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Subject: Pipes Digest #27 - October 1, 1989
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		Pipes Digest #27 - October 1, 1989

From: Steve Masticola (??????????????????????????)
Subject: This ought to get a reaction...

I'm taking the liberty of reprinting the following from the October
newsletter of the New York Pipe Club, without immediate comment.


			"Say Yes To Pipes"

Join me in striking a blow against the sheep-like, anti-smoking
puritans. Pipe smoking is good for the smoker and good for society.
From my perspective, virulent anti-smokers are perverts who are not
interested in health (a subject about which they know nothing.)
Rather, the motivation of the anti-smoker is the exercise of power
over others. Since racial and religious prejudice is unfashionable,
these poor souls have their raison d'etre in railing against smokers.
Yielding to the inappropriate complaints of the power-seeking
anti-smokers merely encourages them. Are there three or four (or more)
club members who will join me in having dinner at a well-known
restaurant which has a pipe motif and yet frowns on smoking? As the
dinner begins, all of us would light up (in the smoking section, of
course). If the restaurant officials ask us to stop smoking, we would
refuse. At this restaurant, I anticipate that dinner would cost
approximately $25 to $30 per person. Phone me if you think you might
like to participate. [212-288-3832 - SPM.] We'll discuss details over
the phone.

[ Sailorman Jack is probably referring to Kean's English Chop House, a
NYC eatery which has adopted a no-smoking policy, despite its decor
(thousands of clay pipes, which formerly belonged to "members" of
Kean's). - SPM.]



				Smoke in peace,
				~\U Steve.

 U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ | ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U
 )				       *   *				  )
( Pipe smokers will rule the world!      *   ??????????????????????	 (
 ) (if they don't run out of matches...) *   Steve Masticola, moderator	  )
(				       *   *				 (
 U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ | ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

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  1. Subject: Pipes Digest #27 - October 1, 1989
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