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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #159 -- September 23, 1994

	       Pipes Digest #159 -- September 23, 1994
		     Circulation this issue: 520

Welcome to new members:

	 Scott Taylor		(?????????????????????????????????)
	 ???			(?????????????????)
	 Joe Houghtaling	(????????????????)
	 Dennis Linehan		(?????????????????????????)
	 ???			(?????????????????)
	 Thyme			(?????????????????????????????)
	 Huw Shooter		(???????????????????????)
	 Gareth Gaston		(??????????????)

And welcome to autumn (for those in the Northern Hemisphere.) Great
pipe weather is on the way! So join us with your favorite leaf as we
discuss (live) parrots, Lakota rites, political science, Tanzania,
caverns, maples, and rum...

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

	     Help Stop Prohibition -- Keep Tobacco Legal
			Call -- Write -- Vote
			Then, Smoke in Peace.

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From: ??????????????????????? (Martin Golding)
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #158 -- September 16, 1994

> in the latest issue of Cigar Aficionado magazine, 
> there is a letter that quite vehemently opposes women smoking cigars. 
> What is the general reaction of men to this? Do most male cigar smokers 
> feel this way?

One MCpigs opinion: My wife and I used to enjoy a quiet cigar over a nice
old brandy of an evening. (Lovely lady- never drank single malts. Truly
a valuable trait.) We gave up cigars when she gave up alcohol. Thinking
about it, I'm not sure whether she's opposed or we just stopped- I'll
have to pick up a couple of the recently-recommended brands on my way home.

> P.S.  About blowing smoke out your nose, is this something you do all the
> time, or just for variety.  I've done this a few times unintentionally, and
> found that it wasn't too pleasant.  Do tell.

The nasal membranes are highly permeable and close to the brain, they're
a popular route for administration of a fair number of licit and illicit
substances. I like the sensation and the results (except the time I smoked
straight perique). 

It annoys my parrot, who'd rather glare nastily at smoke rings.

> [ Dredge away, Dave! I do it maybe once or twice a bowl at most. Not
> oftener, and never with cigars. Love the draconian effect :-) -S. ]

I never take the time to watch me smoke.

Puff quietly,


          Martin Golding          |  Live to ride,
DoD #236  BMWMOA #55952  SMTC #2  |   ride to work.

[ Good luck on renewing the tradition with your betrothed! And good to
hear from another BMWMOA member (long since expired; used to have an
R60/5. But one of these days...) -S. ]

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From: Eric McKinney <?????????????>
Subject: Re: Through the nose

>P.S.  About blowing smoke out your nose, is this something you do all the
>time, or just for variety.  I've done this a few times unintentionally, and
>found that it wasn't too pleasant.  Do tell.

It's my understanding that in Native American rituals involving tobacco,
the smoke is *always* exhaled through the nose.

Dr. Lizardo <?????????????????????>

[ Other than seeing how Kevin Costner did it in ``Dances with
Hyenas,'' I know nothing about pipe rituals. Does anyone know for
real? -S. ]

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From: ??????????????? (Ghassan Abbas)
Subject: Re:  Pipes Digest #158 -- September 16, 1994

I have few questions:
1- how can I receive the first 150 digest.  I can access ftp, Mosaic, or mail
please let me know.
2- was there any rating for different brand name pipe.  I have problem with
most pipes I keep makeing hole in the tip of the stem.  So I would really
like to find a pipe with a really strong stem.
3- Does any body has a problem with dry mouth because of smoking pipe to
the degree that white patches in the back of my mouth (fortunatly they are
cancer at least that's what the biopsy (?) revealed), anyway does any body
has a remedy for that.
4- Also as releated to (2) is there a type of pipe which does not get too
hot after each smoke.

[ Digests sent; I hope you dropped the word "not" in one crucial place
in your message, Ghassan!  I'd certainly recommend easing off if you
are having _any_ kind of problem in your mouth. There is a syndrome
called "smoker's mouth," but I don't know the symptoms. Perhaps one of
our M.D. readers could comment? -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: Hesketh J Christian <??????????????????????>
Subject: Pipes

I have begun to smoke a pipe and I am concerned about the connection 
between pipe smoking and oral and lung cancer.  Any statistics to ease my 
mind, or curb my habit would be appreciated.  BTW, there's nothing better 
than sitting on the front porch with a JackDaniels in one hand and a pipe 
filled with Green Amphora in the other.  Especially on a cool fall's 
night with good conversation, now that's heaven man.

