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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #115 - November 1, 1993

		 Pipes Digest #115 - November 1, 1993

Welcome to new members:

	John Kraft		(???????????)
	Jimmy Lichtman		(???????????????????)
	Joseph Murphy		(???????????????)
	Michael Burger		(???????????????????????)
	Gregory Pease		(????????????)
	Zoltan Farkas		(????????????????????)
	James Dollar		(????????????????????????)
	David R Malecki		(???????????????????????????????????????)
	Brett Barksdale		(????????????????????????)
	Tom Cryar		(????????????????????)
	Franz Peter Seiler	(????????????????????)
	THE POCKET ROCKET	(?????????????????????????)
	Mark Korchinski		(??????????????????????)
	James O'Meara		(??????????????)
	Kudzu			(????????????????????????)
	Mr. Horath (?)		(??????????????)
	Karen Hale		(?????????????????????)
	CHRISTIAN WIENDL	(???????????????????????????????????????????)

And, as many of you commented, the Digest hasn't been sent out in some
time. I'd been holding off until the voting was complete on the
proposed Big 7 newsgroups, rec.tobacco and talk.politics.smoking.
Unfortunately, neither of them passed. I've excerpted the final
results below.

However, those of you who can receive it should check out alt.smokers.
Although it's an unmoderated group with low distribution, there are
still discussions of a fine-tobacco nature to be joined. I'll be
posting a call for participation in the Pipes Mailgroup there every
month or so.

And don't forget: Election Day in the U.S. is tomorrow, so don't
forget to vote! And enjoy your favorite tobak afterward. As always,

				Smoke in peace,
				~\U Steve.

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ???????????????????????????????????
Subject: armchair pipes

(Yes, I'm still ???????????????????????????, but I'm trying out a  
different account.)

I was asked about making an armchair pipe, but I've never heard of  
such a specimen.  Is it simply another name for the long,  
churchwarden pipes?

[ Don't know, Neil; anyone have a clue? -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: Rob Kruss <?????????????????????????>
Subject: Traveling and Some Notes

Hello all,

I just wanted to introduce myself to the group, and drop a few notes about 
my recent travels.
First of all I'm a 32 year old computer consultant, from Suburban Detroit 
and have been happily smoking a pipe and
little else since I was 15.   Over that time I've garnered a collection of 
well over 100 high-grades
to seconds, that I rotate through as the mood strikes.  In my job, I travel 
about quite a bit and
want to report on some pipe shops I've visited:

Cut 'N Puff - Fifth Street, Moline, IL
Visiting my sister in Davenport, I've stopped by this store several times.  
The proprietor keeps an excellent selection
of high-grades and mid-priced pipes as well a good selection of 
accessories.  I'm happy to report that here I purchased
my first Charatan.  It's a medium-sized canadian, and smokes EXCEPTIONALLY 
well.  I'm very, very pleased.  

The atmosphere of this shop is extremely friendly.  Local folk are always 
popping in filling up their pipes, or selecting
among a large cigar assortment and swapping stories of the local trade.  
The only thing that's a bit different about this
shop is that it accepts no credit cards of any kind.  That can be a bit 
daunting for the traveler, since I rarely carry cash.
Fortunately, there's a money-machine located conveniently across the 

Up In Smoke - Galleria Mall, Dallas TX
This is a nice little store with a friendly staff and an exceptional 
selection of Peterson's and a number of Tim West pipes.
They've got a nice selection of accessories, and good tobacco selection.  
Again, I picked up a nice prize, a Peterson Oom-Paul without
a metal band. (I'm not fond of the metal fittings on most Petersons, and 
when I find one that doesn't have one, it is usually a keeper).
I also picked up a pouch of their Vanilla Supreme which proved to be very 

AA Tobacco Barn - El Toro Rd, El Toro, CA
While visiting my other sibling in LA, I stopped at this nice little shop.  
They've recently moved from an older location and the
renovations are quite nice, although the shop is much smaller.  Their 
specialty is in fine high-grades.  They've got a number
of Savinelli signatures as well as Dunhills.  A little pricey for my 
tastes, but always nice to look.  If you stop by, be sure to
see the Giant Full-Bent Peterson that was made for Alfred Hitchcock.  Its 
an amazing piece of work.

As always, I'm eager to hear about places to visit when I travel, so please 
drop a line when you find a special place.


