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From: ????????????????????????
Subject: Pipes Digest #282 -- February 17, 2003

		Pipes Digest #282 -- February 17, 2003
   Copyright (C) 2003 by Stephen P. Masticola. All rights reserved.
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Welcome to new members:

	Glenn W. Kereluk
	Steven Morrisette
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From: ????????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

Has anyone heard anything about when the St. Louis pipe show is
scheduled?  I can't find anything about it on line.  

Fellow briar friar,

Dennis Congos

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From: Peter Fackelmann <???????????????????>
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #281 -- July 30, 2002

Steve -

At 10:49 Uhr +0200 31.07.2002, Pipes Digest wrote:

>Welcome to new members:

190! My respect.

>They're a Dutch brand called "Tordenskjold pibetaendstikker,"

That's Danish.
My esteemed supplier, DanPipe, sells Tordenskjoeld tobacco.
I guees, it's their private label, but I didn't see T matches
in their catalog.

Edward -

>From: "Edward Breliant" <????????????????????????>
>Subject: Green Pipes
>While surfing the internet a year or so ago, I found a pipe with a green
>finish.  It was beautiful.  I did not make a favorite of that web site.  If
>anyone knows anything about green pipes, please email me.  Thanks

Chacom makes green ones. They call it Fancy Mamba,-)
Savinelli makes one with blue velvet-like finishing.

Rich -

>From: ?????????????????
>Subject: posting from pipes page
>I am attempting to determine the value of a pipe that has been in my
>family for countless years.  In its original box that is dated 1918,
>this German pipe seems to have been designed by a 'Richard Berek' and
>sold by a company named 'Weltruf.' I have been told many things as to
>which kind of pipe it is:
>"Sanitary Pipe", "Student Pipe", and "Wine Pipe" are all
>possibilities, from different sources.  You see, the printing on the
>box is all in German. It is a porcelain pipe with a deer painted on
>the bowl.

Don't know about the label. But I could translate the text on the
box for you.

James -

>From: ?????????????????
>Subject: Digest Submission
>Currently some on hand are Dan Tobaccos Hamborger Veermaster, as well
>as their Independence, Escudo, McClellands British Woods, Dunhills Early
>Morning Pipe, Solani # 633, as well as several others, and would recemend any
>one of these tobaccos ( even though my girlfriend doesn't particularly enjoy
>the smell of the non-aromatics).  If anyone has any suggestions about blends
>that they think I would enjoy based upon the list above, I would be much

I use DanPipe's
Virginia Ribbon Cut 8505	250 g
Latakia Cypern 8511		 80 g

to prepare my own mixture.


>From: "John Martin" <????????????????????>
>Subject: Changes
>One of the oddest changes that I have noticed over the past three
>years of pipe smoking is that my impression of the taste of a tobacco
>can change as I grow older.
>Does this sort of thing happen to most pipe men (and pipe women) as
>their tastes mature?

Our tasting nerves may mutate but there are changes in the product
as well.
I used to smoke McBarens Mixture for 15 years. Then I found the
taste quite strange. When I asked a dealer during a business trip
he gave me the usual crap: Nobody ever complained, it's our best
seller, blabla ... This was around 1975.
Back home, I asked my dealer and got a surprising information:
Well, they started to add artificial tobacco to reduce the cost.
In this moment I switched to classic natural mixtures and later
to my own Virginia/Latakia mixture.

Regards from Germany


[Thanks for the correction. I've still got quite a collection of Ohio
Blue Tip matches here, so I haven't gone looking especially hard. But
the T. matches are, without doubt, the best I've ever lit a pipe
with. -S.] 

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From: Gary E Bartell <????????????????????????????>
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #281 -- July 30, 2002

Hi Steve,    I did a search for Tordenskjold pibetaendstikker on
Yahoo.   Came up with a matchbox collector.   For Tordenskjold I found
that the matches had been made, at least at one time, by Gosch & Co
match factory.   And they seem to have come from Denmark, and not
Holland.   I would not normally do so extensive a search, but I have
been looking for cigar matches to light my pipes.  They seem to work the
best of anything for the first light.   I burn my fingers on kitchen
matches, before the tobacco is completely lit.   If you come up with a
source for long matches, let me know , and I will do the same.   Were
you at the Hollywood show?  I bought a wiley bulldog from you if you
were.   Great pipe!   Has become a favorite.   Gary

[Later... -S.]

Hi Steve,   I was just in a pipe shop today, and bought 10 boxes of
cigar matches, that might suit you.  They are "Swan Vestas" extra long
smoker's match(sulpher free).   They are wooden.  45 to the box.  Made
by Swedish Match NA in Spain
address Richmond, VA 23230   They are 3 3/4" in length.  Gary
I accept PayPal! Click on the PayPal Logo at the bottom of the carvers
pages on my website, at:

Link to Secure Server for Cards:

Gary Bartell
Hyperion Cigar Co, zfc Div.
5420 W 119th St
Inglewood, Calif. 90304

Visit my website:
Register for Email List and get
10% off during the month of November

Mailto : ????????????????????????????
310-643-9453  6:00PM-11:00PM PDT

[Thanks for the info. I've tried the shorter Swan Vestas and
persoanlly find that they splinter easily and light with
difficulty. But maybe the longer ones are improved. -S.]

