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From: ????????????????????????

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From: ??????????????????????? (gordo)
Subject: [Pipes Digest] Tobacco Store Liquidation

I have been clearing out the stock left over from
the close of my tobacco store I have listed on Yahoo
http://user.auctions.shopping.yahoo.com/user/odrogus?  a mishmash of
both pipe tobacco, pipes, cigars and accessories.

thank you

gordon tanner

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From: ??????????????????????? (Sami Mikhail)
Subject: [Pipes Digest] Status?

Not sure if I missed a mailing or a digest, but have not heard anything
from the pipes digest in a while.

Wondering what's up, because I miss it.. :)

(Hi Steve!)

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From: ??????????????????????? (J.F. Gomes)
Subject: [Pipes Digest] Hot Smoking Stanwell

Hi! My first memories of a pipe at the age of seven, are when my mom was 
taken to Bombay's best ENT surgeon. A fellow of the Royal College of 
Surgeons, Dr Joe D'Sa had two of the most beautiful silver spigot sleek 
pipes I have ever seen. The shape was billiard, but the stems were really 
slim. Much of the stem was apparently metal (silver). There were two pipes 
on his consulting desk and the good doctor would take a gentle sip as he 
examined his patients.

Over the past year, as I have been working on a PhD in Cambridge, UK, my 
briars have been my best friends (besides my wife). Last week, I acquired a 
Stanwell from Denmark on the net. It is a billiard and has a lovely silver 
spigot. I have had very good experiences with my Stanwell Hans Christian 
Anderson pipe. The new Stanwell is very, very, smooth and requires the 
least effort to puff (or sip!). However, it smokes quite hot!! I wonder, if 
it will get better after a cake has been formed. This is my fourth smoke 
with it. I have been using a soft cloth to hold it as the polish is so 
lovely I just don't want to spoil it. Any advice??

Jules Gomes

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