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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #100 - March 16, 1993

		  Pipes Digest #100 - March 16, 1993

Welcome to a new member:

	Ted			(????????????????????????????????)

We have now reached the century mark! Please excuse the delay between
issues; I plead an impending thesis, the Blizzard of the Century and a
broken leg. :-( But all things come th those who wait... 

BTW, check out alt.fan.rumpole, a newsgroup I created not too long
ago. I also plead that (but I never plead guilty! :-) Enjoy! -S.

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From: ???????????????????????????? (Norm Carpenter x3055)
Subject: Re:  Pipes Digest #99 - March 1, 1993

 > From: Monica Marie Leeke <[email protected]>
 > Subject: Re: Pipes mailgroup description
 >  I am writing a short paper and making a conceptual work gravitating
 > around the tobacco rituals and myths of northeast Native American
 > tribes... I haven't read this whole bboard yet, so if there's something
 > already on here you think I can use--'nuff said.
 > If not, can anyone suggest sources...mags, films/videos, books, real
 > live people I can talk to (I live in Pittsburgh), newsgroups, ET CETERA?

I don't know of anything specifically,  but I'm sure that Bill Thacker and
I could invent something real interesting. :-)


[ Such as the Algonquin ritual of the Peace Snipe, Norm? ;-} -S. ]

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From: ?????????????????
Subject: Smokin' Homegrown

Gary asked about raising tobacco at home:

> I understand that tobacco is a relatively difficult and specialized crop to
> grow, and was interested in hearing if any of you have tried it in your
> personal gardens at home. 

(Gee, I *told* you he asked about growing tobacco at home... you should've
taken my word for it! 8-)

Given that a person lived in the proper climactic zone, it's possible.
Gary, for example, is from "msu".  If that's Missouri State, no problem.
If it's Minnesota State, I think he can give up now.

You could grow tobacco at home without pesticides (you'd want to to
fertilize, but those are Good Chemicals, not Bad Chemicals).  Tobacco is
very sensitive to the soil it's grown in, though; if you want Virginia
leaf, you've got to grow it in Virginia.  (That's why Cuban cigars still
have that mystique.  Cuban Seed Leaf tobacco can be (and is) grown in
Honduras, but it doesn't taste the same.)

As for how to actually grow tobacco... well, I wrote a long, dull article
on exactly that a year or more ago on this very digest.  (Is this puppy
archived?)  I didn't keep a copy myself, as I already knew how to do it.

Assuming that you raised the tobacco, cured it, and stripped it, you'd next
need to clean it and (unless you just want plain "tobacco" flavor) season
it.  Couldn't tell you how to do either.  Then you've got to cut it, which
probably isn't a big deal.

In the final analysis, I would suggest that the chemicals used in growing 
the tobacco are probably less of a concern than those naturally in the
tobacco (e.g., tars) and those used to flavor certain tobaccos (e.g., rum)
(which is not to say that burning rum is a health hazard.) (Well, not the
fumes, anyway.)

Oh, and BTW; tobacco farming is a regulated industry.  Each farmer receives
a "base," a limit to how many acres they can grow.  I called the Bureau of
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (geez, what a fun place that must be to
work!  Somebody let me know when they get responsibility for Fast Cars and
Pizza, OK?) and the agent there assured me that it is legal to grow tobacco
for your own consumption; selling it, on the other hand, would be illegal.

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Bill Thacker             AT&T Network Systems       attmail!att!cbemf!wbt
Quality Engineer            Columbus, Ohio              ?????????????????

[ I have the back issues and will send them... soon as I can find
them... -S. ]

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From: ?????????????????????????
Subject: Back Issues

   Hi Steve, I have enjoyed the last few issues of The Digest very much!
Please e-mail to me the back issues (before #95 I think).
   As for tobacconist in the Atlanta area I can recommend the following:
         Royal Cigar Co. - 1776 Peachtree St. NE - (404) 876-9422

         Edward's Pipe and Tobacco - 444 N. Indian Creek Dr.
   The former was an Atlanta landmark before the store was moved out of
downtown proper. Edward's is also a good place to get a smoke.
                    -Thanks Much-

????????????????????????? (David scott)
Willard's House BBS, Atlanta, GA -- +1 (404) 664 8814

[ Thanks, David! Will include them both in the Resource Guide. -S. ]

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From: ???????????????????????????????? (A Living Legacy, the Civil War)
Subject: New Member and a few questions

        Hi all.  I am one of those on and off smokers.  I have smoked pipes
from time to time.  I joined the group and within a few minutes of joining
called several of the sources for pipe items.  

        I have a few questions for anyone out there.  I am a Civil War
reenactor, I haven't been to my first real event yet, but I am learning as
much as I can so that I can portray an authentic 'impression' as a Civil
War soldier in the 1990's.  
        A reenactor friend of mine who I owe the world to for introducing
me to the authentic side of the hobby and who has provided valuable
guidance is a pipe smoker.  I gained some interest and he gave me a quick
reference as to how pipes were made.  I did a little more research and
found out some more details on handmade pipes (quick pipes made by soldiers
when they could not buy one) of soldiers.

        I have a box of wood coming so I can experiement with making these
homemade pipes.  My question to pose is this:  are any of you out there
carvers or makers of pipes?  If so, how can I find out more on pipes of the
19th century?  I am more interested in the common wood pipe and not clay
pipes.  I have seen many fancy pictures of carved pipes used by officers
that were cherry and very fancy.  Overall, my goal is to learn as much as I
can about making pipes.  I have never made a pipe, but have smoked many. 
Can anyone point me in the correct direction? (resources)



[ Norm carves some, but as far as I know nobody is a specialist in
19th century reproductions. I could recommend "A Complete Guide to
Collecting Antique Pipes" by Ben Rappaport (ISBN 0-916838-22-6) as a
source of ideas for you. Also see Pimo's in the Resource Guide. -S. ]

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From: ???????????????????????
Subject: Re:  More issues . . .

[ Following delivery of a set of back issues... -S. ]


Thanks!  My roommate, who is a young-ish looking 25 years old, is part 
of a small but determined group trying to start a club/newsletter for 
pipe smokers under the age of roughly 30-35.  So far they've produced 
two issues but (in our case) time is at such a premium lately  the 
production schedule has slipped a great deal!

Anyway, thanks again for the back issues!  Good luck with the studies . 
. .  I had a friend at San Jose State that used to say there wasn't 
anything you could study that couldn't be made easier with a pipe!


[ For our other younger members, Joe's roommate is connected with:

        The Briar Squires - Junior Pipe Club
        c/o John Solakian
        P.O. Box 136
        Milwaukee, WI 53201-0136

And congrats on getting a roommate who also enjoys a briar! -S. ]

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