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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #125 - January 10, 1994

		 Pipes Digest #125 - January 10, 1994

Welcome to 1994, and to new members:

	Neil Murray		(???????????????????)
	Ron Vuxta		(???????????????????????)
	Craig Shipman		(??????????????????????????)
	"patrick730"		(??????????????????)
	W. R. White		(???????????????????)
	Remo Williams		(??????????????????????????)
	Steven Nicholas Allen	(????????????????????)
	"bigbear209"		(??????????????????)
	Bruce Given		(??????????????????????????)
	Patrick T Saxton	(???????????????)

I also have the pleasure to report that the Digest subscription list
is now over 200 strong! Hope that all our members had a pleasant
holiday, and that their stockings arrived stuffed with their favorite
smokes. Now, onward into the Undiscovered Country, as we discuss
lighter-than-air piracy, the DX Century Club, and spousal reactions to

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From: ??????????????????? (Dan Killingsworth)
Subject: Hello!

Hello to all!  I was happy to see a list that was devoted to one of my 
favorite seductions.  I have been smoking cigars for 15 years and am 
always on the lookout for a reasonably priced quality cigar.  One 
thing I've noticed over the years is that the price of a good 
cigar has been going up quickly.  I remember buying good-sized 
Royal Jamaicans (when the were made in Jamaica!) for less than $1. 
 Those days are sure gone now.  I've been trying the new cigars: 
AVO, PG, Credo, Temple Hall, Oscar, PG, etc, and except for the Temple 
Hall, I don't think they're worth it, IMHO.  Most of them are too 
mild and characterless. I freely admit that I tend to like the 
bigger, heavy cigars.  Lately, I've been smoking Las Cabrillas, 
Troya (kinda mild 'tho), Canaria D'Oro, bundled Punch, Te Amos, and most 
recently Henry Clay.  After I smoked a Henry Clay, I went back and bought 
a bundle!  Good cigar.

After finishing the faq, I noticed that my favorite cigar store isn't on 
the list!  I'm not sure if they do mail order, but I've gotten excellent 
service from Duke and Josh at Draper's Tobacco here in DC.  I work downtown 
and after buying a cigar at Drapers, I sometimes walk a few blocks to 
Lafayette Park across from the White House and smoke my purchase after 
lunch. I could swear I once saw Bill wave at me from the window with a big 
Cohiba in his hand!  ;-)

W Curtis Draper Tobabacconist
Metropolitan Square
640 14th St. Northwest
Washington, DC    20005  

-- Daniel Killingsworth, Washington,DC.       (???????????????????)

[ Will add Draper on the next revision, Daniel. Welcome! -S. ]

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From: ???????????????????????
Subject: CQ

Hi Steve
  de K3JSZ.  Picked up my Novice back in June of 59.  I may have
smoked a pipe or two by then.  I am a cw man, although I don't get on
My first tobacco was good old Half & Half.  I did not like it.
Smelled wonderful when others smoked it.  I went through various
brands always looking for something missing.  Flying Dutchman was
about the best I had tried back then.
Later, much later, I got into other tabacco.  A shop not too far away
in Allentown had various blends.  I guess my favorite type is Black
Cavendish.  Smokes cool, smellls great, and has no bite at all.
Many a bowl was smoked, poring over the bands with my Heathkit SB102,
looking for DX.  With a simple setup, bare rig, simple wire antenna,
not even a dipole, I got DXCC, WAS on 75 meters, I was into traffic
work, was a TCC 3rn rep, and ran a training net for awhile.  Field
day, and other contests were exciting for me.  My interest in cw
carried over into the service, I was in the US Army Security Agency,
as a morse intercept operator, from 1965 to 1968.  Served in Vietnam
and Japan.  Vietnam has no tobacco anyone would want to smoke as far
as I could see.  People used to give the houseboys, and other
labrorers, American ciggys, to keep them from smoking the water
buffalo dung they normally smoked.  It was bad.
I don't have any big name pipes, only two handmade ones, from the
fellow in Allentown.  Don't remember his name, his shop was in the
Whitehall Mall.

[ TNX FER QSL, Herm! WAS and DXCC on 75 with an end-fed wire? I'm
impressed!  Never got all the way to WAS myself, much less DXCC,
though my primary hamming was in the early seventies after things had
gotten a bit noisier. Ran a 40-meter dipole and later a Hustler 4-BTV
vertical. The rig was a Heathkit HW-101, barefoot. K3JSZ DE KF2IO K ]

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From: ?????????????????
Subject: Re: Question about bringing Cubans into the US

Matthew B. Landry <????????????????????????????????> writes:

> Re: Question about bringing Cubans into the US
I can't help but note that it is apparently legal to bring Cubans into the
United States.  Witness the recent importation of Fidel Castro's daughter.