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From: "Mike Stafford" <????????????????????>
Subject: RE: Pipes Digest #281 -- July 30, 2002

In response to Motorcycling with a pipe you would be surprised at how little
turbulence there is behind the faring on a Goldwing.  You can keep a match
lit behind one, so lighting your pipe is safe.  In fact, there is more
turbulence in my car with the window down that on a Wing.  The stability of
a Wing is such that you can go for miles without touching the handlebars and
just navigate with a weight shift, so you can use both hands for packing,
lighting, and tamping much safer than in your car trying to drive with your
knee.  I have spread lunch out on the gas tank while touring and had a
picnic while going down the road at 70 mph, smoking a pipe is no problem at
all.  Most bikes have too much vibration for a picnic, but not a Wing.

Mike Stafford

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From: Martin Golding <??????????????????????>
Subject: Motorcycling with a pipe?

> I saw the strangest thing a few days ago.  I had just gotten out of my car 
> and saw a person smoking a Peterson style bent pipe while riding a 
> motorcycle.  It was a Honda Goldwing, so the fairing would have provided 
> some protection, but it there still should have been enough turbulence to 
> make smoking while riding nearly impossible.

I've seen pipes of that style with perforated metal fliptops, to reduce
wind effects.

> Also, how does one spare a 
> hand for tamping?  How does one relight?

One learns to pack well for a long burn (helped by the forced air), or
one learns how to pop the pipe in one's pocket when it goes out.

> Has anyone 
> else seen someone smoke while riding a motorcycle?  Has anyone tried it???  

I used to have a little torpedo shaped pipe, with the bowl open forward,
and a screw-on perforated cover. It smoked not badly on my XS750 Silverbird.
Later, I found a rough-finished tree-stump shaped pipe with a long rubber
hose, intended to be placed on one's dashboard. I _may_ have smoked that
one on my BMW; memory is the first thing to go (I think. IIRC). I've
since lost both, but I have been thinking about getting another.

> [Sounds really dangerous on a number of fronts, John!  I'd recommend
> pulling the bike over to a scenic overlook and enjoying there. -S.]

As one is already wearing eye protection (or one is an idiot), and in
any case, the pipe pipes must have a good screen to be smokable,
flying ash is not as threatening as might be assumed. If one engages
in an accident, one _must_ remember spit out the pipe in defense of
one's dental work and speaking equipment, but in terms of absolute (as
opposed to relative) percentages, the risk of injury is not very much
increased. On balance, I wouldn't say that the risks outweigh the
amusement factor. OTOH, I've been known to shepherd ("drive" would be
a gross exaggeration) a sidecar.

I've been trying to lure my cigar-smoking biker-scum friends to the
pleasures of the pipe. I fear that as long as cigars are hideously
expensive, it will continue to be a hard sell.

          Martin Golding             |  Handling is a concept 
DoD #236 BMWMOA #55952 SMTC #0002    |   that doesn't apply to sidecars.
??????????????????????   Portland, OR

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From: "rusty rush" <?????????????????>
Subject: pipe tool

Steve-  Please post this question when time permits.  I have lost the best 
pocket pipe tool I have ever owned.  I guess I bought it 15 or 20 years 
ago.  It had a pretty flat profile.  It was called a "Pipe Torpedo", was 
stainless and was made in Italy, as I recall.  If somebody has a line on 
this, please contact me at   ????????????????      Thanks, rusty rush

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From: "Bob Weiske" <???????????????>
Subject: PD #281

Hi Steve. I see that I have been restored to the subscriber list
after languishing in a black hole due my negligence in updating my
email address.It's good to be back.
I noticed the name Ray Bromley on this same list. Is this, perchance,
our old friend who created the Ooops website several years back and
then dropped off the radar due to health reasons about six years ago?
I see the web page is still up, but I haven't seen any emails or other
activity since then.
            Bob Weiske  

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From: ?????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

What is the largest pipe show in the US that's open to anyone?
(Please, if you can, respond to my email address also:


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From: "Ken Lamb Handmade Pipes" <?????????????????>
Subject: New Commercial Link

Hello Steve,
    I have a website I would like listed on the Pipes.org site.
How do I go about asking such a favor?
I am an apprentice pipe carver (2 years). I manufacture pipe racks, cabinets and pipe tampers.
This is the first pipe site I visited when I began smoking a pipe some 5 years ago.Mike Lindner sent me this way. Kind regards,

Ken Lamb

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From: ???????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

This is a poem I wrote that I thought some of you might enjoy.

