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From: ????????????????????????

		 Pipes Archive #139 - April 14, 1994
		     Circulation this issue: 295

Welcome to new members:

	Dan Parish		(???????????????????????????)
	Doug Dawson		(???????????????????????????)
	Redbell			(???????????????)
	Craig Haas		(??????????????????????????)
	Ben Frank		(?????????????????)
	Ken McLeroy		(?????????????????????????)
	Michael SB Shoshani 	(??????????????????????)
	"TimAT"			(?????????????)

We bring you this edition of the Pipes Digest a day early, to report
on an event happening this weekend, which those at .com and .gov sites
might miss otherwise... the first, ever IRC Smoker! Happening this
Sunday on channel #cigars. See below for further details.

Also, look for the creation of alt.smokers.pipes, happening probably
tomorrow. The Pipes Digest will, of course, continue unaffected. So
relax, light up, and enjoy. But, as always these days:

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

	     Help Stop Prohibition -- Keep Tobacco Legal
			Call -- Write -- Vote
			Then, Smoke in Peace.

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[ Following copped from alt.smokers.cigars. I presume Mr. Franklin
would let some pipe types in, too? -S. ]
                              YOU ARE INVITED !

                   to the Internet's First Online "Smoker".

                   Live discussion about cigars, cigar smokers 
                   and emerging public policy.  BYOC.
                   Sunday, April 17, 1994
                   5:00pm - 7:00pm EST  /  2100-2300 UT

                   Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Channel #Cigars

         IRC client software for many operating systems is available 
         via anonymous FTP from: 
             cs.bu.edu   cd /irc/clients
             slopoke.mlb.semi.harris.com   cd /pub/irc

         An IRC client may be automatically compiled on your UNIX host by:
             telnet sci.dixie.edu 1 | sh

         Public IRC clients exist: Telnet to
             chatsubo.nersc.gov  login:bbs
             irc.ibmcug.co.uk 9999
             cc.nsysu.edu.tw  login:irc

         Additional information about IRC, including more public clients, 
         is available in the following newsgroups:

- Ray Franklin    ??????????????????????????
|        Raymond A. Franklin        | PAGE (410) |   ??????????????????????   |
|      Towson State University      |  909-9068  | ?????????????????????????? |
| Instructional Technology Programs | code 8888# |   ???????????????????????  |

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From: ????????????????? (Boaz Rahat)
Subject: new subscriber introduction + pipe filter answer to question


This is my first communication, so an introduction is in order. I'm a
graduate student in computer science. I've been 'out there' in the
real world and am returning to get more education, diplomas, and
creative energy for the future.

Some comments on current threads running through the digest:

A reader asked about using a pipe cleaner as a filter. I'm afraid
that's all too common when you just can't get the original filter ...
I have a Falcon pipe, bought in Scotland, made of aluminum with a
meerschaum lining (!) that comes apart and has two places you put
filters in: a ring shaped filter at the bottom of the bowl, and a
cylindrical filter in the stem. Not finding any of these in Israel,
where I lived, I would bend pipe cleaners and use them instead!

Regarding smoking in public and semi-public places. My general
attitude of live and let live compels me to avoid lighting up in the
presence of people who object to it, or in restaurants. BUT, I would
truly appreciate a restaurant, coffeeshop etc. which would create a
smoker's corner that was insulated from others, and reasonably
ventilated so WE don't choke on our own smoke. That would be a drawing
point for smokers (of which there are many). There is no need to
legislate against smokers, only FOR clean air for those who want it.
Remember how many activities are dangerous to your health, cost the
taxpayer money, and don't provide any benefit to others: sex (!),
children of welfare parents, sky-diving, hang-gliding, scuba-diving,
eating buttered popcorn, eating meat, chocolate.

How about writing about favorite pipes? Many have passed through my
hands over the years. Most I received as presents or mementos from
friends. I currently keep only three pipes. One was given to me by my
brother, who found it as a reject, because it had initials carved on
it, then wasn't picked up by the buyer. Coincidence would have it
these were my initials, so he bought it for me. One pipe belonged to a
close friend of my parents, who was like an uncle to me. He died in an
accident, and that is the memento I have from him (I don't remember
how it got into my hands). The third pipe is one I mentioned above, a
high-tech pipe with meerschaum lining in an aluminum body, filters
galore, wanting only a microprocessor to be perfect ... 8-)

I'd rather pick up pipes with histories than buy them. I feel the same
about growing a garden - I'd rather take seeds from friends' gardens
and grow in mine than 'shop' for a garden.


