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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #280 -- April 1, 2002

		  Pipes Digest #280 -- April 1, 2002
   Copyright (C) 2002 by Stephen P. Masticola. All rights reserved.
	       Commercial use of any part of contents,
	      including email addresses, is prohibited.

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Welcome to new members:

	Mark Myers
	Moses J. Lawson
	Fredrik Nilsson
	Jason F. Newbury
	Eric Constant
	Arthur L. Terry
	Tom Solomon
	Jerry Lamar Garrison
	James Shane
	Bill Naaman
	Thomas D'Angelo
	Darby C Doll
	Paul Fairchild
	Kurt O'Dell
	Vadim Zilberleyb
	Ronald Altman
	Joseph Fichter
	Stefan Hansson
	Robert C Vaughan
	Nathaniel Warner
	Luke E. Alexander
	David G Batu
	Bryan O
	Christopher Scott
	Steve Ayres
	Mark Gardner
	Robert Stone
	Tim Wisner
	Russell Clay
	Geoff Egan
	Hank Hardee
	Dr. Josef Toth
	Jonathan P. Thomson
	Andrew Torres
	J. T. Buckner
	Michael Williams
	Jeffrey Dixon
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	Rhonda L. Morris
	Thomas Robert Anthony Gearhart, Junior
	Scott W. Schreiber
	Pasquale Passi
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	Specialty Staff
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	Larry D. Voorhees
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	David E. Allen
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	Frank Hoffmann
	Robert Paixao
	Bryan Rivers
	Brant Debow
	Paul De Herrera
	Geoge Cooper
	Niall Brady
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	Mark Huff
	Tracy Mazur
	David Cardenal
	John Blair
	Kenneth Wolman
	James Stout
	Michael Walls
	Olaf Bisschoff
	David E. Bull
	John Mahaffy
	Robert Allen Fairbairn Iv
	Dr. Daniel M. Porcedda
	Roberto Giobbi
	Ronald L. Taber
	Brad Schmidt
	Charles Rickey West
	Cristopher A. Scott
	Wayne Kunkler
	Yutaka Oyamada
	Eugene Stetsyuk
	Erkin Touzmohamedov
	Joe C. Hays Iii
	William Bradford Krones
	Radu Ignatescu
	Steve Reynolds
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	Fil Nutter, Jr.
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	William Lawrence Painter
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	Kobus Retief
	John A. Contino, M. D.
	Dennis Brent
	James J. O'Connell

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		      Call  --  Write  --  Vote

			Then, smoke in peace.

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From: "Grant Porter" <??????????????????>
Subject: Email and Web Site address changes

[For the South Florida Briar Brotherhood. -S.]

Sorry for this folks, but I have no choice. ATT has to stop using the 
mediaone domain name, thus we have to have new addresses.


Grant is now : ??????????????????
Cheryl is now: ???????????????

The pipe club web site is: www.flpipeclub.org. Don't worry about the 
register.com thing at the bottom of the screen. I will be serving the 
web page from my house soon and that will go away. I need to use their 
free forwarding until my server is ready.

These changes are in place now, as of March 15,2002 all of the old 
addresses will be out of service.

Thanks for understanding. Keep in touch.

Grant and Cheryl Porter

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From: ???????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

Milwaukee Area Pipe Society, Ltd. (MAPS) will be holding their second
annual Pipe Show and Swap on Saturday, July 27, 2002 from 10:00
a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Pistol Pete's Neighborhood Grill located at 16755
Lisbon Rd., Brookfield, WI.  There are 35 sale, trade and display
tables available.  There will be silent auction items and many door
prizes available.  There will be a reception at Jack's Tobacco and MCS
on Friday evening preceeding the show from 8:30 p.m. to 11:00
p.m. located at 13640 W. Capitol Dr., Brookfield, WI.  All are
welcome.  Special hotel accommodations are available at the Baymont
Inn & Suites, Milwaukee Northwest by calling 414-535-1300 and
mentioning the Milwaukee Area Pipe Show.  For additional information
contact, Robert G. Schrap at P.O. Box 174, Elm Grove, WI 53122-0174 or
call at 414-771-6472 or e-mail at ???????????????

