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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #67 - October 4, 1991

		  Pipes Digest #67 - October 4, 1991

From: ???????????????????????? (Robert Whitehead)
Subject: Aerospheres (was Aromatic vs. What?)

>> While I'm on the subject, does anyone smoke an Aerosphere pipe?  How
>> do you like it?

> [ Aerosphere? Never heard of it... tell us more! I'm sure we'd like
> the address for Carey's, too. -S. ]

Well, an Aerosphere pipe has a small brass dingus with a hole in it
on the side of the stem.  It is supposed to draw a metered amount of
air into the stem each time you draw on the pipe.  This is supposed
to cool down the smoke and help the tar and nicotine precipitate

Once you finish the pipe, the hole allows the precipitated tar,
nicotine, and other fluids to evaporate out.

The prices for Aerosphere pipes seem reasonable enough; I just
wondered if anyone out there had tried one.

About Carey's Smokeshop:  they stock a good variety of blends,
pipes, cigars, pipe tool and accessories.  They also have a tobacco
club, which gives you all sorts of discounts and first chances at
sales events.  If you smoke at least three pounds per year, it is a
good deal.

Address: 7245 Whipple Avenue NW
         North Canton, OH 44720

Or call toll-free for your own catalog: 1-800-99-BRIAR
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