I love your soft curves and your smooth supple touch
Your warmth against my skin as I hold you
I love the quiet evenings spent in your company alone
The sweet scent of the fire I ignite in you
Though at times I may look at the others around
Rest assured, you will not be de-throned
None other could ever measure up in my eyes
You're the finest pipe I've ever owned

Tim Morgan

[Now that's a shaggy dog, or an Armellini! :-) -S.]

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From: ????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

Dear Mike (The Piperack),
We are a meerschaum pipe company located in Ankara, capital of
Turkey. We make our pipes under Altinok brand with the understanding
of highest quality in good prices. 
I'm sending this email because I would like inform you that there is
such a trustworthy company in the origin of real meerschaum. We are
looking for some other trustworthy companies or partners which could
be our best partners in the world. If you would be interested in being
our wholesaler partner or to sell our products, please let us know for
further negotiation. 
Kind Regards,
Sinan Altinok
"Meerschaum Pipes"

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From: ????????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

I am afraid that I must post some bad news. On 6/11/02, I sent a
cashier's check (a LARGE one) to Rolf J. Rutzen for a Jess
Chonowitsch. We exchanged numerous emails, but to date, I have not
received my pipe or a refund. He will no longer answer my emails and I
understand that there are a number of others in the same
predicament. Please be advised of this, as I would not recommend doing
business with this man. I am in the US and he is in Germany, so it
would be very hard to get the authorities involved. This is the first
time I have run into a dishonest pipe smoker.......too bad. 


~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: andrei khrenov <??????????????????????>
Subject: neophyte

Dear Steve, 

Thank you so much for such a wonderful web-page - your
text(s) taught me a lot about the little nuances and
details to get a real pleasure from pipe-smoking
pastime. I'd be glad to subscribe to get the news,

I would highly appreciate if you'll be able to
recommend me (or at least hint where I could get an
info) the reputable tobacco stores where I could find
quality pipe for the beginner (who's starting his
collection - that's me!) in Manhattan or Brooklyn. I
would go for the seconds or estate pipes to begin
with. Did you hear of any flea markets where they sell
pipes?? It's a pity Greenwich Village stores near NYU,
where I am studying, make an emphasis on different
smoking substances (and pipes) - you know...

I would also appreciate any info if they can
fix/renovate pipes in these stores.

Again, I found plenty of useful info in your site
already - and I am so greatful!You're doing a great
job - thanks a million,

Very truly, Andre 
NYU grad student
718 907 3456  

[Andre, there are several stores in NYC that are worth checking
out. Have a look in the Resource Guide:
http://www.pipes.org/resource_guide.html . -S.]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: Max Brandt <?????????????????>
Subject: submission

hiho ,

I'am a German pipe maker , made my own homepage and
wanted to ask you if it would be possible to submit me
to your site ;))
My website adress is www.mb-pipes.com


Max Brandt

Do You Yahoo!?
HotJobs - Search Thousands of New Jobs

[Dr. Beaty, could you please list Mr. Brandt? -S.]

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From: ?????????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

  I am requesting help from pipe smokers anywhere and everywhere.  I
  am in search for particular Jobey pipes with the 'jobey' link
  (tennon).  Any help you folks my offer will be greatly appreciated.

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ???????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

hi all,

i was just wanting to bring everyone down.  not really, but i would
like feedback on a serious subject.  i was wondering who knows of
others or have personally experienced ill effects from pipe smoking.
i know a few people that smoke pipes, but have not heard any problems.
i also am in the anesthesia field, and i talk with many surgeons who
don't really see any pipe related illness.  so, what i would like to
hear are the stories of mouth cancer, lip cancer, and so on.  i know
that this is not fun, but i would like to know the truth on what could
be out there.  anyway, i actually hope not to hear of any (but only if
there are not any stories).  Thanks a ton!!!


~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

Dear All,
As a new member it is great to have a place on the web that gathers
and provides such a great variety of information on pipes and all the
various aspects of the hobby.  I enjoyed David Wood's recent article
where he relates his interest in pipes to his early reading of The
Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. From my earliest years, I also loved the
smell and look of pipes. Over the years I purchased a few and tried
them for fun. But with all the anti-tobacco propoganda, it was
something that was "not appropriate".  Then I became involved in Civil
War Reenacting a few years ago.  Here pipes are very "period" and
"most appropriate". It is a great opportunity to enjoy your pipes
while portraying a soldier of the period and teaching others about the
civil war experience.