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From: ????????????????
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #279 -- February 3, 2002

In a message dated 2/4/02 12:58:12 AM, ?????????????????? writes:

Dear Steve;  thanks for posting the info on Bjarne Nielsen's visit to our 
store,from which this Johnny Appleseed of pipes (Bjarne loves traveling to 
pipe shops, talking  about pipes as often and to as many  people as 
possible...he's a wonderful goodwill  ambassador) traveled up and down the 
California coast, visiting pipe shops and putting on exhibits wherever 
     Since then, we've had two other shows, the latest having been concluded 
this very weekend (Feb. 1st & 2nd, 2002).  First, we had our old friend and 
partner, David Field lug out 400 Ashtons, Radice, Il Ceppo and Becker & 
Becker-Musico pipes.  David also  brought his wife, helping make his presence 
more palatable to all, and the sales and interaction made it a very 
successful weekend.  Of course, when one's friends visit, success isn't 
always measured in sales volume, although we certainly beat expectations.
     This past weekend  included a pipe show in the store of Tom Eltang's 
fine Danish pipes, with Tom flying in from Copenhagen to make the 
presentation.  Also in the  shop were Larry Roush, of U.S. pipemaking fame, 
and Greg Pease, tobacco blender extraordinnaire.  And that's not even my 
opinion...although I concur.  Mike Glukler, a one-man pipe force in Canada 
(and  for that country, one may be one too many...how pathetic our  Canadian 
brethren are when it comes to supporting pipes and pipe smoking.  It  makes 
one wonder how such marvelous people as Glukler, the Blatters and Julius Vesz 
put up with that kind of indifference) also flew in for the occassion, and 
top notch collector Ray Mays was there with his wife, Tamara.  
     Without revealing  too much info at such an early state, I will strongly 
suggest that from such a gathering, collaborations that will have positive 
effects on our little corner of the  pipe world in the not distant future 
will ensue.  So, one could say, for one short weekend in 2002, Sherlock's  
Haven  in San Francisco (and talk about indifference...if California were 
only indifferent, all of us out here would be miles ahead) was the center of 
the pipe collecting universe.  
     Now, a lot  of people  might say, "hey, Marty, you dolt...what good does 
it do tell us about pipe shows that have already passed.  Who cares now?"  To 
them, I simply reply  that a lot of people don't have my organizational 

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From: ???????????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

Dear Steve and friends, 
I would like to inform you, that the First Bulgarian Pipe Club has moved.
The current Web address is:
Smoke in peace!
Georgi from GETZpipes

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From: "Jim Eplett" <???????????????????>
Subject: Julius Vesz

Further to Dan Locklair's thoughtful message regarding Julius Vesz's recent
heart attack and upcoming bypass surgery, I stopped by Julius' shop in the
Royal York today to drop off a get well card, and was surprised to find him
hard at work at his bench.  Apparently his surgery was postponed until
tomorrow (22-Feb-02).  He expects to be in hospital for 5 days then home
for 3 weeks, after which he intends to return to his shop - just in time to
fill Father's Day orders!

Jim Eplett, Toronto

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From: "Alberto Bonfiglioli" <???????????????????????????>
Subject: 01220006.jpg;01220007.jpg;01220008.jpg  Mr masticola

Dear Mr Masticola
This one(NEW YORK TWC) of two pipes for my next DOOR PRIZE 2002 
dedicaded only the american smokers,the next wil be on the Pentangon.
It is start last 31 january and the deadline is 1 march.
Thank you and smoke in peace.
Alberto Bonfiglioli pipemaker of the world and very fan of american 

[Sorry, Alberto, even though it's a fine sentiment, I had to delete
the images.  I'd be glad to publish a URL of the images, though, if
you can put them up on a web site. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: woody <???????????????????>
Subject: Greetings!  I'm Excited to be apart of this fine ~\U  group


