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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #148 - July 8, 1994

		   Pipes Digest #148 - July 8, 1994
		     Circulation this issue: 428

Welcome to new members:

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As you might infer, a good portion of this issue is devoted to the
smoker/antismoker debate. Having had my say, I'll stay out of the
discussion for a little while (except possibly by referring to the
masthead), and let the other members have their turns.

And join us now, with perhaps a quiet midsummer smoke under the stars,
as we discuss the lottery, _two_ "Apolises," the Navy, chemistry, the
oldest smokeshop, and pipes that smell like cigars...

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	     Help Stop Prohibition -- Keep Tobacco Legal
			Call -- Write -- Vote
			Then, Smoke in Peace.

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From: ?????????????????? (Marc A Dashevsky)
Subject: Re: Proposed Smoking Legislation

I don't want Jeff to feel lonely when the barrage comes, so I'll stand by
his side.

He wrote:
> I've been smoking cigars and pipes since I was sixteen, and I've got to say
> that I'm in favor of this legislation.  If the people around me when I'm in
> public don't want to breath my smoke, then I think they have that right.  I
> know that I don't want to breath anyone else's cigarette smoke, or even
> cheap cigar smoke.  (Good cigars are an entirely different matter, of course.)

I haven't studied the legislation so I can't comment on it directly,
but I do agree that nonsmokers (as well as smokers for that matter)
should not have to experience 2nd-hand smoke in public unless they so
elect.  For example, I think smoking on a park bench should be allowed,
but I'm against smoking at the ballpark.  Restaraunts that have smoking
sections should provide real ventilation to keep diners from encountering
smoke.  Of course, the government had better not tell me I can't smoke on
my own property.  Multi-unit dwellings do pose some interesting problems.
I'm thinking of the case where the smoke from one apartment filled another.
I think the responsibility lies with the landlord or condominum association
to provide proper ventilation for all units.  One doesn't want the smell of
burnt food or infrequently maintained litter boxes wafting into your apartment 
from your neighbor's either.

Essentially I consider myself *both* a smoker and a nonsmoker.  I'm a smoker
when I'm smoking (profound, huh?) and a nonsmoker the rest of the day.
I want to choose when I have smoke in my face.

> Some of this might be due to the fact that I'm in California, so year
> 'round I have the option of stepping outside to enjoy my pipe/cigar...

The late evenings in Massachusetts this spring and summer have been delightful
times to sit on my front porch smoking my cigar.  I suspect my frequency of
smoking will go down in the winter, since it just won't be enjoyable then.
There is no way I'm going to subject my cigarette-addicted wife (she's been
clean for 4-1/2 years) and my young daughters to my smoke.  I've found that
if I smoke in my office on the 3rd floor of the house, I can't stand the
smell of the old, stale smoke when I start work the next morning, so, I guess
I'll look forward to business trips during the winter.


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From: "Will Alexander" <??????????????????????????>
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #147 - July 1, 1994

Hi Steve, and other Digest Readers;

I am a 45 year old non-traditional college student who returned to academia 
for a Ph. D.  I returned with a lot of experiences under my belt, not the 
least of which is the pleasuable use of tobacco in many forms.  I enjoy the 
pipe, the cigar, and the flavor of a good high-burley hand-rolled cigarette.

I like good English briars (Wilmers for those who may know of this 
wonderful old maker who no longer exports to the US), Charatans, and an 
ocassional Dunhill (although overpriced, still a very good smoke).

I find my smoke unwelcome on most of the campus, so I feel great about 
using my e-mail access to talk smoke.  Thanks for the opportunity to 
participate in this group.

Will Alexander

Will Alexander                 Phones:  Office 612-624-3343
PhD Candidate                             Home 612-541-7847
Sociology Department           E-MAIL:
University of Minnesota          ??????????????????????????
267 19th Ave. So.                ????????????????
Minneapolis Minnesota 55155      ????????????????????????    