[ Thanks for the travel notes, Rob! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: Andrew Lewis Tepper <[email protected]>
Subject: Smoke Report: Nat Sherman Cigars

I went to NYC 2 weeks ago and stopped at Nat Sherman. After hearing good
things about their cigars on the net I bought a sampling in sizes from
Robusto to Churchill. (I skipped the thinner shapes.) So far I have
tried three, and overall have been a bit disappointed.

Let me first describe their store: I could not imagine a more pleasant
place to buy fine cigars and accessories. Downstairs is a small room
staffed by several people who know their products perfectly. After
selecting a half dozen smokes from their cabinet humidors the
salesperson suggested I look into some of their vintage cigars upstairs.
The upper level was a beautiful smoking lounge with additional display
cases of accessories. It contained a large walk-in humidor, and we
headed inside. The smell was fantastic, and the selection enormous. I
was told that some customers buy boxes of a favorite vintage of cigar (5
box minimum) and keep them inside the humidor to be removed as needed. I
selected another 3 cigars and was on my way.

That evening after dinner I headed to the '21' Club for cognac and a
cigar. I had a Nat Sherman Gotham Selection (and splurged for a glass of
Louis XIII cognac!) The cigar had only a bit of harshness, but certainly
not as light as a Macanudo. Maybe my expectations were too high, but
there was just nothing distinctive about it. My score:75

A few days later I tried a Nat Sherman Landmark Selection. This cigar
was the best of the three I've had. It had a much richer, more aromatic
flavor. Again, very little harshness for such a flavorful smoke. My

Tonight I tried a Nat Sherman Manhatten Selection. This seemed like a
spicy version of the first, and did have some distinctive character.
Still, the "ash" flavor (I've never heard that term used before to
describe cigars!) predominated. It got quite harsh toward the end. My

I'm still looking forward to the vintage cigars I bought from their
upstairs humidor, but overall I was expecting better, more distinctive
tobaccos. Guess I'll have to go to Canada for those. :)


[ Let us know if you do, Andy! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ????????????????????
Subject: intro

 My name is Zoltan Farkas, I'm a junior student of Computer Engineering &
 Science at the University of Veszprem, Hungary.For my grandfather is 
 (among others) a carver, pipes and other carvings have always been a part
 of my life, though I didn't smoke until the age of 18.
  Pipe smoking has rich traditions in Hungary, the habit originates from
 the 17th century,when, due to Habsburg influence, the Nobility began to 
 smoke. They've always preferred Western European (especially French) pipes
 and tobaccoes, while the poorer classes smoked claypipes and used terrible
 home-grown weeds.As with tobacco, situation remained the same;we smoke 
 imported Dutch and Swedish tobaccoes, while most of the pipes available
 here are Hungarian. Some words about the prices:a simple pipe costs $6-12,
 price of quality pipes range from $80 to infinity, Hungarian tobacco costs
 $0.70-$1,while imported ones cost $2.20-$5.
   As with my interests, I love history, especially pre-history, and 
 literature. My favourite writers are Hemingway, Robert Merle, and above all,
 J.R.R.Tolkien.I'm a pipe carver also (though beginner, very enthusiastic) who
 would like to learn more about different techniques and designs.
   for the moment that's all,
			Smoke in peace,Zoltan

[ Welcome, Zoltan! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: "Zweng, Thomas" <?????????????????????>
Subject: New Pipes Digest member questions

Hello Steve- I received Pipes Digest #114 yesterday, and thoroughly
enjoyed it- thanks for adding me on.

I have already voted for the tobacco newsgroup- I am keeping my
fingers crossed.

Are there any FAQs for Pipes Digest?  What is in/out of bounds as far
as this group?

Is there a way to access pass issues of PD?  Are they stored in a
computer I can get access to?

I appreciate your help.

Oh- one more question- are you the editor of PD?  Are you the one I
contact for questions?

Thanks for your help.  

Go Rec. Tobacco!!!

[ Sorry, Zoltan, there's no formal FAQ, though we do have a Resource
Guide and a "How-to" guide for the beginning pipe smoker. Does anyone
feel energetic enough to help get a full FAQ together? -S. ] 

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: "Zweng, Thomas" <?????????????????????>
Subject: Re[2]: New Pipes Digest member questions

 Hi Steve- thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

- I can mail you the past issues; just let me know how far back you want
to go.
- I'm the moderator of the Pipes Digest.