[ Does anyone have a pipe with a microcontroller? :-) -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????????
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #138 - April...

Hi there, I see from the news letter I just recieved that everyone goes by
their real names so I thought I would introduce myself.  My name is Michael
Kurt.  I'm a 23 year old student at Grandvalley State University in Grand
Rapids, Michigan.  Im majoring in accounting and have about another year to
go before I graduate depending on when I intern.  I have been smoking fine
cigars for about a year now, and find that few other things are able to give
me as much satisfaction as enjoying a cigar after a hard week of classes. 
Unfortunately, being a student on a limited budget I can only afford a few a
week.  Hopefully someday I will have enough money to build my own humidor and
stock it with boxes of my favorite cigars.  It's great to be in company of
those who enjoy the same things in life as myself.

[ Great to have you, too, Michael! Nice to see that cigars are not the
exclusive province of us Old Fartz of 37. -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????? (Chris Cochems)
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #138 - April 8, 1994

Hello to all:

As a former tobaccinist, I could not pass up the chance to give my 
opinions on some of the questions raised in last issue.

Beginners pipe -  First, plan on buying two pipes and rotating them.  Go 
to any reputable tobacco shop and ask for seconds.  These pipes are 
quality briar made in exactly the same way as the more expensive firsts 
made by the same company.  During the final carving and sanding of a 
pipe, small bits of stone or voids in the briar are often exposed.  The 
solution is to fill the void with putty, and sell the pipe for a lesser 
price.  These "fills" have no effect on the smokability of a pipe.

Do not pay the money for expensive pipes until you are sure that you are 
going to like pipe smoking.  Use one pipe one day, and another the next.  
Buy small amounts of two or three tobaccos, a light aromatic, a 
cavendish, and an English, and see which does it for you.  Anything which 
includes "BCA", which is a fire cured cavendish, is a good choice for the 

Bite -  Many things contribute to tongue bite.  Here are a few general 
rules and suggestions.

1.  The more wood in a pipe, the cooler it will smoke.
2.  The more surface area, the cooler the pipe will smoke.  That means a 
rough finish pipe will smoke cooler than a smooth pipe of the same size 
and shape.
3.  The greater the wall thickness of the bowl, the cooler the smoke.
4.  The weight of the pipe is also a factor in heat dissipation.  Look 
for a pipe that is light for its size.
5.  The distance from the bowl to the pipe is also a major factor.  Also, 
the length of shank vs. stem.  A lumberman shape is a very cool smoke 
because of this.
6.  The pipe must not have any varnish or the heat will be held in.  This 
should not be a problem in a good tobacco shop.

7.  The slower the tobacco burns, the cooler the smoke.  Factors 
affecting this are cut (size of each piece), moisture content and 
additives.  This is always a tradeoff of cool vs. staying lit. Even in a 
good pipe, correctly packed, you can get bite from a tobacco that is 
"bone dry" and/or contains chemicals to keep it lit (salt peeter and 
glycerine usually).  This also should not be a problem if you choose a 
reputable tobacco shop.

8.  Puffing - If you are a fast puffer, select a large cut and keep it 
moist.  If you are a slow puffer, go to a smaller cut and keep it less 
moist.  Large cuts include cavendish, cube and plug.  Examples of smaller 
cuts are flake, ribbon and crimp.

9.  Packing - Probably the most difficult smoking art to master.  Here is 
the method I used to instruct new smokers:
a)  Fill the pipe to the brim loosely.  Pack evenly til the bowl is only 
b)  Fill the pipe again loosely.  Pack evenly til the bowl is 3/4 full.  
It will take more pressure this time.
c)  Over-fill the bowl loosely.  Pack evenly til the tobacco is level 
with the top.  This will take much more pressure.

10.  Lighting -  Use a butane lighter or a wooden match.  Anything else 
you will taste.  (For the true romantic, you can use an ember from the 
fireplace.) Light the entire surface drawing deeply.  Tamp the tobacco 
gently then relite.  Make sure the entire surface is evenly lit.