            Happy smoking . . .  Christian Hesketh  aka  Sal Paradise

[ Damn... just saw the stats somewhere. -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: "Mark D. Lamoree" <????????????????????????>
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #158 -- September 16, 1994

I saw in the latest issue that the resource guide did not list the 
address of Dunhill's in Chicago.  ALthough I do not know the street 
adress(could be 890 N. Michigan), I can tell you that it is in water 
tower place shopping center.  As you go up the escalators, Dunhill is on 
the second floor on the left.
	P.S. Where can I get the Resource Guide?

[ Later...  -S. ]

Regaurding your polemic in #158: I offer as a third course of action a 
swift bop on the nose.  Please understand, I am not proposing that this 
nanny be seriously hurt-although the temptation may be present.  Rather, 
just enough to indicate your severe displeasure at his nosiness.

Mark D. Lamoree			     :  I Am Not a Number, I Am a Free Man!
????????????????????????	     :			-#6
Loyola University, Chicago	     :	My Mind Is Not For Rent.
				     :			-Howard Roark
                   Is Your Church Approved by the ATF?

[ Guide sent, Mark! Thanks! Don't think I'd agree with the third
course, but I'd certainly agree with the spirit. -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ?????????????????

Steve, I am enjoying your postings very much and have picked up much
good information. BTW, I don't recall if I ever was sent the new
member's message. I have never before heard of any pipe smoker's
convention or somesuch in the Washington DC/Baltimore areas and would
like to hear more about them. Also, does anybody on the list know
where I can obtain or have made a pipe rack which will hold about 90
pipes. No, I don't have that many yet, but am approaching that
number. I would like to post my favorite blends, which I purchase from
Fader's of Baltimore at their Annapolis store. The first is Barrister
and the second is Turkish Knight, both British style tobaccos with a
satisfactory amount of latakia and perique. I am thoroughly enjoying
the recommended retorts to give to PC unmentionables. Up the weed! Ben
Frank ?????????????????

[ New member package sent, Ben! There is a convention in Arlington in
the late spring; perhaps VEJ (????????????) could provide details? -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ???????????????
Subject: Pipes #158

 The rain continued for the third day and a mist hung around the mountain as
I gazed out the window. The smoke rose from my pipe like a listless genie,
but at the moment there was only one thing I could wish for, release from the
hellish nightmare of a now empty tabacco tin...
 This was the nightmare I faced regularly during a 13 month assignment in
Korea in the early 80's. It was virtually impossible to find pipe tobacco or
cigars, even in duty free shops. I was entirley dependent upon "care"
packages from my wife in the states, and, of course, the mail was sometimes
slow, very slow. It was my custom to unwind in the evening with a vodka tonic
and pipe or cigar, so I was always happy to get mail. ( I won't trouble you
with the tale of how I had to travel almost the entire length of the Korean
peninsula to find tonic water; and limes, I won't even start about finding
 I endured these hardships until one day, while shopping in Seoul, I met a
fellow American who had vacationed regularly to Korea for ten years or so. He
was also a cigar smoker and we had a bite to eat and a cigar. During our
conversation I related my sad tale of woe about the almost nonexistent supply
of tonic water and limes which he found amusing, lots of things we take for
granted in the states are hard to come by overseas. He, however, supplied the
solution to my problem. You can make a friend for life, and ensure you'll
have ample supply of almost any "beverages" you might need by giving Korean
bartenders good cigars. It worked like magic. Cigars were almost impossible
for Koreans to get also, and were considered status symbols, so this simple
gesture solved two of my problems anyway. Too bad the mailman didn't smoke...

 Kudos on Pipes #158, I really enjoyed it. And now "my two cents".
To Steve: I would like to know what other books you have on pipes/cigars. I
am always looking for new ones. Thanks.
To Linnea: Speaking for myself, I have no problem with women smoking cigars
and I like your choice of cigars, Hemingways are a favorite of mine also. In
addition to Marsh Wheelings, you might also like to give Connecticut Valley
Boquet Specials a try, I think you'll find them a good change of pace. 
To Joe: Re saliva problems; I agree with Steve, hang in there, it WILL get
better. A couple of things that might help in the  interim, try switching to
a blend with less casings (if you smoke an aromatic blend), and you might
also try smoking a calabash, the smoke is cooled more than a standard pipe
and that might help a bit too.
To Dave: If you happen to get some Cohibas, how about sending one my way...
Finally, on MYOB: I concur, a great number of people would be a lot better
off following that advice, and not just about smoking...
Until next time, keep on puffing...