I began with a bent GDB, a Savinelli bent and then, when I was asked
to portray Ellis Spear, as an officer with the 20th Maine, I had one
made by Peter Evans, who was reproducing pipes as shown in the movie
"Gettysburg." It took lots of practice, but I have now mastered the
art of holding my pipe in my teeth, waving your sword in one hand and
running across a field while "those people" in gray" shoot at you.  As
recruiter I am always looking for more soldiers and large, simple,
briar, pipes such as they would have used in the war period. I have
also come to enjoy the perfection of Dunhill away from the battle

I wanted to share what I think is a hidden gem here in the Northern
San Francisco Bay Area. Recently, I "rediscovered" my Savinelli bent
that I had forgotten for perhaps a year.  I could not think of where I
had gotten it. Then I saw that it was marked "Baker St. Napa, Ca."  I
remembered that it had come from a small shop called "Baker
St. Tobacco and Clock Shoppe" at 3053 Jefferson St. in Napa.  They
also have a Shoppe in St. Helena, Ca.  It smokes great and a great
feel. I was curious to see if they had anything similar to it with a
larger bowl.  So I stopped by the shoppe last week.
I was delighted to find a great selection of pipes, tobacco and
accessories. I found a good selection of Savinellis, specially made
for the Baker St. Shoppes at great prices. If this sounds of interest
to you you can contact them at 707) 252-2766

Thanks for the geat website and God Save the Union.

1st Lt. D. Thomas Starr
20th Maine Vol. Inf. Co. G.

[Thank you for the good word on Baker Street! I've included them in
the Resource Guide. -S.]

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From: ????????????????
Subject: Pipesmoke Appreciation - 101

Steve -

Thanks for a wonderful forum.  Please add me to your e-mail list for
the digest. I'm a 42 year-old pipesman from the New York City area and
I'd like to relate a recent pipe smoking experience that still has me

Late Friday, after a night on the town, my buddy Peter and I found
ourselves at Grand Central Station with a 20-minute lag before the
departure of our train home.  We decided to stroll across the street
to one of those ever-convenient Irish sports bars for a quick beer.
As Peter fought his way up to the bartender, I settled near the front
window, packed my pipe and began to fire 'er up.

As I puffed deeply, I noticed an attractive couple in their
mid-thirties smiling at me and gesturing enthusiastically in my
direction.  I assumed they were focusing on the televised ball game
above my head.  I continued to coax my pipe to life.

A strange thing happened next. Through the haze I was creating, it
became apparent that the man and woman were smiling at ME and focusing
intently on my pipe.  I nodded and smiled back at them as I tamped and
began a second light.  In the few seconds that followed, the man made
his way over to me from the bar, all the while beckoning me toward
him.  "That smells soooo good," he said appreciatively, as if he
wanted to crawl down into my pipe. "Is it vanilla?"

I explained that my tobacco was a dark cavendish blended by my
tobacconist across the street.  And that people tell me it has a faint
scent of coffee or mocha.  "Vanilla" was a first!  As the man's
girlfriend (wife?) approached us, I asked him if he was a pipe smoker
himself.  The man shook his head no, almost apologetically.

The woman smiled at me.  The kind of smile you reserve for an old
friend.  "That just smells soooo good," she said.  "And it's
so rare to see a man in a bar smoking a pipe."  She had a nostalgic
look that prompted me to ask her if someone in her past had been a
pipe smoker.

"Oh, sure," she answered.  "My Grandfather was a pipe smoker.  And I
always loved the aroma.  You know... I have one of my Grandfather's
old pipes at home and it STILL smells like him."

The man continued to smile and focus quietly on my pipe, almost in
fascination while I explained to the woman that, strangely enough, MY
love of pipes began when I inherited MY Grandfather's pipe,
many years ago.  My appreciation of that rather ordinary Peterson pipe
lead to an interest in collecting and displaying pipes of all types.
When I began smoking them, it seemed like a natural progression.

The man had not stopped grinning, as if entranced by my pipe and my
story.  About then, my buddy arrived with my beer.  And so, excusing
myself from the couple's appreciative gaze, I wished the them a good

I can't help but wonder if we have another proud NY pipesman amongst
us this week!

- Dan David (Ossining, New York)

[A wonderful story, Dan! -S.]

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From: Michael Gordonsmith <??????????????????????????????>
Subject: contact

Dear Mr Masticola, 
I'm not myself a member of your organisation, but I noticed on the list of
new members in Pipes Digest #280 -- April 1, 2002, the name of Joe C. Hays
I met Joe, briefly, about 25 years ago, in Singapore and Malaysia. 
I have fond memories of him and I had wondered what he had done since. (Now
i know he's still smoking pipes!)  I would like to send him a message of
greeting and best wishes. 
If there is any way that you could either forward to him my email, or
provide me with an email address, so that I can send him a message, I would
be most grateful.
michael gordon-smith

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From: Jerry Barnes <??????????????????????????>
Subject: Pipes...of course

Hi Steve...

I just submitted a request for a subscription form to Pipes
Digest. Unfortunately, after being an avid pipe smoker for more than
35 years, the Doctor has informed me I must quit. I recently had a
triple bypass, and am diabetic, and they say it's just too risky.

