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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #85 - November 14, 1992

		 Pipes Digest #85 - November 14, 1992

Welcome to a new member:

	Akki	(????????????????????????)

And join us as we take a brief detour into the Cigar World this
issue. We seem to have a lot of educated cigar connoisseurs here! -S.

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From: ???????????????????????????????

Hi Steve,
I was wondering if any of the members of this mailgroup live in Southeastern
Michigan (where I live.)

[ Can't say, Stefan; the only info I keep on members is in the form of
email addresses and past submissions. This is for the protection of
the members, just in case the government criminalizes posession of
tobacco :-) Anyone else here from Michigan?  -S. ]

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Subject: Re: cigar recommendations
From: Victor Reijs <???????????????????????>

Hello Martin,

Ik hope I can help you.

>In recent months I find my interests turning more in the direction
>of fine cigars, but I've been sadly unmethodical in exploring the

It is rather difficult indeed, I am also trying to find THE cigar. But it
seems that the FIRST cigar I smoked is still the best! When I was in San Jose,
there was an excellent bookshop/cigarshop which sells a lot of cigars (I think
some 50 brands). All coming from Dominicans, Cannary isles, Mexico, etc. But
non from Cuba (is that not allowed in US?) and not from Holland!

I am coming from the Netherlands, so my first cigar was also a Dutch one
(Balmoral), and as I said above this is still the one I prefer. I am still
searching of course for better ones, but Cubans and all other 'puros' lack
something, they are quiet flat in there smell/flovour/taste. And furthermore
I think they are quiet heavy. From most Cuban cigars I become sick :-( (Cuesta
Rey, Quintero [this is the best Cuban until now], Romeo y Julieta, H. Upmann).

So I would recommend you of course a Dutch cigar. The best coronas, in my
opinion are: Justis van Maurik, Balmoral, Schimmelpenninck, De Huifkar (in
that order).  German cigar are quiet heavy in my opinion and Spanish cigar are
not so bad (although they are quiet 'puros').

But I am still open for other ideas of course! So let me know your chooses!

Furthermore: do you have ideas how to describe the smell/taste of
cigars/pipes. It is all smokey;-), but that does not make a difference. In
wine one has a lot of describing terms, but the only ones I know for cigars
is: Java, cuban, etc. tates/smells, but that does not say enough! I hope we
could get some swapping of ideas also on this matter.  

>I've discovered that my tastes do appear to have a
>definition:  relatively short (6.5" or less), fat (48 ring or
>greater), mild but aromatic (usually Dominican), hand-rolled, with a

Most of the above mentioned Dutch cigars are some 12 cm (some 5 "), corona
type (12 mm, 1/2"), mild and hand role (not all). They are made from at least
some 5 tabaccos (havana, brasil, java, sumatra, etc.). What is the meaning of
48 ring???

>preference for a Maduro wrapper.  

This is difficult for me, I do not have any reference on this colours. I read
about it in a book, but what the color is, I do not know. Do you have some
colored flyer about cigar colors? If so let me know, I will forward my
snail-mail address.

All the best,

[ Thanks for the update, Victor! BTW, I understand that there are some
books on cigars, and even a "Cigar Connoisseur" magazine. Can other
members shed some light on cigar descriptives? -S. ]

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From: ?????????????????
Subject: re: Pipes Digest #84 - November 7, 1992


As regards Martin Lodahl's request for maduro cigar
recommendations....  Arturo Fuentes makes a good maduro 
Rothschilds in that size range, rather ostentatiously wrapped 
in a slice of cedar wood.  La Unica also makes a (much cheaper)
maduro in about that size.

If you're really into maduro cigars, I'd highly recommend
Macanudo maduros and Royal Jamaica maduros.  I don't think they
conform to your size & shape preferences, but they are excellent
cigars.  They have the characteristic maduro flavor, but are
milder than other maduros.  Kind of expensive, though.  I can
only afford these once in a while.

As for Roug Mayo's request for high-Latakia English blends....
Dunhill Nightcap is pretty heavy in Latakia, I seem to recall.
Balkan Sobranie No. 759 (the black label) also has a lot of
Latakia.  So does Rattray's Black Mallory, but it's so strong
that I can't finish a bowl of it.

If you try some of these, I'd recommend them as an evening smoke.  
These are 'way too strong for the morning, at least for me.  I
usually smoke medium blends like Rattray's Professional during
the day, and smoke the heavier blends once in a while, in the 
evening.  But some people can handle the heavier blends better 
than I can.

While we're on the subject of tobacco, has anybody else tried the
Esoterica Tobbaciana blends, recently imported from England?
They're a few more dollars than average English blends but worth
it in my book.  My favorite is Pembroke, a medium-to-full latakia
blend flavored with a little cognac.  Yumyumyum.  Margate is a
heavy blend, with a lot of latakia.

Steve Houser

[ Thanks for your update, Steve! Hope that you or some of our other
readers can point us toward a source of the Esoterica, for the
holidays! -S. ]

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