[ Other books? I have Hacker's _Ultimate Pipe Book_, Pimo's _Guide to
Pipe Carving at Home_, Ehwa's _Book of Pipes and Tobacco_, Rapaport's
_Global Guide to Tobacco Literature_, and on and on... Not _all_ of
'em, though -- yet :-) If you're looking for books, send mail to the
following and ask for their tobacco book list:

	With Pipe and Book
	91 Main St.
	Lake Placid, NY 12946

-S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????????????? (Jon Bergstrom)
Subject: Introduction

Hi Steve!
Thanks for the mailings. I really enjoyed them, and the back issues I've 
looked at at the W3 page of Steve Beaty. Good idea! I just have to figure 
out how to get my browser to print out, so yhat I can read at home at 
leasure. My net-connection is at work.

To my suprise I've found that I'm not the first swede to join. I had planned 
to tell you all about this corner of the globe (somthing wrong with that 
metaphore...), but now I find I can skip that. Even the town of Lulea, where 
I grew up and started smoking a pipe some twenty years ago, is known to the 
readers of this list.

Thus I skip the preliminaries, and go straight to business. I am the 
contented owner of around thirty pipes of different shapes and sizes. I 
prefer largish, staight pipes that I smoke whike watching TV or reading a 
book in the evenings. There are two king size Savinellis, one straight grain 
and one puno oro, in my collection, along with a Tilshead bulldog, an Orlik 
canadian and some that I have carved myself, of this evening pipe type. I 
also have a number of Tanzanian meershaums, the kind that have been heated 
in some way that makes them more resistant. These I have found to be quite 
good outdoor pipes.

I enjoy medium strength, spicy tobaccos with a generous dash of latakia. 
Balkan sobraine is a good example. There are also a number of Danish blends, 
like Caledonean Gran Reserva (sounds like a Rioja wine...). Unfortunately it 
is hard to come by any of these in the small (very small) city of Skara, 
where I live presently.  There are good tobacconists in Gothenburg, not far 
from here, however.

On hot summers days I switch to a cigar, usually one from the Canary 
Islands. One of these islands, La Paloma, is an area for tobacco 
cultivation. From this tobacco cigars of, in my opinion, quite acceptable 
quality, are produced. My favuorite so far was called Gran Fama, a rather 
dark cigar with a lot of bouquet. It's a long way to go, though, when the 
humidor is empty... No big problem, though, there aren't many hot summers 
days in Sweden.

Jon Bergstrom
FM-vrste kemist
Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet
Box 234
532 23 Skara, Sweden
tel 0511-67129
fax 0511-67134 (int. +46511-67134)

[ Welcome, Jon! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U
From: ???????????????????????
Subject: back issues ftp / resrc guide

[ Personal submessage deleted. -S. ]

I finally had a chance to smoke my pipe again.  I can't smoke at home,
don't like to rush it by doing it between classes, but a small concert
at a local coffeehouse was perfect.  The tobacco was "Dave's Blend" from
the Tinderbox.  It may be specific to this store.  "cool burning, highly
aromatic, with a hint of nougat" was the description.  I'm trying to
break in a new Alpha pipe and keep hearing that I should smoke all the
way to the bottom - is that really possible?  I kept smoking at a
regular rhythm for a long time so I think I burned more of the bowlful
than I have before, but about 1/4 of the tobacco at the bottom was not
burnt. I think it was too wet to burn.  I'm just curious if it's really
practical to smoke the whole bowl, or is 3/4 of it close enough to a
complete burn, at least for breaking in purposes? 