I want to sell my beautiful collection of pipes, and would like to
place an ad in Pipes Digest, but am not sure how to go about it
without subscribing to the magazine.  Have you any suggestions?


Jerry Barnes

[Lessee, how could we get this message to the Digest members? :-) -S.]

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From: "Don Russell" <??????????????????>
Subject: Canadian indifference

Hi, Steve!

This is my first contribution to the "Digest"...long overdue. In the
April offering of the "Digest" I read, with much interest, Marty
Pulver's comments re. the indifference of Canadian pipe smokers. I was
pleased that,finally, someone in the "colonies" gave Canada a wakeup
call. A few years ago I submitted an article to "The Pipe Collector"
Vol.5 No.4, Smoke Rings Across the Border. This was an attempt to
establish more dialog between Canadian and American pipe hobbiests. I
received several responses from brethern in the States, but not one
Canadian responded. Ergo, I am in complete agreement with Marty with
the exception of The Canadian Pipe Smokers'Club; these guys do keep
the fires burning. Here I must say, saddly, that western Canada is a
virtual wasteland for pipe smoking enthusiasts. Last May I came up
with the idea of presenting a Pipe Fest in Calgary. I contacted Mike
Gluckler (Briar Blues in Vancouver B.C.) whom I've known for several
years, and he graciously agreed to help me get this off the
ground. Mike will be joining me on September 20th & 21st for Calgary's
first ever Pipe Fest. He'll be bringing with him a selection of "knock
yer socks off" pipes, a selection of estate pipes,and several samples
of G.L. Pease tobaccos. Of course, this could never have come to
fruition without the cooperation and foresight of Alex Emslie and
Shawn Hansen of Cavendish & Moore's Tobacconist in Calgary. We're all
hoping that this might be the beginning of a deeper appreciation and
understanding of "The Gentle Art". Thanks, Marty for putting a fire
under us, and thank you Mike for joining us as our special guest. Wish
us luck!  Smoke in peace........ 

Don G. Russell   

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From: ??????????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

James Clark wrote:

"I'm interested in trying Three Nuns, but have heard that it isn't
shipped to the U.S." 

Two or three years ago I bought a can of Three Nuns here in
California. It must have been through The Briar Patch in
Sacramento. This was reportedly the favorite brand of C.S. Lewis, but
I found it to be so strong that it literally made me ill. (Perhaps I
smoked it too fast.)  

Jeff Culbreath

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From: Bill Taylor <???????????????????????>
Subject: pyrolytic graphite pipes collection at pipe shows

Hi, my pipe collecting/smoking friends!

Just to let you know that, after the Columbus Pipe Show (which was a great 
show, by the way), I have several pipes newly listed on the "Pipes for 
Sale" page. Let me know if any there interest you.

My display table in Columbus attracted a lot of attention and I have placed 
a slide show of the table on the web site for those of you who didn't get a 
chance to see it. Just click "Pipe Show Table" under "Pipe Collection" on 
the menu to see it. (If "Pipe Show Table" doesn't show in the menu, press 
[Shift] while you click your [Reload] browser button.) Be sure to notice 
the pipe ads on the wall behind the table!

I will have a table for the Chicago show May 17-18, 2003. It will be the 
only other place at which my collection will be exhibited. If you want to 
stay at Pheasant Run Resort, the show venue, better make reservations 
pretty soon - it sells out early for this event. Mention the pipe show for 
a discounted room rate when you call 1-800-999-3319.  I hope you can come.

Yours in kapnismology,

Bill Taylor <???????????????????????>

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From: ????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

Can anyone recommend a good pipe shop in Richmond, Virginia?
Thanks, A.J. Hope

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From: "buddy liverman" <????????????????????>
Subject: bruces 

we have a website in asheville nc. and a pipe loving bunch. visit
www.brucespipeshop.com. steve where can i get a mailing list about pipes
also one more question, have you ever tried grandma's apple pie tobacco from
ea carey? it's aromatic. thanks buddy liverman thanks for your digest you
may post this if you wish.

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From: ????????????????????????????
Subject: thanks and question

Thank you for subscribing me to the Pipes Digest!

I have two questions as a fairly new pipe smoker:
1) how long does it take to develop a "discriminating palate"? I've been
trying variations of black cavendish
and to be honest, I find it very difficult to tell any of them apart. Will
this change with time?

2) my local tobaccanist has a blend called "private reserve", which is jet
black. It's the only kind I've tried
that has ever given me a "buzz". I'm trying to determine if this is the
nicotine content, or a kind called
burley that I heard does that, or ? Also, what name brands might give this
same effect?