(Hmmm... perhaps President Clinton (a cigar lover whose wife won't let him
"light up")  imported her for his "personal use." 8-)

(Hey, it's a joke.  Flame me, not the list.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Bill Thacker             AT&T Network Systems       attmail!att!cbemf!wbt
(614) 860-5294  	 Columbus, Ohio              ?????????????????
                      Humpty Dumpty was pushed!

[ Or, in the President's case, perhaps his personal *AB*use... No
problem with flamage, Bill! Now that the Dirigible Pirates are reading
the mailgroup, anyone attempting to incinerate the list will meet with
Smoke from the Skies. See below.  -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????????????????????????????? (Micah Anderson)
Subject: Pipe Tobaks tried

        Well in my never ending search for the most excellent pipe tobacco
(Ok, I just started...) I've tried the following and would like list
members to comment on their experiences and possibly make suggestions on
further venues to explore.

        The first package I picked up was Captain Black Royal, which comes
in a blue pouch and claims on the front, "America's #1 pipe tobacco." which
I beg to differ with. It is described on the front of the package as,
"aromatic black and golden cavendish, exceptionally mild, delightfully
aromatic." I will agree with the delightfully aromatic part - although it
had a horrible taste. I wouldn't mind burning it as inscense, but smoking
it is a chore. I believe that there was another "kind" of Captain Black at
the store which I claimed this one, I am not sure if I want to venture to
try that one right off.

        The second was much more pleasant. I am sorry that I don't have the
package with me, but I believe the name of the tobacco was, "Danish" it
came in a red pouch and was VERY smooth and relaxing. I found myself
wanting to pack a few more bowls of this fine brew after I'd finished.
Again I wish I had the package with me so I could give more details - I
hope to find this kind again, I had purchased it in California and am
afraid that my trip to the shop today will not unearth the golden leaves up
here... We shall see.

Has anyone else tried these types? Based on what I thought of the Captain
Black which types of tobacco should I avoid?

Much thanks,


[ I have to concur on the Captain Black. Danish? Maybe the "Danish" is
Skandinavik? -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ???????????????????????? (Jim Richmond)
Subject: holiday smokes

For X-mas my wife got me a sampler box of Don Diegos, Uppmann, Henry Clays and 
Cabanas which sounds like what Martin Miller was trying also. All of them were
5.5" and approx. 45 ring. I agreed with him about the Henry Clay but I hated 
the Uppmann. It had a terribly tight draw and the wrapper was coming unraveled.
I am pleased to hear he had alot better experience and I'm going to try the
second one with an open mind. 
  I also tried a couple Arturo Fuente, double chauteau Fuente and they were
excellent. A full 50 ring with a great flavor and nice draw. Along with the 
sampler box, my wife also got me a Dow vintage port, 91. She was slightly put 
out that I couldn't drink it until at least the turn of the century but I'm 
looking forward to it. I think I'll crack it open when the first grand-child 
  Hope everybody has a safe and enjoyable New Year.


p.s. - Right now I'm buying my cigars in pairs and smoking them ASAP. I'm
       thinking of buying a humidor. Anything comments, things I should look 
       for/stay away from? thanks

[ An Uppmann? It wouldn't _dare_! But it sounds like you had a nice
Christmas anyway! Please tell your good lady wife that she is most
considerate. -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ???????????????????????????
Subject: Hello

Well, it's about two weeks late in coming, but I thought I'd introduce
myself to the group.  I'm a 23 year-old student at the University of
Texas at Austin.  From what I understand, my age and economic status
(i.e. young and poor) establishes me as not your typical cigar fan...but
that matters little.  I purchased my first pipe about 5 yrs. ago, and
have been smoking only occasionally ever since.  About 6 months back,
while in the tobacco shop for more "bourbon-vanilla", I ventured into
the humidor...my love affair with cigars began, and I have virtually
abondoned my pipe (a decent little Peterson)--sorry pipe fans :)

I have since rigged my own humidor (remember, I'm on a budget), and favor
Churchill-sized smokes.  Partagas No. 10 and Fonseca 10-10's are a staple
for me.  Both are very attractive, smooth, yet rich and flavorful.  I
occasionally have trouble with hard-draw and uneven burning in the 
Fonsecas though.  When money's tight or I want a little more "punch", I'm
also fond of several makes of Hoyo de Monterrey.

In addition to economic limitations, I must also adhere to a strict routine
of showers and mouth rinsing after smokes, which only take place outside
on an often windswept balcony.  I do these things to maintain peace in the
household--my wife has not yet come to admire the pleasure of a fine cigar
as I do.  I know, I know, I can hear the sad violins even now.

