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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #143 -- May 13, 1994

		  Pipes Digest #143 -- May 13, 1994
		     Circulation this issue: 346

Welcome to new members:

	Alec Edgington		(????????????????????????????)
	Peter Nigra		(????????????????????????????????)
	Brandon S. Allbery	(????????????????????)
	???			(????????????????????
	Mike			(??????????????????)

And join us as we open a nice juicy can of metaphors...

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	     Help Stop Prohibition -- Keep Tobacco Legal
			Call -- Write -- Vote
			Then, Smoke in Peace.

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From: ????????????????? (Mark Helfen)
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #142 - May 6, 1994

>                   Pipes Digest #142 - May 6, 1994

>From: ??????????????? (Chris Cochems)
>Subject: Pipe Shop for Resource list
>The tobaccinist I currently patronize is:
>Mission Pipe Shop
>812 Town & Country Village Drive
>San Jose, CA 95128
>(408) 241-8868
>They have everything you would expect including a large cigar 
>sellection.  They also have a good looking calabash.
>[ Weren't they in Hacker's book? The one with the HUGE calabash? -S. ]

Steve -- 

NOPE - That was the Tinderbox at Stanford Mall. Gone now, I'm afraid. A
victim of the precarious financial status of the Tinderbox chain. The
story, as I heard it, is that the mall wouldn't renew the lease, since the
chain (and franchising organization - ie: the Tinderbox) needed to be on
the lease, and they were in some type of financial difficulty

Sad story. The Stanford Tinderbox had a very good selection, although a
little pricey.  I bought both an ODA Shell and group 6 smooth finish in the
months before they closed.


Mark Helfen   ?????????????????   72507,???????????????????   ???????????

[ The whole CHAIN is in trouble? What's happening? -S. ]

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From: ????????????????????
Subject: Re Age of Pipe Smokers

I started smokeing a pipe when I was about 18 yrs and stopped when I was 39 yrs
(do to pressure from my wife and work) but just recently started up again.
I smoke about 2 to 3 bowls a day  from a briar or a corn cob,I still have all
my pipes but except for the two that I smoke the rest are packed away for when
I want to get at them.
I find that its very relaxing after a days work  or sitting outside during the
evening, Half & Half is my staple smoke.

                                     Mike Gould

"geez did you fill your diper again?" 

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From: ??????????????????????? (Alasdair McAndrew)
Subject: Re:  Internet Pipes mailgroup

Hi there,

I've joined this mailgroup to get some advice; my local machine does not get
the usenet newsgroup alt.smokers.cigars.  I'm a fairly recent cigar smoker,
and I've been forced, due to price restrictions, to limit myself to the
cheaper boxed cigars.  I've been advised by local tobacconists that "There are
only two sorts of cigars: Cuban, and the rest", and that "Dutch cigars aren't
really much chop", a statement with which I'm beginning to agree.

However, by the time good quality Cuban cigars reach these shores, the costs
of freight and import duties mean that the resulting prices are far more than
I can justify spending.  An understanding tobacconist, to whom I confided my
plight, put me onto Villiger cigars, a box of which I'm currently enjoying.
And here's my question -- what other cheap type cigars are worth my trying?  I
like (as far as I can tell) a relatively mild cigar, but one with a bit of
flavour.  I don't like cigars that taste like the after-effects of a bush
fire; that is to say, I like the cigar to have a "refined" sort of taste.  (I
wish I knew more, so that I could be more explicit).  Also, I don't like
cigars that are too big, or that take too long to smoke; about 20--30 minutes
is enough for me.

Do please let me know of anything that I might try.  On the other hand, if
anybody has any material about cigars, available electronically, I would be
delighted to receive such material via email, or be told how to acquire it via
anonymous ftp.

With regard to pipes (since this seems to be that main topic of this
mailgroup), I tried pipe smoking about ten years ago (I'm now 33), and enjoyed
it.  My main peeve was that they kept going out, and I kept having to relight
them.  What I liked was the long stemmed clay pipes which not only cooled the
tobacco nicely, but were pleasant to hold.  I never made any real discoveries
as to which sort of tobacco I liked.  Maybe one day I'll go back to pipe
smoking again, but at the moment, I'm more interested in cigars, about which
any advice would be most gratefully received.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Alasdair McAndrew

Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Victoria University of Technology         Email: ??????????????????????? 
P.O. 14428, Melbourne Mail Centre         Fax:   +61 3 688 4050
Melbourne, Vic 3000, Australia            Phone: +61 3 688 4344

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From: "David D. Urbanski" <????????????????????????????>
Subject: How to find a damn good cigar?