S Michael Jenkins

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From: "William Sloan" <?????????????????>
Subject: Fw: Pipe smokers and insurance

  As you know, Pipe/Cigar smokers typically get clobbered on Life
  Insurance premiums due to engaging in an activity we all enjoy. 
  We have uncovered a niche by a very large insurance company that
  provides Preferred NON-Smoker rates to Cigar and Pipe Smokers.  This
  is a premium savings of at least 100-200% versus a cigarette smokers
  premium.    Is this something of value to your clients ? 
  Please respond to me at : ????????????????????????????????
    Thanks, Jeff Conyers

[By coincidence, I heard a data mining guy talk about some work he did
for an insurance company. He discovered that smokers were among the
most loyal insurance customers, because they were used to getting
kicked around and didn't want to change any insurer who was actually
insuring them! Thanks for the info, Jeff. -S.]

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From: "David Cohen" <????????????????>
Subject: RE: Pricing

Hi Steve,

Just finished visiting your website and you have some excellent
advice, information and links. 

I have been around pipes and tobacco for over 20 years, but have been
out of touch for the past few.  Would you know if there are any
references, web etc, that offer some idea of a price guide to used


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From: ??????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

I have a Pipe Tobaco Humidor that was put out by the Briggs Tobacco
company, which is no longer in business.  I am not sure of the year,
except that it is some time prior to 1980.  I am pretty sure it is
much older.  It is a keg barrel shaped humidor with the company name
imprinted on the side of the barrel. 

I am hoping someone out there can give me a rough estimate to it's
value.  It stands approximately 8 to 9 inches high anf has a diameter
of approximately 5 to 6 inches at it's widest point.  It has a rich
dark wood look and is in good to excellent condition.  If anyone has
any information as to it's possible value or where I can find such
information, Please e mail me at ???????????????????  Thank you.

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ????????????????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

Porsche Design has re-introduced their pipes and now also other
smokers' accessories. 
I know that many pipe smokers are eagerly looking forward that those
pipes would be available again. 
Have a visit at www.porsche-design.com.


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From: ?????????????????
Subject: Pipe digest submission

Hello all,

I've come to really enjoy savinelli pipes, especially the autograph series.  
However I am a bit sceptical about the new "Balsa System" that all of the 
newer savinelli pipes are equiped with.  Like most, I'm not at all interested 
in any kind of filters in my pipes.  However, I have heard some good things 
about the Balsa inserts, of course I have also heard negative things as well. 
 I'm curious as to what some of my fellow briar smokers feel about the "Balsa 
System".  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest Regards,
James Clark

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From: "Michael J. Glukler" <????????????????????>
Subject: Some websites 

Good day Steve;

 I thought these pipe maker websites might be of interest to your readers.

 Oliver Brandt 

 Max Brandt


Reiner Thilo


All three are based in Germany.

 Michael J. Glukler


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From: ?????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

Kirsten 1/4 bent silver stem. VGC Like new. Smoked very little. Two
years old. Have asthma and need to part. $35 Have original box,
etc. Black bit, smooth, light walnut Columbus briar bowl. Pictures on

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From: "Ben Irvin" <???????????????????>
Subject: WP:  "The Risks of Smoking are greatly exaggerated"

The risks of smoking are greatly exaggerated 
The Record.com
Pocatello, Idaho                  11/28/2002
      .  .       . .       . . 
  The risks of smoking are greatly exaggerated 
  Wednesday November 20, 2002

Too much is made of the 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke. We're told
these chemicals are so harmful that they are responsible for the
deaths of millions worldwide. Untold in this "war on tobacco" is that
each of the plants we consume consists of an equally daunting
thousands of chemicals many of which are recognized poisons or
suspected cancer-causing agents.   Cayenne peppers, carrots and
strawberries each contain six suspected carcinogens; onions,
grapefruit and tomato each contain five -- some the same as the seven
suspected carcinogens found in tobacco. 

High-heat cooking creates yet more dietary carcinogens from otherwise
harmless chemical constituents. 

Sure, these plant chemicals are measured in infinitesimal amounts. An
independent study calculated 222,000 smoking cigarettes would be
needed to reach unacceptable levels of benzo(a)pyrene. One million
smoking cigarettes would be needed to produce unacceptable levels of
toluene. To reach these estimated danger levels, the cigarettes must
be smoked simultaneously and completely in a sealed 20-square-foot
room with a nine-foot ceiling. 

Many other chemicals in tobacco smoke can also be found in normal
diets. Smoking 3,000 packages of cigarettes would supply the same
amount of arsenic as a nutritious 200 gram serving of sole. 

Half a bottle of now healthy wine can supply 32 times the amount of
lead as one pack of cigarettes. The same amount of cadmium obtained
from smoking eight packs of cigarettes can be enjoyed in half a pound
of crab. 

That's one problem with the anti-smoking crusade. The risks of smoking
are greatly exaggerated. So are the costs. 

An in-depth analysis of 400,000 U.S. smoking-related deaths by
National Institute of Health mathematician Rosalind Marimont and
senior fellow in constitutional studies at the Cato Institute Robert
Levy identified a disturbing number of flaws in the methodology used
to estimate these deaths. Incorrectly classifying some diseases as
smoking-related and choosing the wrong standard of comparison each
overstated deaths by more than 65 per cent. 