[ It's possible; takes practice, and usually a few relights. -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: "Robin C. Morrison" <????????????????????????????????????>
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #158 -- September 16, 1994

Well, here is a bio of mine.  My name is Rob and I enjoy the sweet
aroma of a fine cigar.  I love to chew on a fine cigar, but I have 
never gotten around to lighting one yet.  I got hooked on cigars
two years ago when I was 17.  I was in my senior year in high school
and I had an Economics/Political Science teacher who was a
cigar smoker and he got me hooked.  He showed me a cigar catalogue
with many fine brands and I could just smell the cigars through the
paper (well, not really).  I really enjoyed when he was at school 
functions and we would hang out with him smoking and me inhaling.
(Sorry if my thoughts ramble, I am a computer engineering major and
 my mind has been short-circuited.)  I would like to start smoking
 cigars.  If anyone could help me with some starter brands to get
 me acquainted with what my tastes are, please e-mail me.  And, if
 anyone knows of a good smoke shop in the Louisville, KY area, please
 let me know.  Well, there is not much to me, but here is what I am.


 *    I am the Walrus, goo goo g'joob                                *
 *                                                                   *
 *                                           The Beatles             *

[ Checked the Guide, Rob, and no shops in KY. Good luck on finding a
starter cigar! (Can't help; I started with my dad's Phillies :-) -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: Mark Brush <???????????????>
Subject: Introduction & Questions

I just joined the group, and my previous posting (asking about what guys 
thought about women smoking cigars) has provided some favorable comments. 
Any additional comments would be appreciated.

I do have a question on behalf of a friend: He wants to order some 
Judge's Cave cigars (made by F.D. Grave & Son) but has not been able to 
find any retailer in Southern California, or any mail order tobacconist 
who carries them. He can't find a phone number or address to order 
directly, either (if they even do this). Does anyone know where or how to 
get some of these cigars?

I really enjoy the Pipes Digest and have gotten lots of valuable 
information from it. You'll definitely hear from me as information or 
questions come up!

Keep puffin' in peace,


[ See above from StogieB one further comment on women and cigars.
Thanks! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????????? (Brookfield Economics Institute (U.S.A.) Limited)
Subject: Re: Other stuff I forgot

Hi Steve - 

Hectic ain't the word for it...I've got a last minute trip to San Francisco
today, back tomorrow.

I'm sorry but I'm having trouble with your MIME'd UUENCODED files. Thanks
for trying and being patient with me, but I think I'll go into the back
issues you sent me previously, concatenate them using an ASCII editor and
then break them up into smaller pieces. Then I'll post on the anon ftp server


If ftp.netcom.com doesn't work because it's busy, you can always ftp to
netcomx.netcom.com, where x is an integer between 1 and 13...I think this
works sometimes when ftp.netcom.com doesn't.

Anyway, I'll try to get to the editing when I get back, and for sure in time
for this week's digest on Saturday. Thanks again.


[ Thank you for sticking at it, Richard! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????????????????? (Mark Thomson)
Subject: Dunhills

  I am really enjoying the digest.  For a time there it was coming to fast
to keep up with but things are getting better now.  I have moved to
Louisiana and no longer have close access to anything other than "drug-store
tobacco" and pipes.  I have been thinking about trying some Dunhill blends
such as 965 or Balkan Sorbain.  Along the same lines, I would be interested
in a Dunhill pipe.  I tried the 1-800 number in the resource guide with 
no luck and was wondering if anyone knows how I can get any tobacco or a
pipe by mail.  Thanks a bunch.

[ later... -S. ]

  Just wanted to offer an update for the phone numbers for Alfred
Dunhill rtment, the numbers are 1-800-776-4053 and (212)-753-9292.
Now I can eagerly await my new catalogs.  Thanks for everything.

Mark Thomson                 _ 
Dept. of Chemistry           \\_
Colorado State University    |  \_
Fort Collins, CO  80523       \   \_
???????????????????????????   |     \_
_   __   __   __   __   __     \      \_    __   __   __   __   
 \__\ \__\ \__\ \__\ \__\ \____|________\___\ \__\ \__\ \__\ \__

I was supposed to have been a Jesuit priest
   or a naval academy grad
That was the way that my parents perceived it
   Yes those were the plans that they had 

[ I have updated the phone numbers in the Guide; thanks for the info!
-S. ] 

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ????????????????????? (Cory Zito)
Subject: For Pipes Digest

Hi everyone,

Well after lurking for a couple of months enjoying the list I finally 
have something I think is worth writing about...

A couple of weeks ago while browsing through my Universities library I 
came upon The Pipe Book A History and How -TO by William Goldring, 1973
ISBN 0-87749-426-6

Basically its a book all about different types of pipes! (great evenings 
worth of reading!  Anyway I made a couple of the simpler traditional 
pipes in the book and have been enjoying them immensly as a change from 
the good old briar for the bast week now...