As a new member I would like to introduce myself and share a bit of my pipe 
journey thus far.  My interest in pipes began when I was about seven years 
old.  No one in my family smoked, but my Dad read The Hobbit to me.  It was my 
favourite book.  When we finished that I was so excited about the story that 
he also read me the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  One of my favourite parts 
about those books was the pipes, especially that great big long one of Bilbo's 
in chapter one.  For halloween I was the hobbit that year and also for my 
birthday.  My mom purchased me a corncob pipe for the costume, and from there 
I began collecting.  My grandparents purchased three pipes for me one 
Christmas, I loved the way they smelled (they were used) and I also at some 
point was given one of my great grandfather's pipe racks.  People gave me more 
and more over the years, but after a while, I lost interest in the pipes.  But 
they were always there on the shelf.  A few summers back (I was about 18 and a 
half at the time) I went to Carmel with my parents and my brother.  I saw a 
pipe shop and of course I had to go in.  I had never been in a pipe shop 
before.  Something awoke in me that day.  I saw a churchwarden and I had to 
have one.  It was a lot of money (so I thought at the time) so when we got 
home I looked for a local shop.  I found one and they had a Savinelli 
Churchwarden.  That is how I purchased my first brand new pipe.  Others had 
bought cheap new ones for me before, but this one was extra special.  The 
fellow offered to give me free tobacco with it, but I turned down the offer (I 
was still just a collector.)  He said to me "You're not going to smoke it?"  I 
said no.  He said that I ought to try it sometime because it was really nice.  
I asked him about pipe books and all he had were some free brochures about how 
to smoke them.  I left the shop that day and went home with my beautiful new 
pipe.  But I kept thinking about what he had said.  So I went back and I got 
the little book on smoking a pipe.  I read it over and over again.  I was 
finally so tantalized by the little pictures of people smoking and the how 
there were new worlds of tobacco out there to explore that I just had to go 
back and get some tobacco.  So I did.  It sat around for a while.  I was going 
to have foot surgury and after being exposed to heaps upon heaps of anti 
tobacco propaganda in the public schools, I thought it would be best to wait 
until after the operation to try out this new/old hobby.  The day finally came 
when I was ready to try the tobacco.  I filled the pipe about a third of the 
way up, in the mean time I had bought some low grade pipes and I tried one of 
these out first until I found the perfect tobacco for my churchwarden, and lit 
it.  It was different than I had expected.  I had expected the smoke to be 
really flavourful.  It seemed hot and bland and dry to me.  It didn't smell 
sweet like I had expected it to either.  This was probably because my nose was 
overwhelmed by my tastebuds and I was not used to the flavour of tobacco yet.  
The first few times I would get a horrible soar throat the next day for a few 
days.  But I persevered and this problem passed.  I kept trying sweeter and 
sweeter tobaccos until I ended up with peach and honey(bleach!) I could 
actually taste and smell the sweetness in that one.  But none of the tobaccos 
smelled just like that pipe that I had that smelled so good to me.  I went to 
pipe shop after pipe shop and never did find anything like what was in that 
pipe, but if I did find it now, I probably wouldn't like it.  In my two and a 
half years now as a pipe smoker, I very quickly moved from aromatics to 
natural and english blends which I now favour.  Natural tobacco sweetness is 
so much nicer than sugar or honey anyway, at least to me, though I know some 
people prefer those sorts of tobacco.  But that is what is so grand about our 
hobby is it not?  Every fellow finds his own pipes and tobaccos which he 
especially likes, and it's different and personal for everyone.  As far as 
tobacco reccommendations go, I tend to like the same sorts of blends as Mr. 
Serad in the Trial by Fire section of Pipes and Tobaccos magazine.  The 
Rattrays line has some fantastic stuff.  Three Noggins is especially unique 
and special.  I think that is what I value most, something which is subtle and 
unique that you have to ponder and can't quite put your finger on.  That's how 
that one is for me.  The same is true of McClelland's Archadia.  Deacon's 
Downfall is another that I really enjoy.  There is a local pipe shop here in 
town that has some excellent stuff too.  It's called Rich's Cigar Store (I am 
currently going to school in Portland Oregon so that it where it is located) 
and they do phone orders.  For a really excellent sweet smelling all natural 
tobacco, you can't go wrong with their Craven Mixture.  Steve Books is the 
blender there and he has been doing it for over twenty years.  I always love 
talking to Steve when I go in there.  They have another one called Dark Navy 
Flake which I really like.  It's an all natural black virginian tobacco.  I 
think I like that one even better than Rattrays Dark fragrant.  If anyone 
wants the mailing address for Rich's let me know and I'll submitt it.  If you 
have kids, especially boys, be sure you read them the Hobbit and The Lord of 
the Rings at a young age, or even an older age.  They are great storys and 
they portray very beautifully the virtues and delights of good pipes and good 

-David Wood

[A charming story, David! Thanks!]