Failure to control for confounding variables such as diet and exercise
turned estimates more into a computerized shell game than reliable
estimates of deaths. 

Marimont and Levy also found no adjustments were made to the costs of
smoking resulting from the benefits of smoking -- reduced Alzheimer's
and Parkinson's disease, less obesity, depression and breast cancer. 

If it were possible to estimate 45,000 smoking-related Canadian deaths
as some health activists imagine -- and Marimont, Levy and other
respected researchers think it is not -- then applying an identical
methodology to other lifestyle choices would yield 57,000 Canadian
deaths due to lack of exercise and 73,000 Canadian deaths blamed on
poor diets. 

If both the chemical constituents of tobacco smoke and the numbers of
smoking-related deaths are overstated -- and clearly they are -- how
can we trust the claim that tobacco smoke is harmful to non-smokers? 

The 1993 bellwether study by the Environmental Protection Agency that
selectively combined the results of a number of previous studies and
found a small increase in lung cancer risk in those exposed to
environmental tobacco smoke has been roundly criticized as severely
flawed by fellow researchers and ultimately found invalid in a court
of law. 

In 1998, the World Health Organization reported a small, but not
statistically significant, increase in the risk of lung cancer in
non-smoking women married to smokers. 

Despite these invalidating deficiencies, the Environmental Protection
Agency and World Health Organization both concluded tobacco smoke
causes lung cancer in non-smokers. 

One wonders whether the same conclusions would have been announced if
scientific fraud were a criminal offence. 

When confronted with the scientific uncertainty, the inconsistency of
results and the incredible misrepresentation of present-day knowledge,
those seeking to abolish tobacco invoke a radical interpretation of
the Precautionary Principle: "Where potential adverse effects are not
fully understood, the activity should not proceed." 

This unreasonable exploitation of the ever-present risks of living
infiltrates our schools to indoctrinate trusting and eager minds with
the irrational fears of today. Instead of opening minds to the
wondrous complexities of living, it opens the door to peer ridicule
and intolerance while cultivating the trendy cynics of tomorrow. 

If we continue down this dangerous path of control and prohibition
based on an unreliable or remote chance of harm, how many personal
freedoms will remain seven generations from now? 

Eric Boyd of Waterloo has management experience across a wide range of


Kitchener-Waterloo Record 2000
225 Fairway Road South,
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, N2G 4E5

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From: "Richard Lawton" <?????????????????????>
Subject: Interesting Pipe I found????

I found this a a local Antique store and I do not recognise the branding.
I will describe : First the Makers mark has the initials GFB or D- not GBD 
as I would thought. It also has a set of three stars just above the logo 
which is also in an oval of a very thin line.
Now for the good stuff.. this pipe is a near perfect strait/flame grain in a 
slightly bent poker shape. It also has a trist to the stem and mouth piece 
which is made from bone or a very good imitation of it.
It came with a case made for it.It is a fairly large pipe about 6.5 inches 
long... I will E-Mail some pictures as soon as I get my camera working.

  Any help will be greatly appreciated.. Richard J. Lawton

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From: ????????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

Greetings Fellow Tobacco aficionados,  I'm not sure if this is the
right place to look for an old smoking partner, but I noticed from a
previous post that Mair Hyman is or was one of your members.  I knew
him in 1979 in Israel but have lost touch - if anyone knows Mair (or
if he even reads this himself) perhaps he could e-mail me at
?????????????????????  Thanks in advance and happy smoking,  Mark
Jarratt, Canberra, Australia   

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ?????????????????
Subject: pipe digest submission

I have really come to appreciate the refined flavor of virginia and va/p 
blends, particularly flakes. This has come as almost a revelation if you 
will, for an english fancier such as myself. I'm hoping someone out there can 
explain to me the DGT as with regard to the proper technique. Some good 
virginia or va/p recommendations would be appreciated as well, especially 
ones that respond well to the DGT. I would be in a great deal of debt to 
whomever could lend me some advise.

James Clark

I would also like to extend my deepest appreciation to Steve for donating his 
time to make the digest happen. We are all in a great deal of debt to you.

[Thanks, on behalf of both myself and Steve Beaty! -S.]

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: "Anthony Pringle" <???????????????????????????>
Subject: metal stemmed pipes

New member, collector not a smoker , I have around 36 different makes
of metal stemmed pipes and countless different bowls. Apart from
Falcon and Kirten, have problems getting information on the
makes. Have some un identified also. Considering getting a website up
and running solely about these types of pipe. Any views, opinions
information etc welcomed.


