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From: ??????????????????????? (Pipes Digest)
Subject: [Pipes Digest] Pipe tobacco for the troops

[Posted anonymously at the member's request. -S.]

Pipe tobacco for the troops:

Whether you agree or disagree with the war in Iraq, it's important to
recognise the bravery, dedication, and sacrifices on the part of our
troops overseas.  Chances are that service members who smoke pipes are
having a hard time getting tobacco right now.  Perhaps we can help.

What I'd like to see is for someone to set up a way for people to donate
pipe tobacco and the costs of shipping, so it gets to the troops free.
This could work through a veterans' organisation or the USO, or a service
members' families' support grouop, who would publicise it and provide a
central point of contact.  Relevant considerations are:

1)  You can't just send stuff to "any service member," but you can send
stuff to specific individuals if you know their specific military address.
This is to prevent terrorists sending contaminated care packages to

2)  Pipe tobacco needs to be in factory-sealed containers.  A plastic bag
full of bulk tobacco probably won't get through because, as per above, it
could have been spiked with poison, or it could be mixed with marijuana or
something.  On the other hand, perhaps bulk tobacco coming from pipe shops
would be OK because it can be traced back to a specific business.  This
needs to be looked into further.

3)  The military may have a method for handling care-packages that's more
efficient than if people just send them through individually.  I don't
know the answer to this but it needs to be looked into.

Another way to handle this may be to set up email "pen pal" arrangements
with individual service members.  For example, your name goes on a list
that's organised geographically.  So, a soldier who used to buy his
tobacco at e.g. Downtown Pipe Shop in Centerville, could write to someone
from Centerville.  The pen pal in Centerville would in turn go to Downtown
Pipe Shop, pay for a bunch of that soldier's favorite blend, and the shop
would ship it to the soldier in the field directly (this also provides the
security assurances that the package is coming from a specific business).

Something similar could be done with regard to pipes as well, though most
of us may not be able to afford to do it often.  Again, for security
reasons, this has to be handled via pipe shops and established service
members' support organisations.  If you want to donate pipes from your own
collection, I would guess that the best way to do this is to have them
handled via your regular pipe shop.

Last but not least: this is not the place for preaching to people about
their tastes in tobacco.  If some young warrior likes a blend that you
yourself think is poop, don't complain or preach about it.  Send him what
he wants and be thankful he's willing to put his life on the line for you.
Of course you can always say, "...by the way, along with three tins of
(whatever you requested), here's a tin of something I like to smoke...",
but the key here is to make sure the troops get the stuff *they* like and
not preach about it.

Oh yeah, one more thing:  Pipe cleaners, pipe tools, and matches or
lighters.  Can't do without those.  Getting a pound of tobacco and no pipe
cleaners would be frustrating as hell...

It's probably a good idea to keep this whole thing discreet, so the
anti-smoking nazis don't get hold of it and make a big stink.  But if they
do, they should be ashamed of themselves: after all, as the old saying
goes, if you're old enough to die for your country, you're certainly old
enough to decide whether to smoke a pipe.

Unrelated item:  thanks for deciding to strip out the HTML and suchlike.
I read these messages on a text-based system (Pine via the BSD terminal
window in MacOSX), so the HTML etc. was just adding clutter and also
tripping my spam filters.  (Hey, after the war is over, perhaps we should
ask our best military minds to develop a precision-guided micro-munition
that would blast spam servers to smithereens while leaving nearby innocent
computers unharmed. Hmm...!)

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From: ??????????????????????? (???????????????????????)
Subject: [Pipes Digest] Re: Pipes digest, Vol 1 #10 - 1 msg


You're doing a great job! What's the old saying, you can't please everyone, all the time. Somethings can't be helped, and people need to realize this. In the words of a wise old philosopher (George Carlin), "DON'T SWEAT THE PETTY STUFF, AND DON'T PET THE SWEATTY STUFF".