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From: "Scott Bernstein" <???????????????????????????>

Dear Mr. Masticola,

Five or six years ago, I wrote a short article on JHW pipes for Pipe 
Friendly.  I have given serious thought to expanding on this article and 
writing a more scholarly piece. Could you please place a request for 
information and assistance in the Pipes Digest?  Also please contact me 
if you have any information or suggestions in regard to Jack Weinberger 

Thank you,

Scott Bernstein

[Consider it done! -S.]

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From: "kevin_logan" <?????????????????????????>
Subject: Falcon Pipes etc

Hi Steve, thanks for the new subscription, enjoy the Digest immensely

"ahmad arzhan" asked (Digest #279) about Falcon pipes.

Can recommend Norman Harrison (James Barber Tobacconists) at www.smoke.co.uk
for Falcon pipes; good selection.
Also mentioned in Digest #249 and since then in the resources list.

Superb mail order service, ordered one myself recently and was very
impressed. Excellent communication and same day postage (also paid no more
for this than the cost of the stamps). I live in Germany; international
shipping was uncomplicated.

Harrison's delivered a Falcon meerschaum lined "Hyperbole" bowl which smokes

Have smoked Falcons for 11 years now and like them; they have a "technical"
look and feel to them that appeals to my questionable taste (but combine a
straight brown anodized stem with a "Dublin" bowl and the pipe looks like
any other apart from close up).
They smoke similar to filtered pipes; sometimes the smoke feels too cool for
my taste which is why I smoke traditional unfiltered briar pipes as well
(favourite is a little sandblasted featherweight Stanwell in "Canadian"
form). Apart from several Falcons I also have the ubiquitous corncob (yeah,
so much for the technical look and feel...).

I read a lot about "The Pipe" in the digest and on Billie W Taylor's
excellent homepage, got one via ebay recently and am eagerly awaiting

Looking forward to the next digest
keep the fires burning

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From: "Edward Rowell" <?????????????????>

I wonder if anyone can help me identify the origin of a pipe I inherited
after my grandfather died. It is a smaller system pipe and the bottom of the
bowl is some kind of clear, amber colored lucite or something. I can
remember my grandfather smoking it at least 40 years ago. It has a brass
ring separating the top of the bowl from the lucite bottom, and another
connecting the stem, where it has a WDG inside a triangle.

I'm a rookie to this modest vice, and would appreciate any advice on
sweetening the breath after a bowl of tobacco so as to sweeten my wife's
attitude toward smoking!

Ed Rowell

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From: "Jesse Grimmer" <??????????????????????>
Subject: Wood

At the risk of sounding ignorant (in the true sense of the word) is 
briar the only wood used in making a pipe?  I have had occasion to 
obtain some large blocks of cherry (very old tree a neighbor cut down 
and I am currently using it in my smoker) and thought it would make a 
beautiful pipe.  One could email me offlist if you wish.  

A bad day running trains beats a good day at work!

[Definitely not, and there's a company named Ropp that used to
specialize in cherry pipes.  You name the wood, it's probably been
used -- except possibly for poison ivy! -S.]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: woody <???????????????????>
Subject: Regarding Tobacco for beginner and advantage of $100 pipes

>From last digest:
From: ?????????????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

[Message from Digest #279 deleted. -S.]

Greetings Paul.  I don't have any experience with Dunhill Seconds or Stiker 
pipes or Barlings (though in the Spring 2000 issue of P&T magazine there is an 
article entitled "Mysterious Barlings" by Tad Gage wherein Mr. Gage asserts, 
"In my opinion the briar makes Pre-Transition Barling pipes the finest smoking 
instruments ever crafted.  Durring my time as a pipe collector and hobbyist, I 
don't recall anyone who has smoked a Barling ever telling me  that it was 
anything less than one of the best smokes they'd ever had." (p. 40)  In my 
personal experience (though I have never smoked a Dunhill or any other pipe 
priced over $100) Peterson Pipes yeild a fantastic smoke and none of mine were 
more than $90.  My 2001 Peterson St. Paddy's Day pipe smokes as well as any of 
them and it was only $57.  I would reccommend something made by them.  They 
always have an excellent bird's eye and no fills.  They are tasty and 
beautiful in my experience.  That would be my reccomendation, but others with 
more high end experienc would probably be more reliable.  
-David G.W. ~\U

And from the same issue:
From: "ahmad arzhan" <????????????????????????>
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #278 -- November 3, 2001

[Message from Digest #279 deleted. -S.]