Greetings to all.
	I live with three other guys here at Marquette, and in the last week we
have smoked about fifty cigars between the four of us.  What a week!  Most of
them have been Fuentes.  We have discovered that Uhle's (our local cigar and
pipe haven) sells Fuente seconds for about half the price of the regulars. 
What joy!


	1) I live in Milwaukee.  Where can I find a supplier for La Gloria
Cubana Torpedos?  A friend of mine thinks these are the best cigars he ever
smoked.  (I'm not sure what to think after the Twain essay.)

	2) There is a famous pipe shop in Michigan. Bill's Pipe shop?
Is this right?  Does anyone have information on this?  Address?
Phone?  Fax?  Latitude?  Longitude?

Post AND/OR send to ???????????????????????????

Thanks, David

[ Answered somewhat in the mail -- the pipe shop is Paul's in Flint,
MI, and there's an active cigar club in Milwaukee (Milwaukee Cigar
Society at Edward's Tobacconist) that was mentioned in Cigar
Aficionado. Anyone else have other ideas to pass on? -S. ]

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From: "Adrienne M. Rigler" <????????????????>
Subject: Hello and goodbye

I figured I'd write a short letter of introduction. I wish I had found
this group earlier but at least I have found it now. I will be going away
for the summer but I'll be back in August. So, my name is Adrienne but
every one calls me Andie. I'm an English major with a Women's Studies minor
at New Mexico State University. I'm 19 and have only been smoking a pipe
  for a short time. I have always loved the look and smell of a pipe so I
decided to try one. I admit that I do get some strange looks because I am
a woman. I go to a pretty conservative school where traditional gender
roles are the norm. A woman smoking a pipe goes against the norm. Smoking
is a way to relax and I refuse to give that up because of convention. I am
in the process of looking for a first pipe that is right for me. Right now
I borrow a friend's pipe or smoke a corn cob. I have my eye on a few and
am really excited about actually buying my first pipe. I guess that's it.
This will probably be my only message until August( I don't know how I'll
get along without email). So, smoke well everyone! 

Andie Rigler

[ Glad to have you here, Andie, and please check in again next August
when you get the email back! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: Ib Fagerlund <???????????????????>
Subject: Re: Digest #142

Stephen Slottow wrote:
>Regarding the burn marks on the top of the bowl. I have gotten into the
>habit of wiping them off with a hankerchief before they dry--this ruins the
>hankerchief but has kept the top of my smooth bowls pretty clean and shiny.
>It won't work if the top of the bowl is blasted.

I think the issue here is not burn marks. They wouldn't go away, just using
the hankerchief. Only way to avoid those, are sticking to the ol' wooden
matches or a pipe lighter. It's almost impossible to avoid burning the top,
when using an ordinary type lighter (vertical flame type).
The brown/black substance building up on the top of the bowl, originate from
the burning tobacco. This is easily removed. No need to ruin your hankerchief.
Water is the magic dissolver. A Kleenex, napkin or anything alike, moistened
with water, or even saliva, will do the trick. Just don't let the bowl top
get too dirty. Frequent cleening is esential. This will even work on a sand-
blasted pipe.
If you like your (smooth) pipe-top real shiney, just rub it with a piece of
plain Xerox paper, after the water cure. Voila...

Happy smoking.

Ib Fagerlund
Pipe doctor of Denmark


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From: Joseph J A Herro <?????????????????????????>
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #142 - May 6, 1994

>BTW, I'm glad I wasn't the only one to notice the similarity in
>tactics between the antismokers and the antiabortionists. The issues
>really are the same -- the right to control one's own body. -S. ]


I am writing in response to the above statements.

I disagree with both.   The tactics the antismokers use are 
scare tactics based on altered E.P.A. data (I'm speaking of the changing
of the confidence factors.).  The tactics the antiabortionists use (at
least the ones with whom I work) are based on presenting the facts which
are available through genetics, biochemistry, and classical physics.  There
is an immeasureable difference between someone "lighting up" and enjoying
tobacco and someone getting an abortion.  These issues are not even close
to being the same.  As for the right to control one's own body, may I 
please point out two things: first, I know of no example in
the history of Western Civilization which provides precedence for this
alleged "right"; second, even if the availability of abortions were controlled,
this would not alter in any way the "right" of the woman to control her body.
It would simply make her responsible for her actions. 

There have recently been a few books published by people who have left the
abortion industry.  What they relate is rather grisly; in fact,it's nothing 
short of frightening.  Just as the antismokers who don't want you to know
about the 29 reports which found no reasonable evidence to link second hand
smoke with cancer, the abortion industry doesn't want you to know the facts.
They have much to hide.

Try one of the books.


[ Sorry I opened that whole can of worms, Joe. Mea culpa, mea maxima
culpa... Further discussion of abortion issues offline or in the
relevant groups, please. -S. ]

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