[ You're welcome here, Will! And I hope there always will be at least
one place where tobacco aficionados are. And see Mike's posting below
for some probably welcome news. -S. ]

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From: ???????????????? (Richard E. Byer)
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #147 - July 1, 1994

> What I had was a Dunhill Altamiras from the "Harvest Crop 1987" and
> the cigar states "Aged Cigar". My impression was very good, it was
> a fairly mild cigar, which suits me fine and although it does not
> state the origin of the tobacco, I reckon on Cuban for two
> reasons:
>         1. It reminded me (a lot) of a Romeo y Julietta (yum!),
>            the flavour was more even and, I suppose, mature.
>         2. It cost six pounds (about 9 dollars).

They are great cigars, in fact one of my favorite.  They are readily 
available in the US and are made in the Dominican Republic, not Cuba.
Rick Byer <????????????????>

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From: ????????????? (Greg Louis)
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #147 - July 1, 1994

Hi.  Here's a sort of contribution for the digest, if you
don't feel it's too far off topic:

Somebody said reason 9 of 10 for smoking was, "it's not as
stupid as lottery tickets."  Well, I won't argue the
comparison, but I'd like to tell you about my favourite
customer (I manage the online games for Ontario Lottery):

Here's a guy (he really exists, this isn't made up!) who
spends $2 on an instant ticket (the scratch sort) and a bit
more on a six-pack.  He takes the both of them home.  He's
a pipe smoker, this fellow -- that's not in the story I
heard, but he's gotta be -- just wait, you'll see why I
think so.
So he sits down and pops a bottle cap, lights up (if I'm
right) and scratches the first number.  There are six
numbers; find three the same, win that amount.  This guy
scratches one number.
Puff, puff... Glug... let's see, $500.  Now, suppose I had
$500 to spend; no need to save any of it, it's a windfall.
What would I do with that?
Twenty or thirty minutes later, the bowl's getting low and
so's the bottle.  Peace has descended.  Our friend's also
running low on ideas as to how to spend $500.  Pop the next
bottle top and let's scratch another -- hey, $10,000!  Boy,
I bet I can think of a good few fun ways to spend that!

Well, you get the idea.  By the time all six numbers have
seen the light of day, it's three hours later, maybe three
or four bottles too, and one or two bowls of a good blend.
For the two bucks and half the price of a six-pack, here's
three hours of quiet cheer.  Does it matter that the ticket
didn't really win anything?

We lottery folks aren't in business to give away money; we
sell entertainment.  If you buy lottery tickets to make a
living, sure that's stupid.  But don't go and crap on the
people who know it's as inexpensive a form of fun as the
market offers, so long as you don't get your hopes too
high.  And hey, SOMEbody's gotta win...

Greg Louis         | "'Minime aberrasti,' dixit Pu,
?????????????      | 'sed aberrasti a folliculo!'"
finger for pgp key |

[ Gee, we've had strange debates before, but I never thought I'd get
into a controversy about the _lottery_ here... :) -S. ]

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From: ???????????????????????
Subject: Smoke and Fire

