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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #14 - June 12, 1989

			Pipes Digest #14 - June 12, 1989

In the pipeline:

 - Norm Carpenter with news on his pipe-carving project;
 - and yr. obdt. servant on carving, and a question on puffing while you

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From: ???????????????????????????? (Norm Carpenter)
Subject: Carving the pipe

Well the first pipe has been carved and is almost sanded to a smooth
luster.  It is not like most pipes that I have ever seen.  Since I
do not own a lathe it has straight lines instead of curved.  If you
imagine a cube and cut a small amount from the four corners to make
an uneven octagon you may imagine what this pipe looks like.  I cheated
with this one where the tobacco hole and the shank were already machined
for me.  I have two more completely blank briars awaiting my saw and file.
Does anyone have comments on pipes with straight lines rather than curved?


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From: Steve Masticola (?????????????????????????)
Subject: Pipe carving; OTJ enjoyment

Thanks for the note, Norm! I've seen pipes with bowls shaped like octagonal
prisms from time to time, but this seems to be a relatively unexplored form
compared to free-form or lathe-made designs. IMHO, there are two basic
requirements for any pipe design: it should be pleasant to smoke and to hold
in the hand (and in the mouth if its bowl is reasonably sized.)  Beyond
that, anything that pleases is OK! (Wish there were a way we could all see
your efforts, Norm!)

Most designs seem to be going for interesting visual forms, but some try for
kinesthetically pleasant pipes (how's that for a $0.65 word!) I have a Ben
Wade "Hand Pipe", which is a large Danish free-form with at least three
comfortable grip positions designed in. Not too good for driving (it's large
and heavy, and I tend to clamp the pipe in my mouth so I have both hands
free for gestures 8-), but very pleasant to smoke when reading or talking.

Sometimes I've wondered why no one gets into making regular polyhedral or
geodesic designs. It would probably take quite a lot of skill with a bandsaw
or sander to do something like that, but I believe you'd get a satisfying
and unusual design if you could do it. Maybe I'll try it when I have access
to a good wood shop.


Second topic: I was wondering how many of the pipefolk on the net are still
allowed to light up on the job? Are there still places where a pipe is OK as
a stimulus to thought? Have you had problems with coworkers, and if so how
have you resolved them? Perhaps there are still places that are tolerant
enough to allow their employees to puff at work (as long as they're not
smoking Buffalo Chip Aromatic!) If you have any tales to tell, good or ill,
please let us know. And tune in next time, same pipe-time, same

			Smoke in peace,
			~\U Steve.

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