French
equivelent to a Camel.  I think I'll go home and review some

One thing I would like to see in this mailing list is a review of various
comercial blends, as well as house blends.  Most pipe shops carry various semi-
standard blends, i in addition, they are willing to make custom blends.
We can pass on "recipies" in this way.

ami silberman - janitor of lunacy

Did you know that Aleister Crowley used to smoke straight perrouque (I may have
missed the spelling, it's that really pungent fermented stuff.)

[A number of good ideas, Ami! I checked out the Lahaska, PA flea
market for pipes today; alas. I was disappointed. What would you like
to see in the reviews? We can kick the idea around a little more; is
there anyone who'd like to review their favorite blend [or warn us
about one :-9 ? -S.]


From: ??????????????????
Subject: Howdy, heel cake, and humor...

>discussions going. For starters, why not take a few minutes and tell
>us about yourself by return mail? We'd like to hear about your

I'm a gradual student in computer science and I've been smoking a pipe
off and on for almost ten years now.  I started in earnest when I was a
freshman in college.  There is a tobacconist across the street from the
frosh dorms, and I imagine that at some point or other about half the
males wander over and buy a pipe and some tobacco and try to acquire
the habit.  In my case it stuck.  The name of the place is Leavitt and
Pierce, and they are affiliated with J.P. Erlich in Boston.  Both are
very fine tobacconists, and L&P has a one-third-off-everything-in-the-
store sale every year around the end of March.  

I have a number of pipes, but most of them are Erlich's house brand.
These range in quality (and price) from el cheapo (which smoke okay, but
don't look too great) to medium priced/quality (in the $50-60 range).
They have some very nice pipes as well, but I never felt like dropping
that much money on a pipe.  I prefer bent stems since there's very
little worse (for me) than a mouthful of pipe juice.  I don't know what
you'd call my favorite design, but it looks something like: ~\V i.e.  the
stem is bent, but not very rounded, and the bowl has a distinctly
pointed bottom.  Sort of something you'd expect a teenage wizard-in-
training to smoke :-).

In addition, I have a beautiful meerschaum, straight-stemmed Canadian
style pipe that my father gave me for Christmas about 5 or 6 years ago
that is turning interesting shades of caramel in various places.  That is
definitely the coolest smoking pipe I have.  I have the obligatory
calabash for solving crimes (got it for about $25 during one of the
one-third off sales).  And I got a church warden from L&P sometime back
there, which is cool smoking pipe, but tends to really collect
condensation and can be a bitch to clean.  All in all I have about a
dozen pipes.

My favorite tobacco is cherry cavendish; in fact, it's all I smoke.  I
guess I'm sort of conservative on this, and after I read a few more
recommendations here, I'll probably try some others.  Besides really
liking the taste, I stick with the CC for two reasons.  First, I've
never had a complaint about the smell from smokers or non-smokers.
Second, back when I did experiment with various flavors, if I found one
I didn't like it seemed like it took forever to get my pipe to forget
it.  I've tried to find good CC locally, but I finally gave up, and now
I just send off to Boston for it.  

<From: ????????????????????? (Martin A. Lodahl)
<Subject: Heel Cake

<is (snif!) ... I can't seem to develop a good heelcake!  The sides of
<the bowl seem to break in just fine, but the heel never seems to follow

Patience, friend.  Try putting less tobacco in the bowl and packing it a
little looser.  To fill a pipe, I was taught to loosely fill the bowl
and pack lightly, then loosely fill the bowl again and pack medium, then
loosely fill the bowl one more time and pack firmly.  This gives a nice
firm pack but leaves air space down at the bottom.  To break in a new
pipe, just do the first two steps.  In my experience, if you use less
tobacco and pack it less firmly, you'll get down to the bottom of the
pipe more quickly with less moisture.  Be careful not to let it burn too
hot though.  Another thing to try is to gently dig up and stir the
bottom when it won't light and try again.

^From: ???????????????????? (Ami A. Silberman)
^Subject: pipes

^recreational smoking, such as cigars and gourmet ciggarettes?

