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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #44 - August 24, 1990

		  Pipes Digest #44 - August 24, 1990

[ Welcome to new member Steve Covault (?????????????????????). Glad to
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From: Andy Chipperfield <??????????????????????>
Subject: Re: pipes vs. cigarettes

???????????????????????? writes:

> The British are such snobs about such things.  The implication is
> that while we Yanks are perverting nature by adding such artificial
> nasties as sugar, glucose, and molasses, it's perfectly fine to 
> toss in flavorings of chocolate (mostly sugar), honey, fruit, and
> distilled spirits.  

It was after all the English who introduced tobacco to the western
world, and as such we can be *snobbish* about these things.  Most of the decent
pipe tobacco available in England is imported from the Netherlands, although
there are many specialist shops catering for the needs of the more
discerning smoker.

> Of course, the Germans got even with them.  Beer drinkers are well aware
> of the German Rhineheitsgebot, a law which requires that beer may be only
> be produced using barley, hops, water, and yeast, a requirement met by
> very few British (or American) beers.  And so it happened that when a
> British embassy in Germany tried to import a quantity of Guinness for
> a party, the German customs officials refused to admit it, claiming
> that "we're not sure what it is, but it certainly isn't beer."
The problem here is one of semantics.  While the americans associated beer
with some cold fizzy liquid, we English mean ALE.  Lager is the usual term
used in the UK for what the Germans refer to as beer (and they even drink it
chilled).  For your information, Guinness is a *stout* and not a *beer*
and it is not brewed in the UK, but in the Irish Republic (Eire).  This
would explain why the germans correctly identified that it was certainly not beer,
it was not even ale.


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