Greetings friend,
I would reccommend a tobacco called "House of Craven"  It is blended by the 
master blender at Rich's Cigar Store in Portland Oregon.  It is smooth, mild 
and pleasant and sweet smelling and tasting.  It is all natural, so it has a 
wonderful tobacco flavour.  It is a burly and virginian base with lots of 
different burleys and virginians but it also contains dashes of all manner of 
other tobaccos including latikia, sweet turkish, cigar leaf etc. if memory 
serves from my conversation with the blender and my own experience smoking it.
 Here are my notes from my tobacco register:  "This is excellent.  Smooth, 
cool, no bite, no wetness, burns to the bottom with a pale white ash, tastes 
great, pleasant aroma.  Nice nutty sweet flavour and aroma."  This was my 
second smoke in my new 2001 Peterson St. Paddy's day pipe last year on May 
24th.  I smoke half of a bowl outdoors at noon.  To obtain this blend you can 
call or write to :

Rich's Cigar Store
820 S.W. Alder St.
Portland, OR 97205

(503) 228-1700 or 1-800-669-1527

You can e-mail them at: ??????????????????? 
or visit their website at www.richscigar.com

I paid $6.30 for two ounces, but that was over a year ago if memory serves.

I hope this information is helpful
-David G.W. ~\U

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: "Jan de Vries" <???????????????????????>
Subject: RE: Pipes Digest #279 -- February 3, 2002

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the Digest, a joy to read as always. I have a comment for Dave,
who asks about how to make pipe tobacco.
Not that I am an expert on blending, but I suspect there are two reasons why
there's nothing in the literature: manufacturers are notoriously secretive
about their recipes, and second, there is no specific method for making pipe
tobacco. In theory, you could grow some virginia in your backyard, dry it
(there are different ways of doing this) and smoke it. That's how most pipe
tobaccos are made: several (a dozen is no exception)different kinds of
tobacco are dried, or cured, tobaccos are cut and blended to achieve a
balanced taste. This would lead to what is generally known as a natural
mixture. Usually the blenders increase moisture content (from the basic 20%)
by applying steam when blending and dry the finished blend again to about
the original moisture level. Additives like fruit essences or whatever else
you could think of are added in the final stages of blending. Sugar is
almost always added.
The huge array of different flavours you find in a store are created by
using tobaccos of different origins (Zimbabwean virginia is very different
from American, for instance) and said additives, and/or by using a
cavendish-style tobacco in the blend. Cavendishes are mixtures in their own
right: created exactly as a normal pipe blend with additives but matured,
usually under heat and/or pressure. A final way of altering the taste is
maturing the entire, finished blend. What constitutes the difference between
cigarette tobacco and pipe tobacco is mainly the quality of the base
tobaccos (the lesser qualities go into cigarettes) and the nature of the
additives, which for pipe tobacco tend to be more natural and clean.
Cigarette tobacco is also drier and usually cut much smaller than a normal
pipe blend (which is normally cut to strands around 3-4 mm. wide, whereas
cigarette tobacco is cross-cut finely).
This is blending in short. If Dave has any further questions, I'd be happy
to help him out as far as I can.

Best regards and happy smoking,

Jan de Vries

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: Craig Tarler <???????????>
Subject: Breakthrough

Hi, Steve,

I want to announce what we think is a marvelous breakthrough in pipe
tobacco.  We are offering for the first time a very small amount of
what I'll call "Sam's Blend," a nicotine-free tobacco that smokes, I
think, better than anything I've ever blended before.

The story of Sam's Blend started about five years ago with a
discovery.  My great uncle, Schmuel ("Sam") Tarler, was an herbalist
in Odessa and also a lifelong a pipe smoker. In the 1890's his two
brothers (one of them my grandfather) and a sister immigrated first to
Austria and then to the US.  In going through my grandfather's effects
we found a small packet of something that looked like tobacco with a
blend formula and a note to my grandfather from Great Uncle Sam asking
him to see if this tobacco could be reproduced in the US.

The fascinating thing about this blend was that it contained no
tobacco, and thus no nicotine! It was a mixture of other plants, with
the most crucial ingredient, as far as we could determine, the leaves
of a plant called, in a literal translation from the Russian, "Flower
of the Steppes".

