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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #69 - December 7, 1991

		 Pipes Digest #69 - December 7, 1991

From: ??????????????????????? (John Kaczala xt/deg x0320)
Subject: Re: Mixing pipes and cigars

Hello everyone,

Robert Whitehead writes:

>Back 'way long years ago, when I was in my Senior year of college, I
>had a professor who did something I've never seen done before or
>since with a pipe:
>He smoked a cigar in it!

Before taking up a pipe, I would infrequently enjoy a cigar. I switched
to a pipe under the influence of a roomate who insisted that I would
enjoy it more. It was much like the scenario that Robert described in
digest #64. My only regret was that I waited so long. Even though I prefer
the pipe, every once and I while I still smoke a cigar.

I often toyed with the idea of trying a cigar in a pipe but my idea was
to first shread the tobacco from the cigar into something like pipe 
tobacco. I had never thought of just sticking the cigar directly into
the pipe. This seems like an interesting idea. Sort of like combining
both worlds. 

Expecting that the taste would be a little strange if using a pipe
which had already been broken in, at least until the cake had acclimated
itself. I found a pipe which I was not particularly fond of and being 
somewhat curious, tried it.

It worked quite well although looked somewhat strange. It would
probably be something you would not do in public but could enjoy in the
comfort of your own home. Next time, it would be possible to smoke the
cigar normally, and when it got a bit shorter insert it into the pipe.
This would be possible since it seemed to take longer to smoke the
cigar using the pipe. You could treat the cigar as a pre-packed pipe.
Overall, once getting past the cake acclimation period it was an
enjoyable experience. You would probably not want to use the pipe for
anything else since the cigar would be overpowering to any other pipe

I am wondering if anyone else has tried this and if so, what their 
reaction was.

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