11.  Other considerations - Here are some other tips

a)  Smoking outside in the wind, or while driving with an open window 
will cause the pipe to burn faster.

b)  Breaking in (building a carbon cake to the thickness of a dime) will 
make even a terrible pipe smokable.  Do not let the cake get much thicker 
than this or it may split your bowl.  The new smoker wont need to worry 
about a reamer for a couple of months.

c) Placing a pipe cleaner in the pipe while packing will tend to prevent 
tobacco from clogging the draft hole.

d) Never use a pipe with a metal filter.  The metal stays at a different 
temperature, and causes condensation, which results in a wet (gurgling) pipe.

e) Opinion -  Any filter (even a water pipe) means that you are drawing 
through stale smoke from the second puff on.

f) Materials - Good pipe materials are briar, meerschaum, corn cob, 
cherry, ceramic and clay.

Start with a briar.  Corn cob is great if you like the taste of burning 
corn cob (I do), but must be considered a disposable pipe and tends to be 
a hot smoke.  Cherrywood is marginally acceptable, although they are 
heavy for their size and tend to split easily. Ceramic burn hot and are 
fragile, but do "color" rapidly as you smoke them.  Clay is like ceramic 
but more so.  If you are going to try one, get one with a long stem and 
treat it gently.

g)  Before you by a pipe, insert a pipe cleaner and see where the draft 
hole is in relationship to the bottom of the bowl.  It should come in 
exactly at the bottom.  If it is too high, you will end up with an uneven 
cake and a soggy pipe.  If it is too low, the pipe might "burn out".

h)  If you tend to be a wet smoker, a mixture containing Latakia will 
tend to dry out your mouth and prevent this problem. 

If anyone is still reading this horribly long message, I would welcome 


[ Not horribly long, Chris, and very useful! I think I'll put it into
the "How-To." Thanks! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????????? (Rex Wockner)
Subject: Re: alt.smokers.cigars

Regarding the Pipes Digest subscriber who couldn't find 
"alt.smokers.cigar" ... Try adding an S. The name of the newsgroup is 

Rex Wockner
creator of said group

[ Thanks for the correction, Rex! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ?????????????????????? (Allan Keeton)
Subject: Thanks!!!!!

	Thanks for the back digests--I just printed them out. . . &
now I'm off to fill a bowl of an ample Latakia blend with a hint of
perique. Yummmmmmmmm.

[ Indeed! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipe cleaner filters, etc

> I've proposed a new newsgroup, "alt.smokers.pipes,"
> and will create it on April 15 unless someone manages to talk me out
> of doing so. Ah, the beauty of the alt. hierarchy... light up as we
> contemplate...

Going through a regular proposal process (for alt) I hope?  I thought
it was a little presumptious of the alt.smokers.cigars guy to create a
group so soon.

What about rec.tobacco?  Is it going to be proposed again?

>	C. Everett Koop, M.D.	(????????????????????)

 His address would have been at .nih.gov, anyway, considering
that's where he got his captain's uniform (the National Institute
of Health being a part of the Navy.)  And nothing goes better
with foul weather gear than a pipe clamped between the teeth,
inverted in particularly bad weather -- just ask the Groton's
of Gloucester fisherman.

> What about the concept, is that filter thing unique?

 I've heard of this.  I can't remember where.  I have a slim
paperback on pipe smoking (The Art of...?) and maybe this book
spoke disparagingly of this method (but whichever source didn't
like standard filters either, for weakening the taste.  All
that it approved were the metal condensing devices, and that
begrudgingly, if I remember correctly.)

    - David Chesler (???????????????????????? ???????????????????????)

[ Well, Rex's group seems to have been pretty successful, so far. And,
yes, I have gone through the regular process. So far, discussion ==

Re rec.misc.tobacco: I doubt if I can co-moderate, due to job
pressures. Would you be interested in spearheading an effort? -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ???????????????? (Richard E. Byer)
Subject: Latakia vs scented tobacco

I've found an excellent compromise tobacco.  It combines the flavor of a 
light latakia blend with the aromatic qualities of a cavendish pressed 
with vanilla extract.  It comes from my local pipe shop; however, I 
understand that thye purchase it from Lanes, which is a supplier for 
most independent pipe shops.  The Lanes designation for the tobacco is 
"HGL" (for "Herman G. Lane").  I highly recommend it. 

-- Rick Byer 

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: CRAIG HAAS 703-308-8682 <??????????????????????????>
Subject: Thanks!

