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Subject: Pipes Digest #43 - August 9, 1990

		  Pipes Digest #43 - August 9, 1990

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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes vs. Cigarettes

??????????????????? enquires:

> BTW do you know what is healther smokeing camel filters or a pipe and not
> inhaling.  (I currently smoke camels).
Camels are known to be quite carcinogenic, of course, when burned.
Plus, they almost always carry syphilis and other nasties.  If you
must smoke a desert animal, go with a Dromedary, they're cleaner.

As for cigarettes vs. pipes... I've always heard that pipes were much
safer so long as you don't inhale the smoke.  That avoids the two
biggest dangers associated with cigarette smoking, lung cancer and
heart disease.  (And I'll add that pregnant mothers could probably
safely smoke pipes, as well)

Past that, considerations of which smoke is more harmful are purely
secondary.  It might be safer to smoke cigarettes than a pipe if you
inhale neither, but not many people do that. After all, why smoke
w/out inhaling if not for the taste ?

And our Most Referential Sponsor, Steve Masticol, cites:

> In "The Ultimate Pipe Book", Richard Hacker mentions that "in the
> United States... pipe tobacco is normally treated with chemical
> additives such as diethylene glycol, sugar, glucose, and molasses as
> agents to keep the tobacco moist and sweet smelling. These tobacco
> additives are not allowed in Great Britain." Additionally, "casings",
> or flavorings, are added.  Hacker gives "... chocolate, honey, rum,
> cherry, apple, peach, banana, coffee, liquor, and a host of other
> flavorings" as possible additives. 

The British are such snobs about such things.  The implication is
that while we Yanks are perverting nature by adding such artificial
nasties as sugar, glucose, and molasses, it's perfectly fine to 
toss in flavorings of chocolate (mostly sugar), honey, fruit, and
distilled spirits.  

Of course, the Germans got even with them.  Beer drinkers are well aware
of the German Rhineheitsgebot, a law which requires that beer may be only
be produced using barley, hops, water, and yeast, a requirement met by
very few British (or American) beers.  And so it happened that when a
British embassy in Germany tried to import a quantity of Guinness for
a party, the German customs officials refused to admit it, claiming
that "we're not sure what it is, but it certainly isn't beer."

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