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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #16 - June 25, 1989

		Pipes Digest #16 - June 25, 1989

In the pipeline:

 - Brad Blumenthal with a question on Algerian briar, and some
   comments on lighting up in public;
 - And yr. obd't. servant with a get-together announcement and a
   tobacco reviewing system.

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From: ?????????????????? (blumenthal @ home with the armadillos)
Subject: Algerian briar

I have enjoyed this list and the expertise of its contributers.  I
don't usually have much to add, but I thought I would share my latest

I was back up in my old stomping grounds, and couldn't resist
returning to Leavitt and Peirce to see what how my favorite
tobacconist was doing.  ('Scuse me while I load and light up :-) I
know there are better tobacconists, better pipes, and better tobaccos,
and I guess I'm a little young to be so set in my ways, but there it
is.  I got another of my favorite shape (~\V) David P. Ehrlic pipes
and some of my beloved cherry cavendish.  The pipe is a fairly tight
bird's eye on both sides with horizontal grain on the front and back
of the bowl.  Although there is a nick or two in the pipe, I cannot
find any fills.  The pipe is of Algerian briar, which the guy behind
the counter told me is almost extinct and is a harder wood than your
average briar (and thus takes longer to break in).  I smiled
ignorantly and appreciatively and paid my $25.  From my first
impressions, this pipe seems to smoke fairly cool.  What do the
members of this list know about this wood?

On smoking at work and other public places.  I'm a grad student, and
my one-fifth of a hole is too small and poorly ventilated for pipe
smoking.  I wouldn't inflict that much smoke on myself, much less on
my office mates.

While at Logan airport last Friday, I noticed one woman (non-smoker)
giving me dirty looks as I sat in the midst of the cigarette smokers.
I just put on my walkthing and ignored her.

In general, my rule is to treat the non-smoker's request in the spirit
it's given.  If they say "Would you please put your pipe out?"  I'll
reply "Certainly, I'm sorry if I was annoying you with it."  If they
say "Put that smelly, disgusting thing out!"  I'll comply, but I'll
probably mutter something like "Your mouthwash ain't making it."  I
definitely like the idea of just writing it off to your quota of
assholes for the day.

Keep the book,

Amusing marketing ploy of the week:  Sherman's is now selling their
cigarettes in small boxes that say "I <heart> Harvard Square" -- six
for $2, such a deal! :-)

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From: ????????????????????????? (Steve Masticola)
Subject: Get-together and a review system

Dear pipe people,

At Elias Mazur's urging, I'll be journeying into the Wicked City to
attend the July meeting of the NEW YORK PIPE CLUB! Yes, I eventually
did get around to calling Sailorman Jack and ascertaining that they
were still happening, generally on the first Tuesday of every month.
In July, though, the first Tuesday happens to be July 4, and the risk
of igniting fireworks while lighting up is just too extreme. So it'll
be held as follows:

WHEN:		Tuesday, July 11, 6:00 P.M.
WHERE:		La Bonne Soupe, 48 W. 55th St., New York.
HOWMUCH:	$2.00 plus Dutch treat dinner.
WHATTOBRING:	Anything you'd like to smoke or trade, any burning
		pipe questions, and any friends	who are also
		interested in coming.
WHATTOEXPECT:	Dunno; I've never been! But there are a lot of people
		there that know a lot about pipes, so expect to learn
		some stuff and have a good pipe with some congenial
		fellow smokers.

Hope to see you there! If you'd like to get together to check out some
pipe shops in NYC beforehand, let me know and I'll carve an itinerary.
Also, there is a lot of pipe club activity in other parts of the
country; if you'd like further information, why not write in?


Second thing: Rick Hacker says, in _The Ultimate Pipe Book_, that he
keeps a small notebook with comments about tobaccos he's tried.
Following in his footsteps (magnifying glass in hand and calabash in
mouth), I'm playing around with a reviewing system for tobacco, and
would like to share it with you and get your comments and suggestions
(and hopefully your further reviews!). It's been fun to try to review
tobacco; I've gone through Hacker's and Ehwa's books, and have learned
a fair amount about how Toback is grown, processed, and blended, as
well as what makes a mixture good. (It's often a matter of body
chemistry, so your pleasure may vary!)