I thought I'd share them here...(BTW this book was written at a time when 
that expensive tobacco substitute was very prominent in these but they 
work great for plain old tobacco!)

1.) The simple tube pipe
Needed 1" X 1" X 4.5" piece of hardwood such as teak, cherry, and 
rosewood (pine etc will burn out..)

The tobacco hole should be drilled with a 3/4" wood boring bit and 1.5" deep
the smoke hole should be drilled down from the tobacco hole using a 1/4" bit
A screen should be placed in the ledge at the bottom of the tobacco hole 
(for those who don't wish to visit a "head" shop go to the hardware store 
and ask for a faucet screen...) 

    --------   (1" long)
    \      /
     \    /
      |  |
      |  |
      |  |
      |  |      
      |  |      Total length 4.5" long
      \  /

This is a crude ascii drawing :-)
To smoke:
The goal is to never have the tube touch the lips!...
Hold tube in fingers of hand and wrap all fingers together bringing thumb 
to hold it...(rests on middle finger with thumb over top of it...hard to 
explain hope you can understand)  and bring other hand up and wrap it 
aroung outside of palm so there is one home between thumb and finger to 
draw in smoke...  

Pipe 2

The BauBau

Needed is one complete cell of bamboo (airtight) about 18 inches or so long

use a 1/4" bit for the smoke hole and a 3/16" bit for the tobacco hole
                                \   /
                                |  |  
  |--  -------------------------|  |-------|
  |                                        |

To load tobacco wrap into a conical shape using rolling papers and 
stick into the tobacco hole...
Light tobacco and inhale and exhale from the mouth until tube is 
completely filled and conical form of tobacco is depleted...then inhale 
by covering 3/4 of tobacco hole and inhaling...(Its an interesting change 
from the normal pipe smokers puffing philosophy but fun!)

*  Cory Zito   *    Email: ?????????????????????                    *
*  AA9GB       *    In protest of .sigs this sig is blank           *
*  Saxophonist *                                                    *
*  Student     *                                                    *

[ Thanks for the report on _The Pipe Book_, Cory! -S. ]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: Joachim Posegga <??????????????????>
Subject: Pipes ML

Hi Steve,

here is a lenghty  contribution for the next digest...

On Cleaning Meerschaums:
About two digests ago I asked about a procedure for cleaning
meerschaums. As the pipe I have is a cheap second hand one in bad
condition, I decided to experiment:

I tried Hackers procedure (from the Ultimate Pipe Book), filled the
bowl to 50 % with salt, and added about 2ml (more than Hacker
recommends) of pure ethylalcohol (I hope that's the correct English word
for it). Then I filled the rest of the bowl with salt and let it sit for
24 hours.

The result was that the pipe smelled much better (ie: it does not smell
at all now). The salt was (slightly) brown. The whole procedure seems to
have worked well and apparently did not harm the pipe. However, it did
not help much wrt the taste of the pipe: it is still not very exciting,
although a bit better than before. 

Apropos: I found the adress of Sultan Meerschaum pipes in Ankara, Turkey
in the resource guide and send them a fax asking for information. This
was about two months ago and they did not respond so far. Do they still
exist? (The fax machine did, but I wonder why they do not answer.)

On Loose Stems:
I found a (completely non-dangerous and simple) procedure for fixing
stems which are a little bit loose. It does not help in bad cases,
but it might be worth to give it a try before going for more drastic means.

Put the stem only about one mm into the shank, then smoke about 1/3 of a
bowl, such that the pipe heats up as normal. Take the pipe apart
immediately after everything is smoked and let both parts cool down
seperately. Now, the stem should be a bit wider than before. Repeating
it once or twice intensifies the effect.

The method is adapted from a German book on pipes, where it is proposed
to take the pipe apart while it is still hot. This 'brute force
approach' seemed a bit dangerous to me, so I tried the above compromise
and found it useful.

Recent Experience with Dunhill:
About three months ago I bought a nice 'Straight Rhodesian' (close to a
Bulldog) made by Dunhill. I found it the the Pfeifen Archiv in Stuttgart
(it's in the resource guide).

