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From: ??????????????????????? (Pipes Digest)
Subject: [Pipes Digest] Administrative note

Dear readers,

Craig Tarler put it best about the new format. In the immortal words of 
Ollie Hardy, "it's a fine mess!"

I am trying, again, to put the Digest into decent shape. All members 
should now be getting the mailings in digested, MIME format, unless 
they've requested otherwise. If your Digest is still garbaged beyond 
usability, please drop me a line at the admin address.

I've gotten suggestions to host the Digest on a service like Yahoo or 
EZBoard. This is possible, certainly, but would have its own problems. 
We are working on getting it right, but it's been, and is continuing to 
be, an uphill battle. Nothing is going to be ideal.

For those who have supported and stuck with me, Steve Beaty, Tony 
Coronado, and the Digest through the re-homing process, you have my 
great thanks.  For those who couldn't cope with getting bombarded dozens 
of HTML examples, you have my understanding and best wishes.

For better or worse, here's this Pipes Digest.  (But I'm still hoping 
for the former!)

Smoke in peace,
~\U Steve.

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  1. Subject: [Pipes Digest] Administrative note
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