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Subject: Pipes Digest #291
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                Pipes Digest #291 -- March 22, 2005
   Copyright (C) 2005 by Steven J. Beaty. All rights reserved.
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Today's Topics:
        Pipes digest
        Anti - Smoking laws
        The Professor and Meers
        let's send this one out...

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Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 20:29:57 +0000
From: Frank Thomas <?????????????????>
Subject: Pipes digest

With reference to Adam Zieglers posting, I too have occasionally had 
adverse comments from cigarette smokers but I find that calling them a 
bunch of whining hypocrites in a very loud voice tends to silence them :)

(Of course, being 6'4 with a shaved head may have had something to do 
with that plus the fact they caught me on a bad day)


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Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 02:27:07 -0500
From: Steve Morrisette <??????????????????????>
Subject: Anti - Smoking laws

Greetings All,

Why are we taking this lying down, without ANY resistance?

I think many pipe smokers will agree that there is strong evidence and 
statistical fact for the claim that pipe smoking increases longevity - 
or at the very least has no measurable negative impact on the pipe 
smokers health. Or those around them.

I say many will agree because I came across a pipe smoker that was certain
that all smoking harms people and that second hand smoke was truly
dangerous. I told him if he could find actual clinical studies that proved
second hand smoke was harmful, I would pay him $100 cash. He called the
tobacco shop where we had this discussion half an hour later and claimed
that the Phillip-Morris website (of all sources) stated that second hand
smoke was harmful.  The source of the data was the now disproved Surgeon
Generals' report that was ruled inconclusive by a Federal court. He
doesn't get the hundred because he did not meet the criteria. NO ONE CAN.
The is not an existing legitimate clinical study of second hand smoke that
shows ANY health risk beyond the statistical margin of error for the tests.
If I am wrong about this, please educate me. Show me where I can get a copy
of the test results themselves so I can read them.  Don't just quote some
source. I want to see the data. I don't think it exists.

EPA and doctors groups and The American Cancer Society call second 
hand smoke an irritant. Well, to the extent that it is, so is garden 
variety water vapor, better know as fog. What about an heavily perfumed 
man or woman in an elevator, theatre or airplane? Gee, no data?

OK, so if the above is true - that second hand smoke is not harmful, 
then why are we letting people push us around and restrict our rights?

Here are some reasons:

It's an uphill battle because most smokers are cigarette smokers and 
	wish they weren't.
It's hard - people are thoroughly misinformed and generally will not 
	listen to the other views.
We don't like confrontation.
Many people dislike the smell of smoke - although because I smoke 
	strictly aromatics in public, 90% of the comments I get are
The vast majority of cigarette smokers feel guilty and believe the 
	false propaganda so prominent in the media, so they just lay
	down and take it.
The vast majority of cigarette smokers LITTER. They toss their smelly 
	butts everywhere - very abhorrent and also illegal.
Cigarette smokers are the poster child of the anti-smoking faction. 
People almost never think of cigar smokers and few even seem to realise 
	that pipe smokers exist.

Suggestions for fighting back:

First, if you are a cigarette smoker, for God's sake (and ours) dispose 
of your butts properly. In the recent attempt to ban smoking on public 
beaches in California, cigarette butts were the main rallying point for 
the supporters of that ridiculous legislation.

Second, make a real effort to educate people and distinguish pipe and 
cigar smoking from cigarette smoking. (remember- no second hand smoke 
risks are real) Perhaps that will help reduce the number of places that 
allow cigarette smoking, but bar more healthful cigar and pipe smoking.

Third, confidently CHALLENGE anti-smoking views and policies. I will not
patronize a restaurant that has a smoking ban.  When I am politely told I
may not smoke, or may not smoke until after a certain time, I politely
inform the manage, NOT the waitperson, that I am taking my business to
their non restrictive competition - along with as many family and friends
as I can influence.  (I am fortunate to live in Virginia where you can
still smoke in a restaurant that meets the seating allotment for non vs.
smoking areas)

Be assertive - if people dismiss you as a crank, challenge them to prove
that second hand smoke and pipe smoking is harmful.  Make some waves.

When people treat you like a fool for saying second hand smoke is not a
health danger, ask them why then are there so many people over the age of
fifty still alive on Earth?  After all, nearly ALL people that are 50+ had
AT LEAST one parent that smoked around them their entire childhood. In
cars, in the house, in public, in lobbys, EVERYWHERE.  So how come there're
not all dying of a respiratory disease? - BECAUSE SECOND HAND SMOKE IS NOT

Lastly my fervent hope is that there will arise a backlash. Ideally in the
form of a well funded, politically savvy group that can lobby Congress much
like the NRA does. Or the NEA. Or AARP.

Now that would be very American - not taking it lying down like a bunch of

Thanx for you time. I hope we will not all be jailed anytime soon for
refusing to give up smoking.

Magruder Pipes

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Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 14:02:15 -0800 (PST)
From: Bosaiya <??????????????????>
Subject: The Professor and Meers

Someone asked about The Professor's technique and meerschaum pipes. Works
like a charm, I do it all the time. Never had a problem.



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Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 00:17:34 -0600 (MDT)
From: Steve Beaty <????????????????????>
Subject: let's send this one out...

	seems time to send this issue out...

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