Gee, I wish I didn't like cigarettes so much.  To keep myself from
smoking them, I only smoke one brand, John Player Specials (not to be
confused with Phillip Morris's Players, or Player Rough Cuts) and
they're not available in the US.

Back when I was in  college, we got some Balkan Sobranie cigarette
tobacco and hand rolled some cigarettes that were marvelous.  I haven't
seen the cigarette tobacco since.  Anybody seen it lately?

>So, to that end, antismoking rhetoric will be /dev/nulled, and flames
>are to be used only for the purpose of lighting up. 'Nuff said?

This is sort of anti-pipe, but I got a kick out of it, and what the
hell: we're all friends here, right?  I was watching the show Night
Court, and there was a blind man walking around the commissary talking
about how his other senses were more acute to compensate for his
blindness.  "For instance," he said, "I can tell that there are four
people sitting at this table.  Two of you are having tea, one of you is
having coffee, and..." he takes a sniff as he walks toward John
Laraquette who is rather vigorously lighting his pipe "...one of you is
cremating a cat."  

Take care,

"Happiness is a warm bowl"  -- Motto of the North House Warm Bowl Society

[Gee, that's a blend I haven't tried; is it best smoked in a meowschaum? -S.]


From: ??????????????????????? (Elias Mazur)
Subject: Re: Heel Cake.

Martin Lodahl writes:

>... (snif!) ... I can't seem to develop a good heelcake!  The sides of
>the bowl seem to break in just fine, but the heel never seems to follow
>suit.  It always seems to get too damp down there.  I've tried different
>tobaccos, smoking slowly, smoking more quickly, cleaning less often, more
>often, burning match after match even after nothing down there seems to
>light, and still it stays slick & clean!  Any suggestions?

Martin, I had the same problem for many years. But recently a light appeared
at the end of the tunnel (no politics :-) ). My personal problem was that I
didn't smoke the whole tobacco in the bowl. In the book of Richard Hacker
(Steve, please repost my message about the book), he indicates that a bowl
of tobacco should be smoked untill the last possible puff, because the pipe
tobacco doesn't loose its flavour, like others do. He also suggests that a
fine coating of honey on the inside of the bowl helps the development of a
uniform cake on new pipes. I suggest that you trim your uneven cakes, using
a pipe rimmer, and rub a 'very thin' coating of honey around the inside of
the bowl, covering the heels and side walls.  I did this with my older pipes
and worked just fine. If you never trimmed your pipe bowls before, let me
know. I did many times and could help with some hints.

Good luck !

+----  Elias Mazur -------+---------------------------------------+
|  302-23 Ivy Ridge Rd.   |   e-mail:  ???????????????????????    |
|  Syracuse, NY   13210   |            ??????????  (BITNET)       |
+-- (315)  475 - 7427 ----|---------------------------------------+

[Here's some mail you sent about Hacker's book. Never let it be said
that your hard-working moderator is less than totally diligent. It's
true, just don't let it be said! :-9 If this isn't the letter you
meant, let me know and I'll try to dig it out of my mailbox. -S.]

    About the Hacker's book, I bought it in Lake Placid. They have an
excellent pipe shop called 'With Pipes and Books'. It is worthy to
spend a weekend in Lake Placid just to visit the shop, and of course,
buy a new pipe. Besides the Adirondack region is really beautiful. I
have the address at home and will send you later on a separate
message. I am sure you can mail order it from them. I truly recommend
the book. It is fun reading, and full of valuable information about
pipe smoking. From the book I got the address of Peter Dunn who runs
the Cotterie of Pipe Smokers and is the editor of the Ephemeris. I
sent him a letter and he sent me a copy of the Ephemeris. I will send
his address along with the pipe shop in Lake Placid.

[Both the book and the shop sound worthwhile. Do others have tales of
their favorite tobacco shops? (I've been looking for a good one in
central NJ, without much luck so far.) -S.]

 U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ | ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U
 )				       *   *				  )
( Pipe smokers will rule the world!      *   ??????????????????????	 (
 ) (if they don't run out of matches...) *   Steve Masticola, moderator	  )
(				       *   *				 (
 U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ | ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

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