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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #71 - January 4, 1992

		  Pipes Digest #71 - January 4, 1992

From: ???????????????????????? (Robert Whitehead)
Subject: Review of two great blends

Greetings, fellow pipe lovers;

Many of you may remember my postings about Carey's SmokeShop, and
the questions I have asked about the blends they carry.  Well,
recently I found a smokeshop in my hometown that carries the same
Danish blends that Carey's packages.  So, today I present a reivew
of two of them:  Cinnamon and Raisin, and Cocoa Creme.

Cinnamon and Raisin

The first thing you notice about this blend is that the aroma of
cinnamon does not leap out of the pouch and assault your nasal
passages, nor is the raisin scent overpoweringly sweet.  In fact,
you'd probably have a hard time telling just _what_ in the Sam Hill
was in the blend in the first place.

Cinnamon and Raisin is a mildly aromatic blend; not thick and
cloying like some fruit-flavored tobaccos (most notably cherry
blends), C&R tends to be somewhat sharp in its unlit state, but
quickly mellows when burning.  This blend is definitely for
those people who like to take their time with a pipe, for smoking it
too fast will result in a very unpleasant tongue bite.  It also
tends to burn a bit hotter than other similar blends.

Because of its propensity for hot burns, I recommend C&R for a long
pipe, such as a meerschaum-capped Calabash or a Churchwarden's
long-stem.  Strangely enough, a short-stemmed corncob pipe also does
well; I think it must be the excellent heat-radiating properties of
the cob.  Clay pipe smokers should stay away from this one.

C&R is very pleasant indoors.  Many people have asked me what blend
I was smoking and where they could get it.  Very good for after
dinner, especially with a brandy or some other restorative drink. 
Not good for straight rum drinkers, as the cinnamon bite can be
amplified by the rum.

Cocoa Creme

Ever had chocolate satin pie in a fancy restaurant?  It's one of my
favorites, and CC reminds me very much of how such a confection just
sort of sashays across your tongue.

CC is pure joy to smoke; an excellent blend for novices or for
breaking in a new pipe.  With its light, smooth aroma, CC is a blend
to enjoy all day.  It simply refuses to bite or burn (unless you smoke
like a Hoover).

>From its name, you'd expect that CC would have a pronounced
chocolate nose or taste.  Not true!  CC has a very mild cocoa aroma
when unlit that quickly goes away while burning.  The flavor has
just a *hint* of chocolate tempered with vanilla, and an
oh-so-smooth and creamy texture in the mouth.

I realize I'm waxing poetic about CC, but I can't get over how very
*good* this blend is!  I had almost given up my pipes altogether
because I couldn't find a blend that I could be happy with.  Then I
found CC and fell in love with my pipes all over again.

Happy Puffing!
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[ Thanks for the reviews, Robert! -S. ]

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From: Steve Masticola (???????????????????????)
Subject: A Christmas calabash

Greetings, pipe fans,

Hope y'all had a good Holiday! (Some of us may still be having one
around April or so, or trying to recover...)

This Christmas, I splurged on a Nording for myself. It's approximately
a "briar Calabash" shape, fairly large, with a full-bent stem and a
chopped top. Beautiful pipe, smokes nice and cool, and I haven't yet
found the first fill in it. I inaugurated it the right way, on
Christmas night, in front of a fireplace, with a bowlful of Balkan
Sobranie 759.

One of the things I found out, in connection with the Nording, is that
it is possible to negotiate price, even in a mall pipe shop, even just
before the holidays! I had seen the pipe in a display case in the John
David shop, and the store owner, noticing my interest, opened the
cabinet and let me have a closer look. I looked, agreed it was a nice
pipe, but thought the $70 pricetag was too much. "I'll wait until it's
on sale," I declared.

"You want a sale? We'll have a sale! I'll let it go for $60. How about

"Mmmm, nah, it's still a little too rich for my blood." He resumed
filling my tobacco order. I then had an inspiration.

"Now, for $50, I think I could buy it," said I.

"Wait a minute." He began rummaging around for a calculator. "I think
I can give you about 20 percent off. That'd bring it down to about
$55. How about that?"

"Sold," I replied, and handed over the plastic fantastic. The Nording
was mine. And, perhaps, part of what makes it so enjoyable is the
memory of this small, but satisfying, negotiation.

Whether or not you got a Christmas pipe this year, I wish you and
yours a happy "holiday from the Holidays." And, until next time,

	Smoke in peace,
	~\U Steve.

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