Tony Pringle
35 Windsor Road

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From: chuck wooten <???????????????????>
Subject: hello

this is my first post so in keeping with the way it is my name is chuck from
willow street pa i have been smoking a few months now have collected 9 nice
pipes and few grabows also for christmas my lady got me a duca carlo that is
wonderful it smokes great and because it came from her my favorite one at
present. jest wanted to say hi and happy new year to all and good
smoking.....i do most of my buying at a small store in lancaster pa. very
friendly and helpful location 154 n. price st  lancaster pa 17603
www.danstoaccoroad.com there house blend it out of this world.

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: Georgi <Address incomplete>
Subject: posting from pipes page

Dear Steve and friends!
Happy New Year and best wishes!
Here comes my question as well:
I can't see anymore the site of very famous pipe maker, selling vulcanite rod stok as well. Would you be so kind to point me to it?
Best regards:
Georgi from Getz pipes

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ????????????????

Steve-:  How is it going with everyone? The wife and I went to
Vancouver Island and fished out of Port Alice. We brought home a nice
mess of large coho's and had a nice time with our Canadian friends. I
did another campfire paella that was a big hit. I was able to sit by
the fire, nightly, and smoke my pipes in peace, listen to the fire
crackle, and the loons calling. I took a handful of cigars and it
turns out Sandy like cigars and we made short work of them. I need to
take him a box next summer as they are very expensive up there. Take
care and best wishes for the new year. 

Big John aka Model 12 

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: ??????????????????????????
Subject: posting from pipes page

Dear pipesmokers, may be, something is wrong written in this
information to you, I'm a pipemaker in Berlin/Germany , have my shop
in Treptow, Elsenstrasse 115. Homepage also,
http://www.nils-thomsen-pipes.de. I sell pipes and make myselfe,
repair and so on. The machines are here and you can see me working
behind a wall of glass, so that everybody can see, what I do with the
wood to create a new pipe. Also I founded a Pipe-Club, monthly we
meet, see new tobaccos, taste them and have a good time. all the dates
you find in my homepage, also informations about the "school for new
pipesmokers", also one time in month in my shop/manufactory. fon: +49
30 53210102.

So, if you are in Berlin, visit me and let's smoke a pipe together!

Sincerally Nils Thomsen

~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U ~\U

From: chong <???????????????????????> 
Subject: japanese member email


I was looking for your members email addresses. I live in Japan and would 
like to email Shigeho Okada about more pipe info in Japan, but his email is 
not listed. Maybe you can forward this to him and he can reply to me 
directly if he chooses. Do I have to become a member to see the addresses? 
I would do so, but would rather not have the newsletter sent to me.

Thanks for a great publication and your time,

Chris Chong

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From: Jeroen Greveling <?????????????????????????>

Dear pipesmole brother
It is a very long time ago that I recieved Pipe Digest
I hope there is nothing serious, so I make a new request
bishop jeroen greveling, the netherlands

or for the pc +<};-? do your head a bit to the left and see a happy
bishop who smokes his pipe 

[Jeroen, it's great to hear from you, and yes, it has been a very long
time since I put out a Digest. I know a lot of folks around here who
have had some conversations with The Big Guy on your
behalf. Hopefully, I won't make you wait so long for the next issue!

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Article Index

  1. Subject: Pipes Digest #282 -- February 17, 2003
  2. Subject: posting from pipes page
  3. Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #281 -- July 30, 2002
  4. Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #281 -- July 30, 2002
  5. Subject: RE: Pipes Digest #281 -- July 30, 2002
  6. Subject: Motorcycling with a pipe?
  7. Subject: pipe tool
  8. Subject: PD #281
  9. Subject: posting from pipes page
  10. Subject: New Commercial Link
  11. Subject: posting from pipes page
  12. Subject: posting from pipes page
  13. Subject: posting from pipes page
  14. Subject: neophyte
  15. Subject: submission
  16. Subject: posting from pipes page
  17. Subject: posting from pipes page
  18. Subject: posting from pipes page
  19. Subject: Pipesmoke Appreciation - 101
  20. Subject: contact
  21. Subject: Pipes...of course
  22. Subject: Canadian indifference
  23. Subject: posting from pipes page
  24. Subject: pyrolytic graphite pipes collection at pipe shows
  25. Subject: posting from pipes page
  26. Subject: bruces
  27. Subject: thanks and question
  28. Subject: Fw: Pipe smokers and insurance
  29. Subject: RE: Pricing
  30. Subject: posting from pipes page
  31. Subject: posting from pipes page
  32. Subject: Pipe digest submission
  33. Subject: Some websites
  34. Subject: posting from pipes page
  35. Subject: WP: "The Risks of Smoking are greatly exaggerated"
  36. Subject: Interesting Pipe I found????
  37. Subject: posting from pipes page
  38. Subject: pipe digest submission
  39. Subject: metal stemmed pipes
  40. Subject: hello
  41. Subject: posting from pipes page
  42. Subject: posting from pipes page
  43. Subject: japanese member email
  44. Subject:
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