There was just enough for a couple of pipesful, although it was very,
very dry. I wet it with a little distilled water and applied some heat
and it came back so that I could try it. WOW! This tasted better than
any blend I'd ever had, something a little like "English", but with a
woodsy, nutty, taste I've never had before.  It was wonderful!

And it smelled great even to nonsmokers.  A couple of women from my
wife's bridge club were in the house while I was experimenting, and
thought it smelled kind of like a wood fire with a little cinnamon.
One of the poodles-and-potpourri set even asked me for a sample to
take home and use for the aroma.  Of course, I couldn't give any of it
out at the time, and it would have been wasted on her poodles anyway.

But, how to reproduce it?  Without the "Flower of the Steppes," every
mixture I made up was lifeless and flat, not worth the trouble to
smoke it.  I tried the Botany Department at UNC, but none of them had
any idea what "Flower of the Steppes" was.  They agreed to analyze the
last little bit of Sam's Blend, to try to find a similar plant.  We
tried dozens of plants, but every attempt failed.

Then a friend of mine who's a microbiologist, and I'm not going to
identify him except that he's not at UNC, suggested we try to extract
the DNA and clone the main ingredient.  Over a period of several
years, we have been experimenting with the resulting plants and Sam's

We've come very close.  But we're having a hard time growing the
plants because it takes some impressive equipment to keep them alive
(low pressure chambers to simulate high altitude, sterile condititions
because there are a lot of plant diseases that clones can't stand, and
some rare and expensive trace minerals in the soil.)  And they grow
very slowly.

Because of the hoorah about nicotine, and the fact that we weren't
certain the "Flower of the Steppes" wasn't addictive, we had to
experiment.  I smoked just Sam's Blend for two months.  I found that I
could smoke ten or fifteen bowls a day, more than three times my
usual, with no tongue bite and no other problems. And I loved every

Then I quit cold turkey for a month.  No problem, I didn't crave it, I
just missed it.  It wasn't addictive at all!

Now we have about two pounds of this marvelous blend and are ready to
offer it exclusively to any P.D. readers who would be willing to pay
$25 per ounce, one ounce per customer. The only drawback that we
observed was that, if you smoke two or three bowls fast, Sam's Blend
tends to cause temporary priapism, which has diverted my attention
from pipe smoking sometimes.  However, it hasn't really been a bother
at all.

If any of the readers want to try Sam's Blend, please E-mail me at

[ Craig, this I've got to try.  Please reserve an ounce for me -- if
there's any left! -S. ]


Craig & Patty

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From: ??????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

Can anyone help date a Barling second? It has the dealer's name,
"Michel," stamped on one side. The other side says " BB&S Ltd".  Under
that is "Londonmade 02/1". Under that is "England")?


David Franklin

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From: "Rex Ulrich" <???????????????>
Subject: Pipe Pub

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     I know I'm grasping at straws here, but I thought I'd give it a 
try. There was a tobacconist in the Houston, Texas area call "The Pipe 
Pub". I think the name was later changed to "Carol's Pipe Pub". I 
understand this company is now out of business. I smoked a blend of 
theirs which was called "Special # 1". I am wondering if you, or anyone 
you know of may have smoked the same blend and is having it made 
somewhere else, or someone who used to work for Pipe Pub, and knows the 
blends. Any help or information you can give me will be greatly 

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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

Hello my dear fellow pipers!  I've been away from our obsession and passion
for almost a year due to complications during surgery that left me in the ICU
for several months, and in the hospital for more than 6 months.  Now I'm back
home and enjoying my briars, but I have a problem that surely some of you can
help me solve.  I need to find someone who can give my pipes a thorough and
professional cleaning.  I have several pipes that really need a good going
over, and due to some physical limitations, I cannot give them the cleaning
they deserve.  Please e-mail me with the names and contact info for people
who truly love to clean, ream, and polish pipes.  I'll be very grateful for
your recommendations!    ~Russell Clay

[Glad to hear you're better, Russell! -S.]

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From: LTC John Perkowski <?????????????????????????????>
Subject: For PD 280:  AD/ANN for Cigar and Tabac, Overland Park KS


Lyn Beyer of Cigar and Tabac, Overland Park KS, has started up an
online estate pipe catalog.  At this writing (noon on Feb 14 2002, he
has 86 pipes for sale.  Of those, 23 are Dunhills.

Due Diligence:  I am a customer of Lyn's, so this pushes the AD (it's
commercial) as well as ANN (it's a new option) for the Cigar & Tabac
online website.

