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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #150 -- July 22, 1994

		  Pipes Digest #150 -- July 22, 1994
		     Circulation this issue: 446

Welcome to new members:

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And join us now, for a series of forays into the Ups and Downs of
magazines, darts, and the Great Cavendish Mystery...

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	     Help Stop Prohibition -- Keep Tobacco Legal
			Call -- Write -- Vote
			Then, Smoke in Peace.

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From: ???????????????? (Elliott C. Evans)
Subject: News

Hiya Steve,

Just some news for people in the Pittsburgh area
or those who might pass through:

"Poor Richard's" in Station Square just expanded
their walk-in humidor by about 45%. I don't know
if they really increased their stock by much, but
it's certainly much easier to walk around in. It's
much more of a 'walk-in' now, instead of a 'shuffle

Of course, they had to lose some room from the darts
area for the expansion, but I suppose some sacrifices
must be made.

| Elliott C. "Eeyore" Evans            | 
| Technical Writer, Ansoft Corporation | 
| ????????????????      Pittsburgh, PA | 

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From: ????????????? (Tom Line)
Subject: Text File I Wrote About Pipe Smoking


Head Chef
Damage Inc. Ohio
Cyber BBS 513-863-0447

So you want to smoke a pipe.  Here's some basic information to get
you started without looking stupid or getting ripped-off in the
process.  The following is based on my opinions and experience.

Select a decent pipe.

You can spend billions of dollars on pipes. I suggest you try an inexpensive
pipe to start with, and wait a while on buying Merchaum pipes and mershaum
lined bowls.  

Best first pipe.

        Buy a simple pipe, the most traditional looking pipe you can find.
  If you drive down the street smoking a Sherlock Holmes pipe you're going
  to look pretty silly.  Pipes that have filters are really just frills.
  If the store can't sell you a half-way decent looking respectable pipe
  for under 12 bucks, go someplace else.  Look for a pipe like an old
  man would smoke.  Old men know pipes.

         Later on, if you want something better, look for a Merchaum
  lined pipe. It looks like a regular pipe, but the bowl is lined with
  white ceramic stuff.  Good merchaum comes from Africa. It's some type
  of hard clay.  If you want the ultimate, you can find some really wild
  pipes carved entirely from mershaum with some wild figureines and
  monsters carved into them.  Corn cob pipes burn though.  Get the most
  ordinary looking tobacco pipe for your first pipe.

Best pipe lighter.

        Despite advertisers claims, the best pipe lighter is a simple
  disposable gas lighter.  Zippo's don't work good at all for pipes and
  smell and leak. Zippo's modified for pipes are okay, but they get hot
  since you need to light a pipe more than a cigarette and have a tendency
  to continue to burn while they're in your pocket.  Just a simple Bic
  or other disposable gas lighter is really the best.  Fancy lighters that
  require refilling are junk, and although they look cool, they rarely
  last more than 3 days before they break.  Matches make a mess and
  will irritate your throat even though you don't want to inhale a pipe

Best Ash Tray

        A big one. When you smoke a pipe, a small amount of tobacco is
  always wasted and gets dumped into the ash try.

Best Tobacco dealers

        Here's the most valuable advice in this text.  The tinder box
  sells old shitty tobacco that has God knows what in it.  The stuff
  they sell at the drug store on supermarket has all the quality of
  smoking the sunday funny papers.  Tinder box tobacco looks like 
  a tobacco chewing baseball team, ate tobacco, and shit it out, and then
  sold it to the tinder box.  Then they wiped their ass with the sunday
  funnies and sold that to the grocery and drug stores as tobacco.

        The best place to buy tobacco is from a speciality tobacco dealer
  that is not part of a chain.  They are called "Tobacconists", and you
  can find them in the yellow pages.  Avoid malls, although there are
  good tobacconists at some malls.  

        There are 3 basic types of tobacco and thousand of blends. Pipe
  tobacco is made from Burley tobacco.  Cigarettes are made from blonde
  or Virginia tobacco.  These are the basic kinds you should know about. 
  The naming of blends makes it all confusing. Don't be confused. This
  is the strait stuff you need to ask for.

        1. Burley flavored with Cherry.
             This SMELLS the best when it burns.
        2. Burley flavored with Vanilla.
             This TASTES the best when it burns.