                                      TAKE CARE,
                                   Stephen A. Swann

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From: ??????????????????????? (Walter Woolard Jr)
Subject: [Pipes Digest] (no subject)

From: ??????????????????????? (Jeffrey-David Kushner)
Subject: [Pipes Digest] Re: Pipes digest, Vol 1 #10 - 1 msg

Greeting fellow pipe smokers.

Up here in the True North we tend to be limited in our ability to obtain
certain kinds of tobacco. I have been a devoted Mac Baren smoker for
years ( nota bene Scottish Mixture, Dark Twist, Club Blend, Roll Cake,
and Latakia). But after several attempts through local tobacconists as
well as directly with Mac Baren, I have been unsuccessful in identifying
a source for Solent Mixture. I would therefore be most grateful to anyone
for some source suggestions.

Many thanks and best wishes

Jeffrey- David Kushner
Montreal, Quebec

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From: ??????????????????????? (Vincenzo Calzona)
Subject: [Pipes Digest] sito web

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From: ??????????????????????? (Jesper Klith)
Subject: [Pipes Digest] How to clean oxidized stems with stamped logo?

I'm working on some estate pipes and one of them is a pre-trans Barling
with a somewhat oxidized stem. Not anymore though except around the logo
on top of the stem. I'm 100% certain that the logo will come off if I
try to buff the remaining area. How do you pros or semi-pros deal with
that? From a collector's view I guess it's better to leave the stem
oxidized around the logo rather than get rid of all oxidation + logo,
Cheers, Jesper
Danish pipes at Danish prices www.danpipes.dk

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From: ??????????????????????? (Robert M. Anderson)
Subject: [Pipes Digest] Where to buy meerschaum pipes?

Hi from Japan!

I belong to a pipe club here in Shizuoka City, and I always try to bring the 
latest issue of Pipes & Tobaccos with me to do a brief rundown on what the 
main articles are about.

As many members of this list are probably aware, the latest issue features 
the results of the meerschaum pipe colouring contest. After some discussion, 
we decided that everyone would buy one and the club would run our own little 
contest. I was elected to order the pipes themselves, but I'm at a loss of 
where to get them.

I checked out the resources section on pipes.org, and came away with some 
preferences (links listed at the end of this message), but there is the 
worry about doing business with internet shops. Has anyone dealt with the 
companies I've listed below? What was your experience? How did you pay for 
the goods, and did they arrive in good time and unbroken?


Looking forward to any and all replies, both positive and negative, as well 
as any other recommendations you might have.

By the way, P&T's contest pipes were apparently purchased from CAO 
(www.caopipes.com), but they (CAO) have the most thoroughly useless site I 
have seen in a long, long time. Another example of a company 
over-emphasizing style and ignoring the real needs of potential customers.

Robert M. Anderson
Shizuoka, Japan

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From: ??????????????????????? (gleno)
Subject: [Pipes Digest] Pipes Digest #282 -- February 17, 2003


I bought a Peterson Pipe stamped on silver band with St Patrick 3/17,2003.
Its not going to be smoked. Saving it for my unsmoked pipe collection.
Its not green. However, bought and smoked my green finish Boswell and
have another green stained briar that has not been smoked- saving it
for my collection.

Thanks for the news
--- Steve Butler  wrote:
> Peter,
> I bought a pipe on ebay with a green finish called
> JADE made in England.
> Smoke it once a week.
> Iwan Ries used to sell one called Emerald.  It was
> pretty green.
> Hilson Fantasias came in Green Swirl.  Had a
> meerschaum liner.  Some guys
> like them a lot.  The Pipe and the Smoke both carbon
> pipes came in green.
> Good luck, my Jade  is not for sale.  The green
> comes off when my hands are
> sweaty, but it smokes great.
> Steve Butler
> 500 Meadow Lane
> Raymore, MO 64083

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From: ??????????????????????? (Rob Denholtz)
Subject: [Pipes Digest] Ephemeris, Vol. 1

We have for sale a bound copy of volume 1 of The Pipe Smokers Ephemeris,
priced at $450 (see the notice on the home page of FineOldeBriars.com).
Email me at this address if you're interested.

Rob Denholtz

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