AS A CUSTOMER, I will say that Lyn's refurbishment is the best!  He
still boils out his pipes with denatured alcohol.  About a year ago, I
had a Charatan Perfection that had been smoked with goopy aromatics. 
The thing smelled 10 feet away.  After Lyn's cleanout, I could use it
for my Frog Morton and Anniversary smokes.

The url for Lyn's site is:

The direct url to the estate top page is:

I've dealt with Lyn for a dozen years now.  He's salt of the earth!

Smoke in peace, John Perkowski

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From: "John Martin" <????????????????????>
Subject:  Boda Pipes of SC [PIPE]

During a relocation interview with Lockheed Martin in Greenville, SC, I 
checked the phone book to see if I could locate a source of Frog Morton on 
the Town.  I was not successful, but I located a most remarkable 

The first thing that I noticed upon entering was that it had its own coffee 
shop, which struck me as being rather cool.  After failing to locate any 
McClelland tobaccos among their tinned blends, I picked up a tin from the 
Japan Tobacco Monopoly and started looking thru their half price bin.  I 
found a nice 1/4 bent sandblast noname pipe for $18 that I could run a pipe 
cleaner thru the stem.  That is more than I could say for a Nording that I 
got for a "discount" for $60.  The propriators were kind enough to fill the 
new pipe on the house, so I got an aromatic called "Virginia Black" and 
puffed the next hour away at the coffee bar.

The pipe smoked quite well, the coffee and tobacco tasted good and the 
tension drifted away.  A Thelonious Monk jazz tune started drifting thru my 
mind.  This is the kind of thing that reminds me why I love pipes and pipe 
smoking.  Ahhhhhh...

While I was letting my pipe cool, I walked around the counters and noticed a 
variety of pipes, the first Kirstens that I had ever seen, a full set of 
Peterson Sherlock Holmes pipes and several nice freehands in the $24-$40 
range.  I picked up 2oz of the Virginia Black, two bundles of churchwarden 
cleaners and a tamper.  If I get the job, I may have to do some business 

Boda Pipes
McAlister Square Mall
225 S. Pleasantberg Dr.
Greenville, SC 29607

I have no interest in Boda Pipes other than wanting to become a customer.

John E. Martin
Boda Pipes

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From: Andre_l <???????????????????>
Subject: Lessons Learned


I would like to share some of my experiences with the art of smoking a pipe.
I found that I liked many a blend of cavendish but they bit my tongue to a
char. In finding that the tobacco was too dry, the charring would happen.
Using an Orange peel in the tobacco pouch gave the tobacco the right amount
of moisture without leaving the residue of oranges. Apple slices gave too
much moisture. Also, when I found a good blend, like Bork & Riff Cherry
Canvendish, I used the rule of thirds and put a burley, like Amphora
regular, on the first third, your favorite cavendish next, and top it off
with again with a burley. This gave your cavendish a smooth flavor all the
way down. 


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From: ???????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

I wish to share with the list my experience on stem and silver ring
cleaning with a standard Duoplast Staedtler 526 BT30 ...rubber.  My
Peterson Kildare was looking real bad, stem very yellowish and silver
ring completely blackened. Having in my desk a common pencil/ink
rubber, I softly rubbed the silver ring with the pencil eraser end of
my rubber, which immediately recovered its perfectly silverish
brilliant aspect. I applied the same treatment with the ink portion of
the rubber to the stem, and found the yellowish stain disappeared -
though it took some more time and energy than the silver ring. The
stem looked thus perfectly black, but opaque .  Alas for the new use
of an element almost forgotten, but fo school children !

Luis Furlong
Buenos Aires, Argentina

[But won't the eraser remove some of the silver? -S.]

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From: ?????????????
Subject: How many?

Didn't see it in your FAQ section so here goes.

How many pipe smokers are there in the U.S. and how many pipes, costing fifty 
dollars, or more, are sold in the U.S. annually?