I saw some mention of Cubans in Mexico, or their scarcity.  While honeymooning
in Cabo San Lucas this summer, I smoked my only Cuban to date.  After
dragging my new bride around the dusty streets for a couple of hours searching,
we returned to the hotel where I found one in the gift shop.  It was
a small Romeo and Julieta (pettite?), and extremely dry--I steamed it while
in the shower (yes, I was desperate), but, needless to say, the expirience
was nothing special, although it did impove a little about halfway through.
As we waited in the small, hot airport for the return flight, I had my eye
on a box of R&J Corona's in the duty-free shop--sadly, the owner must have
been on Mexican time as the shop never opened.  Of course, we breezed
through customs at home...what could have been :)

Okay, I've rambled enough...happy smoking all.

				- Michael
				- "The young man carbuncular..."

[ Sigh. Better luck next time, Michael, and bon chance on converting
your betrothed to the Brother-and-Sisterhood of the Leaf. -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ???????????????????????????? (Adrian Gold)
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #124 - December 23, 1993

Hi!	Merry Christmass & Joyeux Noel a tous!!

I've had the pleasure of having my first cigar on monday, the beginning of
an enjoyable hobby, I'm sure! Now.. I tried a $ 6.00 Cuban Troyo cigar, which
was very disappointing.. It left a pot aftertaste in my mouth, it simply
awfull. I tried as well a cigarillo (??), a small cigarette like cigar, from
davidoff. Now that was a pleasure and a half! It tasted fine and smelt smooth
and refined. At $2.25 (and considerably smaller than the vile Troyo) I imagine
a full size Davidoff would run me a few bucks more.. An investment well worth
indulging in...

I purchased my tobacco at a Montreal area store named H.Poupart, I'm not sure
if they have locations in the other two Canadian cities , it was a real treat
to see such a large quantite of cigars, pipe's and tobacco. I am beginning
to realize the potential expense of fine Cubans, has anyone experimented with
Manila products?? (Can't help thinking of marcos (and shoes))

If I can assist anyone with

opps.. Darn editor... 

If i can assist anyone in obtaining Cubans (via post or FedEx etc..) it would
be my pleasure. My only experience has been with a friend importing yeast for
his homemade beer (yeast and tobacco both being agricultural products). He
encountered some difficulty in the customs/

					Hmm.. Fine beer and tobacco...

					Adrian Gold

[ Manilas? Now there's a thought... any other experiences? -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????????
Subject: New Subscriber

Greetings!  I'm glad to find this publication--it's great to hear from fellow
pipe smokers.  I am currently a seminary student at Gordon-Conwell Seminary
studying for the pastorate (Pipe smokers do come in all varities!), and am
really a novice at pipe smoking.  I would really like some help with one
issue:  How do I keep my pipe lit?  Am I supposed to keep lighting it every
two seconds, or is there a way to just puf and relax without having to
re-light?  I find that I have to smoke really hurridly in order to keep it
lit, which takes away from the enjoyment.  Any suggestions?

[ I've passed along the How-To guide, Patrick. Please let me know if
you haven't yet received it. And, yes, there have been some pipe
smokers with religious connections... witness Bing Crosby :-) Welcome!
-S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????????
Subject: Smoking Pipes

I recently acquired America Online and remember your listing from one of the
pipe publications.

I have been smoking, collecting, for 10 years and have a collection of
Dunhills and Charatans.  Enjoy trading, although I've found this difficult to
find other willing to do so.

If you can help, please respond.

[ Hope you can find some others here who are interested in trading,
Bigbear! Be curious about which pub you saw. Welcome! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ???????????????????????????????? (Edward N. Clark III)
Subject: X-mas Blessing

  I hope that my youthful excitement can be forgiven, but a freind of mine
and I received a wonderful gift from Bermuda over the Holidays-some Cuban
Upmann's to ring in the New Year.  The novelty of Cubans (my first) may have
added to my pleasure, but these were GREAT!  Certainly the finest I've ever
had.  If these were any indication of the quality produced there, the embargo
cannot end soon enough (IMHO).

Also, if I may add my two cents to the "Cuban debate".  I attempted to bring
a box of Cubans back from Gibraltar a few years ago and got snagged in
Customs.  While pleading my case, the officer said that the only ways to
bring Cubans into the U.S. was, not if they were for personal use, but if you
were a diplomat or if you were bringing them in "for a Cuban citizen" (nudge,
nudge, wink, wink).

Lastly, has anyone ever tried this??  Knowing tobacco's penchant for
absorbing outside odors, I began to put rum on the humidity element in my
humidor every now and again instead a moistening with water.  The cigars do
pick up the aroma and it doesn't seem to affect flavor (that I can notice
anyway).  I quite like it.  I use Goslings "Black Seal" rum, which has a real
gingery scent and taste.  Has anyone else ever tried to do smething like


~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ?????????????? (Gregory Pease)
Subject: I've moved...