        3. Cabendish or English tobacco.
             This stuff is black. Unlike Burley tobaccos which are
             a brown color, Cabendish looks like it's been in a
             smoker for a couple weeks black and smells like
             burnt coals.  Has a unique taste, but gives me a headache.
             You should try this one though because it's a historic
             tobacco you might enjoy.

        4. Other stuff that's less common but probably pretty good.     

	There are THOUSANDs of variations mixtures and blends of these
     basic types of tobaccos.  Apple, and other flavors are very common
     and interesting also but always buy from a reputable specialty

Best Experimental Selection.

        Ask for a very small amount of the following to get a really
     good idea or what you like or don't like.   

    1)    packet of plain burley with a slight vanilla flavor

    2)    packet of plain burley with a slight cherry flavor

    3)    packet of a mixture of cherry/vanilla burley

    4)    packet of a mixture containing some cabendish (black-english)

      ask them for a suggestion of what's good too unless they are a
      cigarette smoker since they can't smell or taste anything anyway.

Best place to enjoy smoking a pipe

        Fill the bowl full and compress the tobacco lightly. You don't
      need any fancy tools either.  A pen knife sometimes helps loosen
      the unsmoked bowl left over from last night.  A properly packed bowl
      when it's been smoked up, can be emptied by tapping the bowl
      on something several times. If the unsmoked tobacco comes out 
      immediately, it's packed too loose, and if it requires a tool to
      remove, it's packed too tight.

        Never inhale pipe tobacco.  The life you save may be your own.
      Be aware though that all that tobacco going up in smoke right next
      to your face, will definitely give you a pretty decent buzz. The
      proper mental state is somewhere between a light buzz and nausea.
      Never hold the bowl higher than your lips. The tobacco spit might
      find its way back into your mouth. UCK!

        Smoking outside at night is the most relaxing for me anyway. This
      way you can spit if you feel like it and the smoke looks cool as it
      curls away and doesn't smell up the room.

Tobacco Pouches

        Special pouches are a waste of money. Like the invention of the
      disposable lighter, the invention of the zip lock bag has made
      all other containers obsolete.

        When you seal a zip lock bag for the first time, with your teeth,
      make tiny tears in the sides of the bag near the zip lock. This will
      allow you to force the air out of the bag when you seal it.

Make your room or car smell good

        Leave a bag of cherry tobacco in your living room, automobile
      etc.  Even in the zip lock baggie (tear the edges so you can force
      the air out).  It will make it smell really good.  When you walk
      into a home of a pipe smoker, it's the unsmoked tobacco that gives
      that wonderful aroma, not the actual smoking.


Head Chef
Damage Inc. Ohio 1994
cyber bbs 513-863-0447

end of text file

[ Thanks, Tom! Of course, some of our readers will disagree with some
of your points... -S. ]

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From: ????????????? (Tom Line)
Subject: Tobacco Recipes

Hey I want to make my own pipe tobacco blends. What is the best stuff
to flavor plain old burley tobacco with and what's the best way to do
it?  Somebody suggested soaking it in bourbon. Is this good or not?
What do they use to flavor Cherry and Vanilla. Is it Cherry juice and
Vanilla extract, or is it some far out chemical? And how do they get
Cabendish tobacco to look burned like that?

[ I'd suspect vanilla extract for the vanilla, and maybe cherry flavor
for the cherry. Probably nothing more awful than, say, your average
Coca-Cola. I believe the Cavendish is fermented slightly. Anyone know
for sure? -S. ]

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From: Mark Korchinski <???????????????????>
Subject: Tobacco magazines

Was learning to use a periodicals database and decided to do something
useful and generate a listing of cigar/pipe/tobacco related magazines.
I cleaned it up a bit, and deleted some selections that didnt look too
relevant. Thought it might be of interest.

Mark K.


United States

     658.8                                US  ISSN 1063-7885
     1991. q. $12.95
     M. Shanken Communications, Inc.
     387 Park Ave. S., New York, NY 10016
     TEL: 212-684-4224  FAX: 212-684-5424  Telex: 422687 
     Ed. Marvin Shanken.
     Adv.Rates: B&W page $8160.  100,000 Other Circ  Consumer
     Status: Active.
     Provides information on fine cigars and other pleasures of
        life, such as travel, dining, the arts, collecting and
        hobbies. Includes personality profiles, restaurants that
        permit cigar smoking, and pastime activities from golf   

        and fishing to music and literature.