Bill Radunz

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From: woody <???????????????????>
Subject: Meerschaum stain


I have a problem and was wondering if anyone out there could help me.  I got 
out my calabash pipe the other day, I have never smoked this pipe before - I'm 
waiting for a special occasion to do it;  I want to smoke it indoors so I 
won't risk burning the rim of the meerschaum cap - and I am always very carful 
about not touching the meershaum even with clean hands which I always have 
whenever I handle this or any of my other pipes anyway.  I discovered however 
a quite noticeable smudge on the meerschaum and nearly fell over.  The only 
thing I can think that happened is that when I showed it to someone one time 
(a non smoker) he asked if the bowl was plastic and proceed to tap it with his 
finger nail.  I'm guessing his finger also contacted the bowl and was not all 
that clean.  I was horrified at the time; what ever happened to what your 
mother used to say about looking but not touching anyway?  Regardless however 
of how it happened, there remains this hideous smudge upon the beautiful 
virgin sea foam of my pipe.  Is there anything I can do to get rid of it?  I 
tried rubbing it with a soft cloth, it looks like it has soaked into the 
meerchaum.  If I smoke it will it colour and obscure the blemish?  Also while 
we are on the subject of Calabash pipes, are the meerschaum caps made of 
pressed or solid block meerschaum.  Thanks alot for your help.
-David Wood

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From: ?????????????????????
Subject: Sterling-clad pipes... a curiousity

For some time now I have pondered on how the series of sterling silver-clad 
briar pipes are/were made. Does anyone have first-hand knowledge? When were 
they produced?

Most of what I've seen has a horse-racing theme. But there are others. 
Someone suggested that they were passed out at the Kentucky Derby years 
ago. 'Would think if that were the case that there'd be an inscription. The 
only legend on the pipe is SILVERSMITH Sterling.

The current (March 14, 2002) example, if the newsletter is "published" soon 
enough, can be found at


(That all needs to be one one line)

And the three pictures are or were available (for downloading, even) at


If you cannot get these files I will gladly forward them to you. They are 
very small and worth a peek if you're not familiar with these pipes.

My experience is that these pipes smoke strangely -- the sterling expands 
faster than the bowl and becomes loose, then smaller when it cools again -- 
pretty, but not practical.

'Would appreciate any feedback.

Russ Oechslin (Ebay addict)

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From: ?????????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

Once heared of this thing called a Pipe King for cleaning and breaking
pipes.  Does any one know where I can get information on one or really
get one.  If not ant ideas on how to build one my self.

[I saw one of these things at a show once. Perhaps someone here has
one. Re building it, it could be done, but it would take a day or so
and you'd have to know where to get the parts.  I gather that there's
a bellows-like affair that gets cycled once per minute or so. -S.]

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From: ?????????????????????
Subject: One more time

('Looking at my previous e-mail I just realized I can't spell "curiosity", 
even when the spell-checker highlights it...

This is another question resulting from an ebay transaction:

I got a neat little Jobey pipe. Looked to be in good shape on the web. But 
upon receipt found the bowl cracked on the INSIDE!

I've heard tales about burn-out. But this was incredible. What did someone 
do to this to screw it up so badly? And what can I do to "fix" it, even 
though it smokes fairly well? It has a very thick wall on the bowl. So that 
may be its salvation.

Again, I appreciate any feedback. (Yeah, I know, the last guy who smoked it 
is probably dead.)

Russ Oechslin (Ebay addict)

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From: ????????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

If anyone has, or knows where I can find, a Dunhill Nightcap tobacco
jar, kindly drop me a line. Thanks very much, and best wishes.


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From: "Schreiber, Scott" <?????????????????????????????????>
Subject: Endorsement

I'm new, so I hope this isn't inappropriate to send to the digest, but I
went to www.ebriar.com (linked on the pipes.org page) and found a great pipe
I wanted to buy.  I submitted the order via web page.  Bob had just gotten
back from the L.A. show that day and sent email letting me know he got my
order, that he had just returned, and that he would get my order out asap.

A little  later in the day I got another email from Bob telling me that he
got my pipe shipped out that day!

Three days later, via insured express mail, I am smoking a Peterson silver
mounted Kildare.  

Excellent service.  I really appreciated being informed as to the status of
my order, and that I got my purchase so quickly!  I heartily recommend
www.ebriar.com if (who am I kidding, WHEN) you're looking to buy a pipe.


[Positive and negative feedback are both always welcome, as long as
they're truthful. Thanks, -S.]

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Quote of the Week:

      "I am very, very shocked, and I'm just stunned over this. I feel
      this is a violation of my rights."

		- Johnita DeMatteo
		  [Denied the right to smoke in her own home or car in
		  child-custody fight.] 


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