I broke it in very carefully and its taste convinced me that it's worth
its money. After while, I realized that there is a small crack in the
wood near the shank. It did have no affect to smoking it, but it was of
course not acceptable. I took it back to the shop; they said they
haven't seen something like this, and it's a scandal for the British
empire - roughly equivalent to finding Queen Mom at a nudist
beach. Dunhill would immediately exchange the pipe.

Well, 'immediately' turned out to mean '5 weeks' and Dunhill returned in
exchange a brand new pipe. The 'surprise' was that I got a Billiard
instead of the Rhodesian back! In the end, I sorted it out with the
shopkeeper and got another Rhodesion from the shop's stock (the last one
they had, slightly different from mine, but well... I did not want to
have it sent back to Dunhill and wait for another 5 weeks
again). Furthermore I got a 30% discount on a beautiful Dublin, because
I had so much trouble...

This leads me to a question: German shops mostly have fixed prices
(unless, of course, something like the above happens and they want to
keep you as a customer). How about pipe shops in the US? I read in the
FAQ that you can usually bargain the price. How much can I expect?  Is
it realistic to try to end up with a 30% discount?  I'll have to wait
two days in Atlanta, GA for my plane back to Germany, so I'll have
enough time to look araound for one or two pipes.  I'd prefer to buy one
made in the US. Any recommendations? (Should cost less than the plane
ticket :-) )

Btw., Did anyone compare the price level in the US vs Germany? If the
difference in prices should be like with a pair of Levi's (double price
here), I should have the limit of my credit card increased before I
leave... (A hint for those of you who want to buy a pipe in Germany: be
prepared to pay in cash -- few tobacconists accept credit cards.)

And the very last question: anyone out there from Zurich, Switzerland?
I'll be there in two weeks and heard rumors about an excellent pipe
shop. Unofrtunately, I don't have any name or address.


~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ???????????????????????? (Kameran Kashani)
Subject: Meerschaum correction?


I was reading through the Pipes Web page
the other day and noticed the definition
of Meerschaum was given as "fossilized
remains of sea creatures." 

Then I remembered this posting from Pipes #151:

	From: ???????????????????? (Omer Benli)
	Subject: On Meerschaum Pipes


	Meerschaum, contrary to popular belief, is not fossilized remains of
	sea creatures, but a mineral called Hydrous Magnesium Silicate.
	Among other places in the world, it is found from 30 to 450 feet
	below the surface of the earth near the town of Eskisehir, Turkey.


	Meerschaum's magnesium content provides strength while the hydrogen
	and oxygen contribute porosity. 


Followed by this in Pipes #152:

	From: ????????????????
	Subject: Meerschaum=sepiolite

	Hi Steve,

	I was reading through your most recent digest and came
	across a blurb from someone (don't recall who and am not
	knocking them anyway) who was trying to explain what
	meerschaum is and why it so good as bowl material.  I am
	within a couple months of receiving a master's in geology
	and clay minerals are of some interest to me. Yes,
	meerschaum is a hydrated magnesium silicate. No, the
	magnesium doesn't make it strong and the hydrogen and
	oxygen don't make it cool. It is the crystalline structure;
	the arrangement of the magnesium, silicon, oxygen, and
	hydrogen atoms in a rigid crystalline structure that makes
	sepiolite (the clay mineral that is identified by pipe
	smokers as meerschaum) so good for smoking.


Sooo, I suppose the Pipes Digest FAQ 
(http://www.craycos.com/~beaty/pipes/FAQ) should be updated?


[ Yep, it should... Will do, when I shake some time free. Keep on
bugging me if I don't. :-) -S. ]

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From: ??????????????????????? (Jon Bergstrom)
Subject: Meerschaums

Hi Steve!
I've been browsing back-issues of the superb digest, and noted Mike Leschins 
expert comments on meerschaum. In my intro, which I hope you recieved not 
long ago, I mentioned Tanzainian meerschaums that are heated in some way as 
part of the manufacturing process, and now I'm thinking that maybe Mike, or 
someone else, can explain what happens during this process (I am a chemist, 
although on the biology end of the scale, so a bit of shop is OK by me).

The result of the process, as I noted, are pipes that are tough, nice to 
handle with a pleasant yellowish colour. Compared to my calebash meershaum 
they give a much warmer smoke, but like I said they make great outdoor 
pipes! Any others who have experience with and opinions on these things? 
(Maybe a full discussion is hidden in the backissues I haven't read?)