          Thanks for adding me to your distribution list.  I'm looking 
          forward to reading the new issues.  I did have one question now, 
          though, and that is, is the text of the Digest formatted in 
          anyway for text readers?  I don't know if you're familiar with 
          the "setext" format, but there's a text viewer out there called 
          EasyView that formats digests like yours into nice little 
          packets.  All those U/~ symbols made me wonder if yours was 
          similarly formatted.  (At least, I see a lot of U/~ symbols.  Am 
          I supposed to???)
          Next, I've come across a section in America Online devoted to 
          pipes and cigars.  You'll find it at The Exchange/Hobbies & 
          Outdoors Message Center/Hobbies Board/Pipes & Cigars.  It's where 
          I find out about you, as a matter of fact.  The moderator is 
          starting up a chat room, too, for interested people.
[ Request for back issues deleted. -S. ]

          Thanks again!
          P.S.  Which address should I use to send you mail?  There are two 
          I've seen, ?????????????????????? and ??????????????????????????  
          Any preferences?

[ Welcome aboard, Craig! Glad to see that, yes, there are some fellow
pipe enthusiasts at the EPA. To answer your questions, the "~\U"
symbols are supposed to be little pipes, and the
???????????????????????? address is the preferred one. And thanks for
the words from AOL: we get a lot of readers from there, but don't
really know what's going on in that neck of cyberspace. Back issues
sent, too! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ?????????????????
Subject: PIPES

Hello, Steve. Glad to be on board. I ran off revision 1.6:4Mar94 and looked
closely at the list of sellers, and missing from this list is Faders of
Baltimore, MD. I go to his shop in Annapolis Mall, Annapolis, MD which has a
good feeling once you enter the store. Faders has a tobacco called "Barrister,"
which I have been smoking for several years now. There is enough latakia in it
to make it interesting and a good smoke. I saw that some of the other members
of the group have spoken about their pipes. I am now 69 and have smoked pipes
since I was 17, and also cigars. I have a number of pipes in my collection
which I have owned for many years. For instance, I have a Comoy Blue Riband pot
which I bought in St. Louis in 1954 for $17.50. I think that if you can get a
Blue Riband today, it would be quite a bit more. In '85, my wife and I went
through Scandinavia, and I went absolutely ape in W.O. Larson's and the Pip
Dend in Copenhagen. I now have as many pipes as I need and can reasonably
smoke, but a pipe collector is a pipe collector. Anyway, I am glad to be
associated with a group of individuals who enjoy a good pipeload and a good
cigar. Gen Frank ?????????????????

[ Thanks, Ben, and we'll add Faders in the next rev. -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????????
Subject: Pipes FAQ request

Well thanks to the pipes digest I was able to locate one of those really neat
little "pocket" pipes that fold over themselves.  I managed to get ahold of
it at the Richmond Pipe and Tobacco in Washington DC.  I also managed to pick
up a pipe by the brand name "Irish Seconds" (3/4 bent Billiard - blond wood -
I got it on St. Patrick's Day too which seemed appropriate somehow).  I was
wondering if someone knew what this brand was.  Someone told me that these
are the slightly imperfect Peterson pipes.  There are a few problems with the
grain of the wood, but it is onothing that will cause any problem (I think)
so it seems really pretty perfect to me.  Can anyone tell me if this is a
Peterson cast off, or is it another brand altogether?
     Another concern of mine is the proper way to break in a new pipe. A
friend filled his new Savinelli full the first time he smoked it.  He said it
got INCREDIBLY hot to the touch, and part of the finih on the outside of the
pipe "bubbled" and craxked.  I received a Charatan pipe as a gift and I am
afraid to smoke it for fear of ruining the finish on it, and I need to know
how to break it in if it in fact needs to be broken in.  Any suggestions? 

[ WOW! Basically, I'd say s l o w   d o w n. The object is to keep the
pipe at the just-going-out stage, so it doesn't get hot enough to do
such nasty things! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ????????????????????????? (Martin Ott)
Subject: For Pipes Digest : WWW and ADnD

Hi there,
we here in Germany are usullay a bit late with using
new cyberspace facilities. So I may have missed out 
on this:
Does anyone know a WWW page or even a server
dedicated to pipe smokers ?

Some time ago I got several replies from you pipers
about crafting pipes and tobacco. I intended to convert it
for use with AD&D2nd. Well, the stuff is not lost,
it is still somewhere around. And I hope that one day I make it.