     658.8                                US  
     Compleat Smoker
     Box 7036, Evanston, IL 60204
     TEL: 708-864-6016  FAX: 708-864-1770
     2,500 Other Circ  
     Status: Active.

     679.7  790.13                        US  ISSN 0882-3332
PIPE & QUILL; a journal for the literate, tasteful, and
     discriminating pipe fancier 1983. q.
     George L. O'Belmito, Ed. & Pub.
     200 W. Grand Ave., No. 108-A, Englewood, CO 80110
     adv.  bk. rev.  illus.  500 Other Circ  (back issues avail.)
     Status: Researched.
     658.8  679.7                         US  ISSN 0032-0161
     1964. q. free.
     (Universal Coterie of Pipe Smokers)
     Tom Dunn, Ed.& Pub.
     20-37 120th St., College Point, NY 11356-2128
     adv.  bk. rev.  abstr.  bibl.  illus.  tr.lit.  index. 
        7,500 (controlled)  (processed)  
     Status: Active.
     Carries original short stories, artwork, poetry, pipe and
        tobacco club news and convention information.

     658.8                                US  
SMOKERS PIPELINE; the journal of kapnismology
     1983. bi-m. $15 (foreign $40)
     American Pipe Collectors Club
     Box 2089, Merrifield, VA 22116-2089
     TEL: 703-971-2627  FAX: 703-971-3352
     Ed. C. Bruce Spencer.
     adv.  bk. rev.  4,500 Other Circ  (tabloid format)  
     Former titles: Pipe Smoker and Tobacciana Trader; Pipe       
        (ISSN 0746-1380)
     Status: Active.
     Contains articles on pipes, tobacco, events, history, and
        people; promotes pipe collecting as a hobby and for

     1976. m. $24
     B M T Publications, Inc.
     7 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001-3900
     TEL: 212-594-4120  FAX: 212-714-0514
     Ed. Paul Dworin.
     adv.  5,500 Other Circ  
     Status: Active.
     745.1                                US  
TOBACCIANA REPORTS; collecting items related to tobacco and its
     1993. q. $2.95 per no.
     Chuck Thompson & Associates
     12239 W. Village, Ste. A, Box 11652, Houston, TX 77293
     TEL: 713-442-7200
     Ed. Chuck Thompson.
     bk. rev.  illus.  (back issues avail.)  Consumer Publication
     Status: Active.
     Includes history and money-saving tips for collectors and
        others interested in specific tobacco-related subjects.

     679.7                                US  
TOBACCO REPORTER; devoted to all segments of the international
        tobacco industry: processing, trading, manufacturing
     1874. m. $30 in U.S. (foreign $65)
     Specialized Agricultural Publications, Inc.
     Box 95075, Raleigh, NC 27625
     TEL: 919-872-5040  Telex: 802736
     Ed. Dayton Matlick.
     adv.  bk. rev.  charts.  illus.  mkt.  pat.  tr.lit.  5,000
        Other Circ  
     Indexed:  Field Crop Abstr.  
     Former titles: T R; Tobacco Reporter (ISSN 0040-8328);
        Supersedes: Western Tobacco Journal (ISSN 0361-5693)
     Status: Active.
     658.8                                US  
     1962. 3/yr. $24
     Lott Publishing Co.
     Box 710, Santa Monica, CA 90406-1107
     TEL: 310-397-4217
     Ed. Dave Lott.
     2,000 Other Circ  Trade Publication, Newspaper
     Formerly: Tobacco World Illustrated.
     Status: Active.
     641                                  AT  
     1973. 3/yr. Aus.$4
     Pipe Club of Australia Ltd.
     GPOB 4702, Sydney N.S.W. 2001, Australia
     Ed. N. E. Steen.
     Status: Researched.