> Re: Proposed Smoking Legislation
 > I've been smoking cigars and pipes since I was sixteen, and I've
 > got to say that I'm in favor of this legislation.  If the people
 > around me when I'm in public don't want to breath my smoke, then
 > I think they have that right.  I know that I don't want to breath
 > anyone else's cigarette smoke, or even cheap cigar smoke.
 > (Good cigars are an entirely different matter, of course.)
But then, the FDA, and other politicians including the EPA, do not
 make any distinction between cheap cigars or any other type.
> Some of this might be due to the fact that I'm in California, so
 > year 'round I have the option of stepping outside to enjoy my
 > pipe/cigar...
> If smoking was as non-intrusive as chewing gum, then I'd think this
 > is outrageous.  It's not.  If they were coming into my house and
 > telling me what to do, I'd be offended, but they're not.
They are telling businesspeople what to do.  Two places I do business
 with have signs up.  The first place is a hoagi shop.  He has tables
 to eat at.  There is a sign, saying that there is no non smoking areas
 in the establishment.  The other place, a rib house, has a sign on the
 door saying, "non smokers are welcome too"
Some women, and men, wear scents which are very annoying to me.  Not
 just annoying, but if strong enough, trigger a case of bronchetis in
 me.  There are no laws against that.
The so-called health hazard, might be greatly reduced, if the EPA, and
 other politicians would clean up the air and water we ingest.  If
 nobody ever got lung cancer, that did not smoke, then I would say they
 have a case.  But, I am sure we all know people who never smoked, and
 died of lung cancer, just the same.  And, we all know people who
 smoked heavily, and died at a very old age.  My grandfather was 94
 years old, and had smoked heavily for more than 60 years.  He did not
 die of lung cancer.  Nor did he have COPD.
Air is not a good substance for the body to ingest.  Necessary, but if
 you had it tested, you would be surprised at the amount of toxic stuff
 in it.  That probably has more to do with health problems, than
 anything else the politicians are trying to pass laws against, thus
 giving the Mafia new lines of business.
Trucks give off many more times the amount of toxic substances that
 smokers do, yet, they roll all over the country.  Apparently, money is
 more important than health in this case.  Well, when smoking becomes
 too expensive for the average joe to do, money will be more important
 than also.  If we all did give up smoking, where will the taxes come
 from?  Who will make up the billions of dollars the federal and state
 governments steal from us.  And, by the way, since we smokers do pay
 those taxes, and non smokers do not, I figure we have more say in
 congress than they do.  Congress has not seen that yet, but they will.
I have never had any problems with pipe smoke, cigar smoke, even the
 cheapies, or for that matter cigarette smoke, as I have had with
 obnoxious perfumes.
 > I think the point I'm trying to make is that smokers risk the
 > health of other people.  (I think with recent secondhand smoke
 > studies, this is not too much of a debatable fact.)
Those are not reliable studies at all.  EPA is not concerned with
 accuracy, only in presenting their own side.  And, they also wish the
 spotlight of the public, shifted elsewhere, not on them.  One of my
 employers, a polluter, simply paid a "donation" each year, and was not
 bothered by EPA or anyone else.
Countries with much more relaxed attitudes about smoking, should be
 showing higher rates of cancer than we do.  I do not think they are.
> Even if they're not risking the health, certain people simply
 > don't enjoy inhaling other people's smoke.  (Count me as one of
 > those, when it comes to cigarettes.)  So _smokers_ are the ones
 > who infringe on the non-smokers rights when they're put together.
 > I think I'm on the other side of it as you:  I'm all in favor of
 > smokers having places where everyone smokes.  But when you're in a
 > place where you share the air, the non-smoker has to win out.
Yes, but only when the non smokers pay the same amount of taxes, as
 the smokers do.  I am tired of being treated as a second class
 citizen.  Especially since I pay a good deal more taxes than non
 smokers do.
 --- ACT20-3-174370
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                  or by removal of the patient from the influences
                  under which he incurred the disorder.'|  - Ambrose
                  Bierce: "The Devil's Dictionary"

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From: ????????????????????? (Ben Frank)
Subject: Smoking

For those on this list, if you want to know how far the antismoking zealots
have gone, note that all government buildings in DC have been made
smokeless--not even any smokers' havens. I work in the Washington Navy Yard,
and smoking is not only forbidden in all the buildings, but you cannot walk
about in the open air smoking. There are several smoking oases which have been
set aside and so, if you want a smoke, you leave the building and head for one
of these zones. Of course, in doing so you are away from your desk and I am
surprised that "they" have not insisted on the employees taking "smoking leave
time" which will be deducted from the leave time each employee has on the
books. By the way, heads (restrooms) are no smoking areas also. By the way,
Steve, I would like some of the early digests with lists of vendors of smokers'
supplies (pipes, tobacco, cigars). I believe that I sent you the names and
locations of my two favorite tobaccanists, but have not seen them in any of the
digests. They are Fader's, whose home base is Baltimore, but has a store also
in Annapolis which I patronize. They have a great mixture in Barrister, which
is mild but also has a touch of latakia and perique. The other tobaccanist is
The Smoke Shop on Maryland Avenue in Annapolis. It has a great assortment of
pipes and tobaccos. The one of theirs I particularly like is Black and Gold.
Ben Frank

