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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #46 - September 9, 1990

		 Pipes Digest #46 - September 9, 1990

From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes in the workplace

Andy Chipperfield <??????????????????????> writes:
> Subject: Re: pipes vs cigarettes
> - people who have never before complained about smoking have now done so.

I'm unfamiliar with the blend you're referring to, but in general, I find
that people who object to pipe smoke do so for one of two reasons:

a) They object to all smoke, either because of allergies, health concerns,
	or general contrariness
b) You're smoking something that smells bad.

I smoke a deep, dark cavendish; very moist, very aromatic.  It smells
good.  For every complaint I get (either a) or b) above) I average about
three compliments.

Most smokers seem to abandon the aromatics for English blends; I've tried
them from time to time, and have never cared for them.  I did observe,
though, that when flirting with these tobaccos I started getting comments
from friends and aquaintances of the sort "Say, did you change tobaccos ?"
As these were invariably accompanied by frowns, I took it that the change
was not appreciated 8-)

> - I am now unable to smoke during the day at work.

While IMHO even the worst-smelling pipeweed is twice better than 
cigarette smoke, the smell of the pipe is much more pervasive.   I 
suppose this is why pipes (and cigars) are not allowed on airplanes,
even when cigarettes are permitted.  Again, a change to a more pleasant-
smelling tobac might solve this problem.

> - the follow on effect from above is that by the time I get home to my
> pipe (which is very difficult to light in a car in moving traffic),
> I am so desperate for a smoke that I dont enjoy it.

Do you inhale the smoke, or just "mouth" it ?   I smoke fairly heavily,
but not at work.  While I especially miss the taste right after lunch,
I never find myself desperate for a smoke.  In fact, I have at times gone
"cold turkey" for as long as a week (nothing like taking a business trip
and forgetting to bring your briar!) with no adverse affects; had I been
at all desperate, I could easily have picked up a corncob at any

As for the car, you have two choices:  

a) use cruise control and steer with your knees (this is quite do-able
on highways, for instance)

b) fill and light before you pull out of your parking space.

If you use a lighter, as opposed to matches, one-handed lighting in the
car is no trouble.

> Has anybody else come across this prejudice of pipes

The only prejudice I've noticed about pipes is that people classify
you as an intellectual (unless you're smoking a cob, in which case,
you're a hillbilly 8-)   I can live with that 8-)

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