     658.8                                AT  
     1931. m. Aus.$0.50 per no.
     Retail Tobacco Sellers Association of Victoria
     Box 1780, Melbourne, Vic. 3001, Australia
     (Co-sponsor: Retail Tobacco Traders' Association of         

     Status: Active.
     633.71                               CU  
     (Text in English and Spanish) 1972. s-a. $12 in S. America;
        N. America $14; elsewhere $16.
     (Ministerio de la Agricultura, Centro de Diseno de Envases y
     Ediciones Cubanas
     Obispo No. 527, Aptdo. 605, Havana, Cuba
     Foreign TEL: 7-61-8453
     Dir. Zoila Couceyro.
     adv.  bk. rev.  8,000 Other Circ  
     Status: Active.
     633.71                               CU  
     (Text in English) 1979. s-a.
     Instituto de la Demanda Interna
     Amargura 103, San Ignacio, 10100 Havana, Cuba
     Foreign TEL: 7-61-8453
     Dir. Zoila Couceyro.
     3,000 Other Circ  
     Status: Active.
     658.8                                GW  
PIPE CLUB; Magazin fuer Tabakgeniesser
     1974. q. DM.18
     Verlagsgruppe Rhein Main
     Grosse Bleiche 44-50, 6500 Mainz, Germany
     Foreign TEL: 06131-144220  FAX: 06131-144415
     Ed. Hans-Gerd Koenen.
     adv.  bk. rev.  50,000 Other Circ  (back issues avail.) 
        Consumer Publication
     Status: Active.
     Magazine for pipe smokers.

     679.7                                II  ISSN 0046-4031
     1968. m. Rs.18
     Tapan Kumar Das, Ed. & Pub.
     12B 4 Indra Roy Rd., Calcutta 25, India
     adv.  illus.  1,900 Other Circ  (tabloid format)  
     Status: Active.

     658.8                                IT  ISSN 0392-5773
AMICI DELLA PIPA; rivista bimestrale per la conoscenza e la
        diffusione della pipa
     (Text in Italian; summaries in English) 1978. bi-m. L.20000
     Amici della Pipa
     C.P. 10734, 00100 Rome, Italy
     Foreign TEL: 513 2790
     Ed. Giancarlo Fortunato.
     adv.  bk. rev.  7,000 Other Circ  
     Status: Active.

Ceased publications

     658.8                                US  ISSN 0193-2284
     published only in 1980. 6/yr. $10
     Haworth Press, Inc.
     10 Alice St., Binghamton, NY 13904
     TEL: 607-722-1695
     Status: Ceased.
     331.88  679.72                       US  ISSN 0009-6814
     1864. Discontinued Dec. 1972. $1
     (Cigar Makers' International Union of America)
     Ed. & Pub. Mario Azpeitia
     815 15th St., N.W., Washington, DC 20005
     stat.  3,000 Other Circ  
     Status: Ceased.

     658.8  679.7                         IT  ISSN 0032-017X
PIPE WORLD; international magazine for pipe smokers and clubs
     1970. q. $5
     Pipe World Est.
     Via Pacini 2, Milan, Italy
     Ed. Peter Fisher.
     adv.  bk. rev.  bibl.  charts.  illus.  stat.  30,000-40,000
        Other Circ  
     Status: Post office return.
     658.8                                US  ISSN 0146-9266

      679.7                                US  
     ceased. 6/yr. $45 (Canada and Mexico $75; elsewhere $95)
     Leo Douglas, Inc.
     9607 Gayton Rd., Ste. 201, Richmond, VA 23233
     TEL: 804-741-6704  FAX: 804-750-2399
     Trade Publication
     Status: Ceased.
    633.71  679.7                        US  ISSN 0300-6239

[ Wow! Thanks, Mark! -S. ]

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From: Steve Weinberg/HQ/3Com
Subject: Re: Tobacco Tours

  I will be traveling with my wife to Tobacco growing country
(Virginia, North Carolina, etc.) this Fall (late September/early
October) and was wondering if anyone knows of any good tours/places to
  I smoke both pipes and cigars and would be interested in learning
more about tobacco production especially for pipe/cigar use (rather
than cigarette use).
  Also, is there any good cigar manufacturing done in the area (I know
about Florida, but will not be going that far South).  Thanks, steve

[ I vaguely recall seeing a notice of the US Tobacco Museum in The
Ultimate Pipe Book... -S. ]

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From: ??????????????????
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #149 -- July...


Business first...