[ Did you receive the Resource Guide? That has quite a long list of
shops -- which is starting to get farther and farther behind. -S. ]

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From: Neil Flatter <???????????????????????????>
Subject: smoking in public

>>If the people around me when I'm in public don't want to breath my
>>smoke, then I think they have that right.  I know that I don't want
>>to breath anyone else's cigarette smoke, or even cheap cigar smoke.
>>But the proposal goes farther than that. It also says that you can't
>>go to _any_ indoor place and light up. You couldn't even run a private
>>club for smokers only.
>I agree that you should be able to open a club for smokers, and hire
>employees who realize that they'll be around smoke, and agree to it.  But
>if you're just renting out a place for a night (wedding, etc), then you're
>asking that the employees of the place all have to be exposed to smoke,
>whether they like it or not.  If you make lead paint, you can tell
>employees that part of the job is being exposed to it, but you don't have
>the right to go paint any room that you rent, to use a clumsy analogy.
>I think the point I'm trying to make is that smokers risk the health of
>other people.  (I think with recent secondhand smoke studies, this is not
>too much of a debatable fact.)  Even if they're not risking the health,
>certain people simply don't enjoy inhaling other people's smoke.

When you're talking about cigarettes whose papers are bleached w/
assorted chemicals like dioxane, studies have always reported
hazards.  I have not seen ANY study in the last 20 years on
unbleached cigarettes, cigars or pipes either pro or con.  [If
anyone out there can provide a reference, source, etc. I would be most

As far as locations for smoking, I think that's where early smokers
went overboard.  As a rite of passage, people treated it as a right
instead of a privilege.  I avoid smoking around people at work or
in public when I know it offends them.  On the other hand you should
expect me to be smoking if you visit me in my own home.

In that respect the lead analogy was excellent.  Many of the things
I do at work involve hazards, but I know and accept the risks.  We
don't allow visitors to wander into the area where they might be
exposed to such hazards, nor have we disposed of all such chemicals
simply because they are hazardous.  Why should smoking be any

The other extension of this analogy is warning labels.  We are
required by Federal Law (29CFR1910) to communicate the hazards inside
a container w/ a warning label.  We are also required to have
complete information on each of these items in the form of a Material
Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).  Recent legal actions are trying to
discount the same type of warning printed on cigarette packages.
[And I note that I have never seen such a warning on my pipe tobacco
or on a cigar.]  How will the effect other industries that utilize
warning labels?  All I'm asking for is consistancy.
Neil Flatter                 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Chemistry - Math (CMA)       Department of Chemistry Stockroom Manager
Novell Supervisor            5500 Wabash Avenue 73
(812) 877 - 8316             Terre Haute, IN 47803-3999
  FAX 877 - 3198             ???????????????????????????

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From: ??????????????
Subject: Re:  Fwd: Returned mail: Host...

I just got the latest issue.  Congratulations on the new house and the move.
 Hope all the things the old owners told you about the charm of the house are

I also saw you posting on sending all the back issues.  If you could do the
same for me, 1-136, I would appreciate it.  I lacked the timerity to ask for
them all as I thought it an imposition.

I will send the report on the Show in Boston in the next few days.  In the
meantime, keep up the good work.

Query?  Why are all the people who smoke pipes either people who care little
about their pipes (buy fairly cheap pipes, knock them out on the curb and
mangle the bowl) or obsessed with the minutia, able to relate the history of
each of their pipes and, like Joachim in the latest issue, planning to visit
pipe shops in new cities when they travel?   I confess to be in the latter
group and the discovery of this news group a great find.