 (    | Martin Ott ;  ??????????????????????         (internet)
 )  - | http://www.mpifr-bonn.mpg.de/mnt1/p581mao/html/mott.html 
 _ /  |When I walk through nature, the nature walks through me !
 U/   |Am Anfang war das Wort ...   ... am Ende nur noch Fe_56 !

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ????????????????????????
Subject: introduction

Just an introduction. I'm a middle-aged graduate student in New York, and 
have been smoking pipes off and on since about 1967. I took it up in earnest 
again in the mid-1980s and have since been spending a significant amount of 
my rather meager income over the years on pretty good pipes. My preference 
has evolved definitely towards deep defined blasts, and I now am definitely 
a sandblast collecter. I recently wrote a piece, out of frustration, called 
"In Defense of Sandblasts" for a recent PCI newsletter. Recently I've been 
tending toward tanshells, which are becoming a bit hard to find. I have 
about 70 pipes: Radicis, Ser Jacopos, Castellos, Capitellos, Charatans, 
Dunhills, Ashtons, Il Ceppos, Cooke, and some Bessai (a Cleveland shop). 
Recently bought my first Barling (pre-transition Canadian--a beautiful 

Since 3 Nuns was bought out and degraded (similarly with Rattrays), I've 
been smoking Butera's Virginia blend, which I get directly from him. No 
sooner did I discover Esoterica Tobacciana than they became inaccessible. 
The casualty rate among good tobaccos has been incredibly high.

Re the antismoking people, I've noticed that they never talk about pipes, 
only about cigarettes. However, what they most damn is the intrinsic 
malevolence of tobacco itself. At the heart of the argument is the 
passive smoking issue--one can't just say "Well, I'm free to poison myself 
if I want to and none of your damn business", because the argument is that 
we are poisoning everyone else too. How valid is the passive smoking 
argument re tobacco (we can disregard the additions of noxious non-tobacco 
substances--or can we?)? Is there a doctor in the house?

S. Slottow 

[ Read the front pages of any Cigar Aficionado for some appreciation
of how hard cigar smokers can be bashed. It's not just cigarettes.
And, re passive smoking, I'm of the opinion that classifying tobacco
smoke as a Class A carcinogen (up there with asbesdos and plutonium)
on the basis of a risk factor of 1.3 (down there with drinking whole
milk and keeping pet birds), makes about as much sense as classifying
ketchup as a vegetable. (But then, I'm no M.D., just a Ph.D. I just
wish I made as much. :-) -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ?????????????????????? (Michael SB Shoshani)
Subject: Re: PROPOSAL: alt.smokers.pipes

BTW....would you mind subscribing me to your newsletter/forum/whatever it is?

Until the new group goes online, this is all we pipe-smokers have...

FAQ:  How threatening to cigars and pipes are the recent congressional 
attacks on cigarettes?  Do we have cause for alarm?

                               ___ _ |___ _  _   _
         Michael SB Shoshani  |   | |    | \  |  /  ??????????????????????
         Speak for yourself;  |___| |   /   \/__/   no-one else will.

[ I think it's threatening enough that we have to actively work to
prevent the prohibition of tobacco in the U.S., Michael. Hence, the
call to action in the header. Please call, write, and vote; then,
smoke in peace. -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: Neil Flatter <???????????????????????????>
Subject: pipe pictures

A few weeks ago I commented that I had been sent .TIFF files of pipe
pictures.  They have all been compressed into a ZIP file and are
available via anonymous FTP. Rose-Hulman has established an FTP
server on a trial basis only so I don't know how long they will stay
there.  For those of you who are interested, you can FTP to
FTP.ROSE-HULMAN.EDU  to find pipes.zip in the \Pub\incoming\
[capitalization is exact] directory.  For those of you who are not
familiar with FTP transfers, contact tech services or drop me a note
for more information.
  Neil Flatter                 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  Chemistry - Math (CMA)       Department of Chemistry
  Novell Supervisor            Chemistry Stockroom Manager
  ???????????????????????????      (812) 877 - 8316

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

		       Today's Snappy Comeback:

(The Reproof Valiant, to male jerk:) "Sir, we are both blowing smoke,
but I at least have the courtesy to be smoking a fine cigar." 

				- From "101 Ways to Answer the
				  Question, 'Would You Please Put Out
				  that #(!&*!$ Cigar'," Hague et. al.,

 U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ U/~ | ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U
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