I don't want to create too much of a burden.  I would be interested in
the past year if possible.

My interests focus mainly on cigars.  How about yourself?

Do you know if the Cigar Aficionado magazine has an E-mail address?
There are a couple of suggestions/questions I have and I would love to
fire them off- snail mail is just too much of a hassle.

Thanks for your help Steve.

Keep puffin'

[ Well, I mainly smoke pipes, with the odd cigar once in a while.
Sorry, Tom, but I don't think C.A. has an email address. And, BTW,
it's no trouble to send all the back issues -- though they do take up
a fair amount of space. -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ?????????????? (Sixto Gonzalez)
Message-Id: <???????????????????????????>
Received: by alki.naic.edu (4.1/SMI-4.1)
	id AA00294; Thu, 28 Oct 93 15:27:06-040
To: ??????????????????????
Subject: miscelaneous
Status: R

Hey Steve, I haven't received a digest since #114 on october 5!!

I just wanted to comment on how personal cigar preferences really are
and why I dislike the ratings in the cigar aficionado magazine. I've
been smoking a lot of different cigars for the last few months since
fuente hemingway's became unavailable. These BTW are my favorites but
in a previous pipe digest someone mentioned that they prefered regular
fuentes to hemingways, the same thing happened when I called Famous in
NY, art suggested I buy regular fuentes as they were very similar,
however I can tell the difference just by the aroma if someone else is
smoking across the room.

Similarly I bought Pleidaes (overpriced and overrated, in the next issue
they fell more than ten points), Hoyo de Monterey excalibur (very nice,
strong coffee and nutmeg flavor), some Punch which i also enjoyed very
much and finally the Aliados piramide which I also considered to be 
overpriced, they had a very strange flavor, harsh but flavorless if
you know what I mean but I may just have received a bad box because
the last tasted better than the first ones, certainly not like
cohibas though.

I have resorted to my fallback of smoking Upmanns, my second favorite
and of which I consider their petit coronas to be probably the finest
examples of that size at any price. One comment I have is that after
moving to the tropics from Utah the flavors are quite a bit different,
I don't know it is the humidity, the altitude or what but I find any
cigar here has a much richer taste, more personality and much more
complex flavor profile, maybe my cigars where just drying out in

Sixto A. Gonzalez
now at:
National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center      809-878-2612
Arecibo Observatory                           809-878-1861(fax)

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ????????????????????? (Andrew Solovay)
Subject: RESULT: talk.politics.smoking fails 136:61

Unmoderated group talk.politics.smoking

talk.politics.smoking group vote results - 199 valid votes

 Yes   No : 2/3? >100? : Pass? : Group
---- ---- : ---- ----- : ----- : -------------------------------------------
 136   61 :  Yes    No :    No : talk.politics.smoking

   2 abstaining votes and 3 invalid votes

This is inadequate for newgroup creation. Therefore, the group will
not be created.

Voting closed at 23:59:59 GMT, 26 Oct 1993.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  

Vote-taker's address:		<?????????????????????>
Group proponent's address:	<????????????????????????>

[ Charter and voter list deleted; available upon request. -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????????? (Mark James)
Subject: RESULT: rec.tobacco fails 200:107

                               VOTE RESULT

                       Moderated group rec.tobacco

Voting closed on 26 October 1993 at 23:59:59 GMT.  The results are:

Yes votes:  200
No votes:   107

This margin is insufficient for newgroup creation; there needed to
be 100 more YES than NO votes, and two-thirds of the votes needed
to be YES.  There will now be a five-day period during which 
corrections to the vote count may be made.  Barring sufficient
corrections to change the result, the group will not be created,
and the proposal to create rec.tobacco may not be formally
discussed again for six months.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  

Vote-taker: 		Mark James <???????????????????>
Group proponents: 	Colin Crist <???????????????????>
			Steve Masticola <????????????????????????>
			Andrew Tepper <[email protected]>

Newsgroups line:
rec.tobacco		Fine tobaccos, cigars, pipes, collecting. (Moderated)

[ Charter and voter list deleted; available upon request. -S. ]

 U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ | ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U
 )				       *   *				  )
( Pipe smokers will rule the world!      *   ??????????????????????	 (
 ) (if they don't run out of matches...) *   Steve Masticola, moderator	  )
(				       *   *				 (
 U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ | ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

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