Hi, Steve!

I've left my position at OSSI to pursue a full time photography career.
It won't likely pay as well in the beginning, but my soul will be the
better for it, and my studio partner smokes, so the occasional pipe 
will be enjoyed between shoots!

I have established the netcom account from which you are receiving this 
mail, so if you would change my address in your mailing list, I can 
continue to get and enjoy the newsletter.

I hope the ney year is a good one for you.


p.s.  It is certainly a great joy to be smoking some 15 year old Balkan 
Sobranie in a turn of the century GBD Liverpool as I write this.  That
could *never* happen at a company in Berkeley!

[ Address changed. I'm sure many of us will envy you from our
smoke-phobic offices...  Best of luck in your new position! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????????? (NEIL MURRAY)
Subject: Pipes Digest intro packag

Hello Steve,
Well, Thanks for all of the good stuff.  I have been really overwhelmed.
 Hope you enjoyed the
Christmas issue of the A&M Gazette.  I suppose I will have to start
thinking about the February 1994 issue soon.  Actually I have a new 256
grey scale scnnner which will result in a dramatic increase in the
number of photos in future issues.  I am also converting over from
express publisher to MS Publisher which is much better.  What did you
think of the latest Dirigible Pirates episode?  I note that in your
listing the A&M Gazette is described as "different"  which probably
compares to the Hitchikers Guide to the Universe's description of Earth
as "Mostly Harmless."  BTW I have been reading a whole lot of William
Gibson (Differenc Engine, Mona Lisa Overdrive, and also Neal Steaphanson
- SnowCrash)  Which probably all indicates that I am off in some
cyberpunk phase -- hopefully not to some negative impactto the beloved
    Take care, Hope your new year is off to a good start with your new

[ Welcome to the Digest, Neil! For those who don't know, Neil is the
publisher of the Agricultural and Mechanical Gazette, a pipe and cigar
lovers' bimonthly which features the fantabulous exploits of the
celebrated Dirigible Pirates. BTW, Neil, can you ask Bran if the
Pirates could make a short trip to Cuba for the benefit of the
Digesters? Will read the DP more carefully and get back to you. -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????????
Subject: Re: #2(2) Re:  Smoking Pipes

Being new to AOL, I hope this gets to you.  Enjoyed reading everthing and
would like to be added to the list.  Am a devout pipe smoker, about 60 pipes
mostly Charatans and Dunhills.  Have few for preferably trade but also sale.

Thanks for including me.

[ Got to me fine! See earlier letter. -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: Victor Reijs <???????????????????????>
Subject: composition of cigar tabacco

Hello all of you,

In a message of in Pipes Digest 124, someone asked about the
composition of the tabacco in cigars. In most Cuban cigars and
some Mexican cigars this is only from one country (puros), but most
other cigars have tabacco from more than one country. The Dutch
cigars (and almost all European cigars) are perhaps different
(if not, please let me know).
These cigars are short fillers (so the tabacco is cut in
small peaces [2 - 12 mm long and no stems or vein]), and the 
tabacco comes from up to 15 regions (normally from some 5
regions/countries). The countries of tabacco used in Dutch cigars are:
Indonesia (Java, Sumatra), Brazil, Cuba, South Africa, Italy,
Columbia, Greece and US. 
In some of the cheaper cigars one uses the hominized tabacco
paper (this is paper made of cranulated tabacco, called HTL). 
But remember this is only in cheap cigars (and I think in a lot
of export-cigars;-)!!!

You can imagine that by using this much of different tabaccos
it is easy to blend the cigars in such a way that they are
smooth and mild. I think that is the stength of the Dutch
(European) cigar, the blending.

The humidity for smoking a Dutch cigars is in my opinion the
same as for Havana cigars (60 - 70%). The lower recommended humity
by manufacturers in Holland (50 - 60%), is in my opinion to
low, so that the cigars becomes more harsh.

I wonder if it is easy to get good cigars in other parts of the
world. Good Dutch cigars in Holland are: Huifkar, Balmoral,
Schimmelpenninck, De Olifant, Justus van Maurik, De Heeren van
Ruysdael, Oud Kampen, Hajenius, van der Donk (handmade)
(perhaps I have forgotten some;-).

If people are once travellig to Holland, and have some time,
perhaps I can enjoy with them some good Dutch cigars (if you of course
bring some good once from your own country).

All the best,


[ If ever in Holland, we'll make a point of stopping in with some
Amurrican cigars. Some nice White Owls, Phillies, or Hav-A-Tampas...
OUCH! Seriously, though, thanks for the note. I've tried
Schimmelpenninck and can confirm that they make a good small cigar.
-S. ]

 U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ | ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U
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