Jon Bergstrom                                      
FM-vrste kemist, FM-vrsM-vksgM-erden, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet/
Head chemist, Experimental station, Swedish university of Agriculture
POBox 234
S-532 23 Skara, Sweden
tel 0511-67129
fax 0511-67134 (int. +46 minus initial zero)

[ Maybe; check out the article title list on the Web page. -S. ]

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From: JTH <????????????????????>
Subject: Maple and Rum tobacco

I recently purchased a 50 g. bag of Maple and Rum cavendish at my 
usual store.  The salesman assured me that it was his favorite and it tasted 
better than it smelled (in the bottle).  I was unsure, but I let him 
talk me in to it (and out of my usual black cavendish - you know variety 
is the spice of life and all that).  That was my first mistake.  I 
think I'll live by the rule that if I don't like the smell of the 
tobacco in the bottle then I certainly won't like it in my pipe.

When I lit up the first bowl of it, I almost gagged; it tasted like I had 
been puffing non-stop on my pipe for five minutes (the taste you get if 
you smoke it too fast).  After two puffs I had to dump it and go back to 
my other tobacco.  Now I use it (in very small amounts) as a mix with a 
#1 Burley and/or Black Cavendish.  These two can mask the flavor and at 
$15 for 50g. (in the Great White North) this stuff is too expensive to 
throw away.

Either I got a (very) bad bag or that salesman has been smoking real 
cheap cigars for too long and this stuff is tasty in comparison.  I don't 
know.  Obviously (to use the cliche) his mileage varied significantly 
from mine. 

Maybe there are others out there who agree with the salsesman and you 
could let me in on the secret to enjoying this little gem of a tobacco. 
Until then, I'll stick to the unflavored varieties or the black cavendish.
Maybe it is true when they say "less is more" :->

Hope the rest of you have better luck when trying out new brands

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: "Kameran Kashani" <????????????????????????>
Subject: San Jose Pipe Contest Results

I had posted last week about a pipe smoking contest to be held at the
Mission Pipe Shop in San Jose. Although I wasn't able to attend the
contest, I was extremely curious how long the winning smoker kept a
pipe burning.

The winning time for 1 oz of Burley was 1 hour 11 minutes. Three or
four other people lasted about 1 hour.  One person was out within 5
minutes because he smoked too slowly and was not able to keep his pipe

I don't remember exactly how many people attended, but I believe it
was in the ballpark of 25 or so (don't quote me).



"Maybe `WWW' includes the word `weird' somewhere." -kozmo (????????????????)

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From: Bryan Embrey <????????????????????????>
Subject: San Jose Contest

Text item: Text_1


It's been nearly two weeks, but I thought I'd let you know that I, a
novice pipe smoker, participated in a pipe smoking contest in San
Jose, CA.  Mission Pipe Shop sponsored the event and 20 participated
actively while at least ten or so looked on.  We all gathered around a
big table and were provided a free pipe (probable retail value around
$15), a pouch of mild tobacco, and a pipe nail.  Because it was windy,
lighters were distributed.  Each "contestant" had the opportunity to
light their pipe once during an initial five minute period; once that
period expired, a one minute re-light period started.  After that,
each one of us was on his own (though the flier advertising the event
stated that the event was open to "any contestant who can keep his or
her pipe lit the longest", there were no female contestants).

The local record was 25 minutes, the regional record (for Arizona,
California, Nevada, Washington, and Alaska) was 55 minutes.  Yours
truly *barely* beat that record at 55 minutes, 10 seconds.  I was the
16th contestant to drop out.  Two gentlemen battled it out for many
more minutes to secure first and second prizes of $100 and $60
Stanwell pipes.  All in all, it was very enjoyable.

On another note, I have been very surprised by a new line of cigars
called H.A.  Ladrillo.  One of the tobacconists at Mission Pipe Shop
said that these cigars are made in Honduras and that they're
relatively new.  Does anyone have any other info?  I've tried the
fabuloso and thought it was very good, possibly rivalling Avo or

Take care,

[ Thanks for the reports, Kam and Bryan! And congratualtions on
beating the record! After hearing that the Kentucky State Fair had
dropped their pipe-smoking contest, I'm glad to see that one can still
be legally held in San Jose. -S. ]

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				  that #(!&*!$ Cigar'," Hague et. al.,

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