Steve Wyman

[ There are those of us in the middle, too... and thanks! As one who
got into work a bit late today because of a plumbing leak, I'm
beginning to see the other side too... :-) -S. ]

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From: ??????????????
Subject: The Owl Shop and its age claim

To: Avik Roy
Subject: Owl Shop

Thanks for the description of the tradition of pipes at Yale.  When I
was at the Owl Shop in New Haven in April, I saw one of the old pipes
with the inlaid Y and class year, and wondered about its origin:
whether members of a club received them at graduation, whether they
were a limited edition each year or what.  You solved the mystery.

I knew Ehrlichs and Leavitt & Pierce long before I found the Owl Shop
in Worcester and then New Haven.  Perhaps the reference to being the
oldest refers to their blending on the premises rather than having
their blends made by others.  In that regard, I would think Perretti's
would give them a run for their money if they were founded in 1934.  A
best I know only the Owl Shops and Perretti still mix on the premises
in the New England area.  Am I missing anyone of which you know?

Steve Wyman

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From: ??????????????????
Subject: Twin Cities Cigar Smokers

I moved to the Twin Cities recently, and was wondering what kind of interest
existed out there for an informal "smoke night" of sorts.  Nothing too fancy
-- just find a cigar-friendly bar, of which there are a few, get a few good
cigars each, and smoke away for the evening.  I'm a relative newcomer to
cigars, under six months, and therefore if someone has run one of these
before, I would be more than happy to cede organizational responsibility to
him or her.  If you are a resident of Minneapolis or St. Paul (or the
outlying suburbs) and are interested in doing something like this, drop me
some email.  I noticed several "U" students have just signed onto the list,
so there should be more than a few of us Upper Midwesterners.
 - Mike.  (??????????????????)

[ Good luck, Mike, and please let us know how you make out! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: "s.d.pinochet" <???????????????????>
Subject: Re: Moderated mailgroup for cigars, pipes, fine tobacco

	I have just joined the mailgroup. As an introduction: I am 35 years
old and have been smoking good cigars for a few months and a pipe off
and on for several years. My regular cigars are the Baccarat Churchill
and Platinum and the Cuba Aliados Fuma. I enjoy trying others. I only
smoke pipes occasionally. I am beginning to think that I'm not really
going to feel that attachment to a pipe util I create my own, so I am
interested in more info about pipe making. 

	To the gentleman coming to Charlotte for a few days, there are few
choices here in the city, but here they are. 
	1. Tinder Box at Eastland Mall, at SouthPark Mall, and at Carolina
Place Mall. Typical mall tobacco and gift shop. If you've seen one,
you've seen the mall. ;-)
	2. The Humidor Tobacco Shop, 316 Overstreet Mall in "Uptown"
Charlotte. The only tobacco shop downtown (only we say "Uptown" in
Charlotte). I'm told it is small, but I haven't been to this one. This
is near "the Square" which is not a square, just the intersection of
Trade Street and Tryon Street.
	3. McCranie's Pipe Shop, Park Road Shopping Center. I have gotten
incorrect info on cigars here, but I can't evaluate their pipe
knowledge. Expensive; this is a reflection of its character. 

	If you want to save money, you want to go to JR Tobacco. It's about
45 minutes from downtown. Drive north on I-77 to exit 50. It is right
there; you can't miss it. They have a large selection of discounted
tobacco products and accessories, including pipes. They sell the Black &
Mild pouch *six-pack* for $9.35. :-)

	While your here, stop at Dundee's for dinner (Independence Blvd at
Sharon Amity). It is a casual, distinctly American faux Australian place
with a bar, and you can smoke your pipe or cigar there.

 _  _| _ +-------------------+ ____ +------------------------------------+  * 
|_ | || || susan d. pinochet | \  / | Work out your *own* salvation with | ***
 _||_||_||  ???????????????  |  \/  | fear and trembling. - Phil. 2:12   |  * 
      |  +-------------------+      +------------------------------------+  * 

[ Welcome, Susan, and thanks for the info! Re making your own, I'd
suggest writing to Pimo's, which is in the Resource Guide. There is
also a company in Dover, Delaware, that puts out a video on pipe
making, but the Pimo's book is better. -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Answers, Anyone?

