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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #20 - July 31, 1989

			Pipes Digest #20 - July 31, 1989

In the pipeline:

 - Bill Thacker on butane, wood, phosphorous, and cedar (hopefully not a new
 - And yr. obd't. servant discovers that riding bicycles can be hazardous to
   your health!

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From: ????????????????????????????
Subject: Matches and other lights

> Ami Silberman asked, awhile ago, about matches for pipe smoking, and
> recommended Swan Vestas. Well, after 3 or 4 boxes, I really have to say that
> I like Diamond Safety Matches (the kind in the pocket-size boxes) better,
> because they're both longer and less expensive. My only gripes with Diamonds
> are that they're _hard_ to find (finally tracked them down at an Acme
> supermarket in Flemington!), and they are a bit hard to keep lit initially,
> especially in a breeze (though I think Vestas have the same problem).

For outdoors, it's awful hard to beat a simple Bic Butane lighter.  I
normally use a somewhat classy lighter (i.e., it cost more than ten
bucks), but for whatever reason, the Bics are simply easier to keep lit.
(I figure it must be the little metal screen around the nozzle).  Too,
you don't feel bad if you lose one.

> Oh, yes - one fellow at last month's soiree' offered me some tobacco, which
> I accepted. When I scratched a match to light it, he retorted, "Forget that
> stuff!" and produced a lighter, which I accepted out of politeness. I have
> to say that I'm philosophically opposed to lighters - they burn the lip of
> the bowl if they're up too high or if you're lighting a fresh pipe.

True.  If I'm sitting around the house smoking, esp. a new pipe, I'll
reach for a match.  Too, my best pipes don't leave my apartment, for fear
of having them lost or banged up.  Anything I walk around with, I'm willing
to light with butane.

> there's something much more aesthetically pleasing about lighting a pipe
> with a match (they don't hiss, for one thing!) 

Ah, but let's see you blow out the match and then stick it back in your
pocket 8-)
> The _ne plus ultra_ of pipe smoking is, of course, to pick up a coal from a
> wood fire and use that to light your pipe - you taste the wood and tobacco
> smoke, and it just feels so comforting. (Make sure to use tongs, or it
> won't! :-)

Anybody tried those cedar sticks some cigar smokers use ?

Alternately, the true die-hard (or those, like myself, in fits of
desparation) can light his pipe using his car's cigarette lighter.  No
chemical tastes there !

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Bill Thacker			att!cbema!wbt	     ??????????????????

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From: Steve Masticola (??????????????????????????)
Subject: Pipe stands, accidents, and longevity

As it happens, I've had a couple of accidents this week. The first was to
my cherished old Ben Wade "Hand Pipe."

I'd inherited a pipe stand from a friend whose father hadn't used it for
years, and who had in fact given up pipes :-( The stand may have been the
reason... In any case, it's sitting on top of my credenza, and the Ben Wade
(a large freehand with at least four different comfortable hand positions
built in) was on the end, precariously poised above empty space.

Well, Friday, the inevitable happened. The pipe took a swan dive off the
stand and landed stem-first on top of my desk. End of stem. Searching
through my back issues of P.D., I located the "Pipes Unlimited" address that
Elias had posted, and will be sending the pipe to Utica, NY for repairs. By
the time it gets back, I may even be able to smoke again...

Because, the very day after the pipe broke, I had an accident on my bicycle.
Crashed the sucker into a car. My fine old Raleigh Gran Sport was totalled,
as was my helmet (thank G*d it was on!), and I have chips out of four teeth
and a very sore neck. So I haven't been smoking since, for fear of damaging
the stem or my teeth. Sigh.

But I have been looking up a reference about pipe smoking and longevity,
which might be of interest... Apparently, pipe smokers live about exactly as
long as those who don't indulge (according to "The Health Consequences of
Smoking," published by the US. Department of Health, Education and Welfare
in 1973). There are other rumors out that pipe smokers may actually live up
to 18 months _longer_ than nonsmokers! (Maybe the Latakia fumigates the
germs...) I'll post as I learn more.

In any case, this represents conclusive proof that bicycling is a greater
health risk than pipe smoking (though I wish I hadn't been an experimental
subject!) After all, most people are tolerant enough of pipes that they're
not going to try to run you over just for smoking - I hope!

Anyway, please light up for me in my involuntary abstinence, and we hope to
hear from you soon.

					Smoke in peace,
					~\U Steve.

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( Pipe smokers will rule the world!      *   ??????????????????????	 (
 ) (if they don't run out of matches...) *   Steve Masticola, moderator	  )
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