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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #78 - August 1, 1992

		  Pipes Digest #78 - August 1, 1992

Welcome to a new member:

	Daishi Harada		(?????????????????)

And join us as we scour the Ivy League for the definitive collegial
pipe shop!

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ???????????????????????????? (Norm Carpenter x3055)
Subject: Almost there

Alas, my lack of speed cost me dearly!!!  Elias, where was your post when
I needed it!?!.  I went to Boston and saw nothing.  Well, I did see the
Freedom trail, the Tall ships, Cape Cod, Lexington and Concord, New Hampshire
coast, Maine (to Portland), the Battle Road, the Alcott and Hawthorne home, 
Emerson's house, and was a stones throw from Walden Pond.  But I did not 
get to one !#@%!$#^!$ pipe shop.  The worst part is that we parked near
Harvard and took the MTA from the Harvard station into downtown.  Apparently
I was soooo close to a great pipe shop I should have been able to sense it!!



[ There's always next time! Sounds like it was a great vacation
anyway. -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ???????????????????????????
Subject: Re: Pipes in Princeton, NJ

There used to be a little nice pipe store in Princeton but I can't
remember the name or street name (*sigh*, the mind is going :).  It's
on a street parallel to the Nassau St.  And I believe you go down the
street opposite the main Princeton Univ. entrance and then make the
first right.  Hopefully you can find it with those directions :)


Dave Steiner
arpa: ??????????????????????????? or ???????????????????
uucp: ...{backbone site}!rutgers!bakerst.rutgers.edu!steiner

[ Now I'm not so convinced that it's closed. I'll have to give it a
try! -S. ]

 U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ | ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U
 )				       *   *				  )
( Pipe smokers will rule the world!      *   ??????????????????????	 (
 ) (if they don't run out of matches...) *   Steve Masticola, moderator	  )
(				       *   *				 (
 U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ | ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

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