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To: pipes-dist
Subject: Pipes Digest #39 - April 24, 1990
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		  Pipes Digest #39 - April 23, 1990

From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #38 - April 7, 1990

Subject: "Bob"

> From: Pestilence <??????????????????????>
> Dunno if you have access to an Apple // or not, but the program is called
> PICTOSAGA.  It's about Mr. Pictograph, who gets tired of just representing
> numbers in charts for "people too stupid to read bar graphs," so he goes
> out into the world to try and find out what it's all about.
> Along the way, he meets the man whom you sent us the ascii picture of a
> while back (Rev. Somethingorother from the Church of the Subgenius) and the
> Rev. gives Mr. Pictograph a pipe.  Well, this pipe ends up being a great
> help for Mr. P. as he encounters all kinds of nasty situations.

Yes, the Ascii picture is of J.R. "Bob" Dodds, founder of the Church of
Subgenius.  "Bob" (whose name is always quoted thusly) is the ultimate
Earthly avatar of Slack.  He is Slack incarnate.  In his mouth is held
"the true Pipe", in which he smokes "frop" to achieve his most Slackful
states.  He is destined to save Earth from the Xists, so that we may
all be re-united with our Yeti ancestry and become Overmen.

If the above sounds intriguing, you might want to pick up "The Book Of
Subgenius".  Ten smackeroos at better (if less tasteful) bookstores
near you 8-)  


Subject: The Churchwarden Cometh
> From: Steve Masticola (???????????????????????)
> I'm discovering some general facts about life with churchwardens, and
> with this one in particular. [...]

> you _have_ to maintain a dry mouth, or that
> long stem gets a case of gurgles. Churchwarden pipe cleaners are
> available (Tim sold me a bundle for $1), though standard cleaners
> miiiight just make it if you use one from either end of the stem.

You'll find that this leads to the buildup of a plug in the middle of the
stem, as pipe residue (aka "gunk") gets pushed inwards from both ends.

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Bill Thacker	AT&T Network Systems - Columbus      ??????????????????

[ Also check out alt.slack for many, many Bobist bitmaps (btw, it's
"Dobbs" not "Dodds" - omigod, he's one of the CON! Quick, to the
attack saucer!!! Anyway, thanks for the churchwarden info! -S. ]

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