	I wrote to you a while back and asked to be put on your mailing
list for Pipes Digest.  I recieved #146 and was sent #147 from my cousin
at Rose-Hulman.  (Thanks Neil!!)  I would like very much to be put back
on the list.  Thanks alot!
	Here's a question maybe someone can help me with.  I'm
a 22 year old college senior who has been smoking off and on since 15.
Right now I am switching back and forth between cheap cigars (Swisher
Sweets, wood tip) and a pipe.  I like the taste of the Swishers, but
the smell bothers me.  I love the smell of the pipe.  Is it possible 
to have the taste of Swishers in a pipe?  Just wondering.......

[ Swisher Imports distributes a brand of tobak called Brindley's
Mixture, which can be ordered through JR Cigar. Don't know if this is
the same stuff, though... -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????????
Subject: XXXXXL pipes

   I just finnished a few of the back issues of the P.G.... Great stuff.
  On the subject of this posting:  I finally found a pipe carver who will
make quality pipes to my specs.  J.M. Boswell (717) 264 - 1711 (Chambersburg,
PA).  I recieved my first (by no means last) custom briar from this tallented
gentleman.  The total process took far less than a month from order to
reciept of the pipe.  
The dimensions are aprox. as follows:
Chamber diameter - 1 1/2"
Bowl Diameter - 3"
Bowl Hieght - 3+"
Overall length - 10+"
Color - Med. light brown
Stem - 1/4 curve
Shape - Apple
  I haven't calculated the chamber's capacity, but I can fill the pipe after
dinner and smoke it until the 11:00 news comes on.......
   Also, I would like to plug my local tobacconist: 
 BRIAR ROSE (owned by Shane Pappas)
20700 S. Avalon Blvd. Suite # 560
Carson, CA  90746
(800) 232-1323
   This is a nice little mall shop.  They have a reasonably sized walk in
humidor with a good selection of both cigars and pipe tobacco.  Unlike most
shops, Shane hand selects his pipes.  The briar selection isn't huge, but is
always interesting (I got my first 2 Boswell pieces here).  Another plus,
most of his staff is fully versed in our pleasures.
Until next time...

[ Great, Joel, and welcome! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: Joe Reda/HQ/3Com <Joe_Reda/HQ/????????????????????????>
Subject: reply to Jeff

Hi, Steve!

You've probably gotten a lot of responses to Jeff (in the last
digest).  Well, here's another one, include it in the next digest if
you like.  I suppose I shouldn't find it surprising that a person who
professes to enjoy smoking would aid and abet the regulators, but oh
well. . . .

See ya  \\JR

Jeff, will all due respect -- I don't think you've fully thought out
your arguments.  The problem with the proposed smoking legislation is

1.  It *is* indeed largely based, as Steve points out, in
axe-grinding.  There's more interest in "bashing the tobacco
companies" than in health issues.

2.  Potentially the worst problem: it never ends.  I also live in
California and if I've noticed anything, it's that when the public
do-gooders get their teeth into something, they never let go.  You
mentioned that " . . . If they were coming into my house and telling
me what to do, I'd be offended, but they're not.".  Well, guess what
-- they are!  It's now being said that people who live, for example,
in apartment buildings should not be allowed to smoke in their own
rooms because the smoke could travel up or down into other people's
rooms.  Nonsense of course, but this is *what people believe*.

As you can tell I feel quite strongly about this.  The reports on
"secondhand smoke" are largely spurious; the reports on smoking itself
are largely spurious; time and precious resources are being wasted on
a non-problem.  If you continue to lend your tacit support to the
"other side", the day will soon come when you won't even be able "to
step outside and enjoy your cigar or pipe".  I don't smoke when or
where it's inappropriate, but, as a free person, I shall smoke where
it *is* appropriate!  And, in California, I *have* been hassled while
smoking outside in the open air.  Please think about it and don't give
up your freedoms quite so cavalierly.

\\Joe Reda

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