I've also had fun smoking new kinds of tobacco and paying careful
attention to their qualities. You can really get into tasting the
tobacco, finding out what you enjoy about it (and what you don't),
trying to describe it in writing, and just taking time to pay
attention to the small things. (And who knows - maybe you'll find the
Perfect Blend!) Try it -- you'll like it!

I'm not presenting this system as The Perfect One; it's really a list
of things to pay attention to. So feel free to use it, suggest
changes, or throw it in the /dev/null. For me, it's a nice thing to
do, and it seems to work!

	**** Outstanding; I'll make this a regular for sure.
	***  Very good; a nice "rotation" smoke.
	**   OK, once in a while.
	*    Not very good.

Blank capsule review:

[ These are the things I note at the top of any review, to give a
quick run-down on what the tobacco is like and how much I liked it. ]

- Type:			[ English, Danish, Cavendish, Gibberish... ]
- Price:		[ Preferably in florins per firkin ]
- Cut:			[ Long, cube, granulated, mangulated... ]
- Strength:		[ Wimpy, mild, medium, strong, vicious ]
- Flavorings:		[ If cased: vanilla, chocolate, Rocky Road... ]
- Packaging:		[ Loose, sealed tin, roll-up pouch, brown wrapper ... ]
- Rating:		[ * to **** on the Richter scale ]

Other things to note:

[ I've been writing a paragraph or two about the tobacco, and trying
to note these things. Sometimes, I succeed! ]

- Place and date purchased.
- Freshness.
- Taste; guess at tobaccos used.
- Pipe used, esp. bowl size. Be sure to use a clean pipe!
- Burning characteristics: time, number of relights, ash produced.
- Tounge bite or wetness.
- Previous smokes, tounge bite, food, other factors that might affect the
- Recommendations for further smoking.
- Other general comments.

[ An example review, for something you may be able to find in your
local smokeshop. I'm slowly modifying the contents of the reviews as I
do more of them. ]

Dunhill "Royal Yacht" Mixture
Type:		English.
Cut:		Long.
Strength:	Mild.
Flavoring:	None.
Package:	Vaccuum-sealed tin.
Price:		$0.75 for "trial size" (0.35 oz.).
Rating:		** 1/2.

Date: June 23, 1989. I bought this at the Highland Park tobacco shop, with a
few other samples.  It may have been on the shelf a while; there is no date
code. I smoked it in a small, straight Savinelli which I cleaned well
recently. My tounge was slightly burnt from smoking a few hours previously.
I had not eaten spicy food for about a day before.

It lights easily, burns steadily and cool. I think there is a bit of Turkish
in it. Not wet at all. A bit harsh on the upper palate when blown through
the nose. Mouth watered slightly at first. Core burns to a white ash,
charcoal around the edges. Later taste was quite good, Turkish comes
through. Base is probably Burley. Ash buildup put it out a couple of times.
No bite to speak of; it actually helped form a coat on my tongue and
cancelled the previous bite slightly. A half bowl lasted about 30 minutes.
Moderate nicotine buzz afterward.

I'd recommend it as a summer or morning smoke, or possibly for a beginning
pipe smoker who is used to Turkish cigarettes. Good with a small bowl.
Should probably retry with a fresher sample on a fresher tongue.

[ And I will! But until then... ]

Hope to see you at the NYPC on July 13 if you can make it! If not, why
not sit back with a bowl of your fave smoke and write it up? Until
next we meet, then,

				Smoke in peace,
				~\U Steve.

 U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ | ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U
 )				       *   *				  )
( Pipe smokers will rule the world!      *   ??????????????????????	 (
 ) (if they don't run out of matches...) *   Steve Masticola, moderator	  )
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