Pipeworks & Wilke (Elliot Nachwalter)
RR #1 Box 275
Shaftsbury, VT 05262


They get quite backed up sometimes; I have waited a couple of months for
repairs at times. Lately I've been sending my repairs to S & R Woodcrafts in
Columbus, OH. I've also been buying more of their pipes; they have a wide
selection and are quite creative.

Now pleasure...(smoking my Elliot Nachwalter freehand)

I have avoided jumping in to the smoking bill debate because I think it could
easily become a bottomless pit that would preempt the discussion of the
pleasures of smoking that I subscribe to the list for. One of my principal
reasons for subscribing was the promise of no flames (other than to light a
smoke with).

That said, Jeff Lowell in #149 expresses my feelings on the subject well. I
would go slightly further to say that there are times I feel I need
protection from a few inconsiderate smokers. I had to clean over 150 butts
out of my hedge last week; there were also 20 empty cigarette packs, a dozen
empty match books, etc. (I shouldn't single out smokers; there were also 10
coffee cups, 8 cans, and 2 bags of Burger King trash.) I DON'T like 2nd hand
cigarette smoke (nothing to do with health; I just don't like it). When I
want to smoke, I ask first if it will bother anyone. I would like other
smokers to extend the same courtesy to me. I think much of the impetus for
this bill is the smoking slob, not the members of this list. A little
compromise would go a long way to defuse the issue.


Smoke it peace...

[ Thanks for the address, Larry! And, yes, we all at times have slobs
to be annoyed at. However, regarding compromise, recall the tale of
the camel, who only wanted to put his nose under the door of the
tent... if it keeps on, one may not even be allowed to posess Camels,
or MacBaren's or Macunados, in one's own home. -S. ]

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From: John Hauser <?????????????????????>
Subject: RE: Your Pipes Digest subscription request

Thanks for placing me on the mailing!  I am looking forward to being 
part of the forum!

I have been a avid pipe smoker since I was 18.  I have worked on a off 
in tobacco shops for fun during the past 13 years and am currently 
working at the Up Down Tobacco Shop in Chicago one night a week for the 
past few years.  The owner is a great lady, (At one point she was the 
president of the Retail Tobacco Dealers of America - RTDA) and since I 
work there, she gives me a great deal on pipes.  She has personal 
relationships with most of the manufacturers and as a result, gets some 
extraordinary pipes.  If ever your members are in Chicago, they should 
come by for a visit.  My favorite pipes are Ser Jacopo, Upshall, 
Dunhill, and Ashton, but enjoy all high grade briars.  I have a small 
collection of 40-50 high grade pipes.

I am also a cigar smoker and was the founding president and current 
vice president of the Chicago Cigar Connoisseurs - a 250-300 member 
group in Chicago.  I believe we are the largest cigar group in the 
Chicago area.  We hold smokers dinners and event 3 to 4 times a year.  
Because of the owners position in the tobacco industry, we have had 
almost every major vendor come to the dinners to discuss and hand out 
samples of their cigars.  In fact, anyone in town the first week in 
November should stop by for our 3 Day Cigar Party for a free cigar and 
cocktails.  This year, Dunhill will be the featured cigar and will be 
providing a speaker.  My favorite cigars are the Jamaican Royal 
Jamaican Cabinet Selection and the Ashton Maduro in any size.

[ Great to hear from you, John! I hope some of our members around
Chicago will check out the CCC. (And later...) ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: John Hauser <?????????????????????>
Subject: Cigar Club Address

I thought that I would send the address for our cigar club if any  one 
in the Chicago area would be interested.

Chicago Cigar Connoisseurs
c/o Up Down Tobacco Shop
1550 N. Wells St.
Chicago, IL. 60610
(312) 337-8505

[ And still later... ]

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From: John Hauser <?????????????????????>
Subject: While I am at it....

Please add the Up Down Tobacco Shop to your list of Retail and Mail
Order lists.  We offer Visa/MC and American Express and a catalog.
Thanks, John

[ Added to the Resource Guide, John! I think the only way I'm going to
keep the guide even semi-up-to-date is by adding things as they come
in. -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

		       Today's Snappy Comeback:

(At a singles bar; the Cut Indirect:) "Doctors say people with
sensitive noses are sexually repressed. Kiss me."

				- From "101 Ways to Answer the
				  Question, 'Would You Please Put Out
				  that #(!&*!$ Cigar'," Hague et. al.,

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