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Subject: Pipes Digest #292
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                Pipes Digest #292 -- June 10, 2005
   Copyright (C) 2005 by Steven J. Beaty. All rights reserved.
               Commercial use of any part of contents,
              including email addresses, is prohibited.

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Today's Topics:
        Re: Pipes Digest #291
        smoke as an annoyance to others...
        let's kick this one out

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Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 20:16:55 -0600 (MDT)
From: ????????????????
Subject: Re: Pipes Digest #291

In a message dated 6/2/05 11:21:59 PM, ?????????????????????????????? writes:
> Lastly my fervent hope is that there will arise a backlash. Ideally in the
> form of a well funded, politically savvy group that can lobby Congress much
> like the NRA does. Or the NEA. Or AARP.
> Now that would be very American - not taking it lying down like a bunch of
> wimps.

Dear Steve;

	I would like to respond to Magruder's wish for an anti-smoking
backlash.   I believe there is a basic flaw in his approach, and that is
that it is far too reasonable, rational and cereberal.  That it may well be
correct has nothing to do with solving the problem for us, which is to be
accorded reasonable accomodation for our smoking.

	Do I have a positive idea on how, then, to proceed?   Yes.   Find a
charismatic leader(s), forget about lobbying (we're getting killed there,
too, although less quickly, I suppose) and start applying our combined
financial leverage.   Money, or deprivation of same is the only way to get
anyone's attention.   

	An example of an action might be to, in S.F. (where my tobacco shop
is) have all smokers who are willing...10-15% would probably work, boycott
the S.F. Chronicle, and let them know why...because we want to.   No
rationale, no good reason, we're a self-interest group and we want to be
heard.   Advertisers would not want to pay full rate for fewer readers, the
revenue would diminish and perhaps the Chronicle, like all newspapers I've
read (and I can get more and more specific, as needed, but don't want to
waste your space and time) might give credence to statements that Magruder
accurately made, like the BS about 2nd hand smoke, etc.   In short, we
might get someone to actually listen to a rational argument.  Nor would the
boycotters have to deprive themselves of newspapers...there are plenty of
alternatives, all of them locally, almost as bad as the Chronicle.  Then we
could hit another business, or interest group.  If nothing else, it would
be fun to see the bastards squirm, n'est ce pas?  What do we have to
lose...that people wouldn't like us?  Now, who among you are great
unionizers...or skilled in guerilla tactics.   Count me in as a good

Marty Pulvers

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Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 19:16:23 -0600 (MDT)
From: ????????????????????
Subject: smoke as an annoyance to others...

Hello friends,
I usually smoke out in my backyard away from everyone.  My dear wife and our 
two young daughters are out of range.
I don't have to deal with anyone's displeasure regarding my smoke.  My 
nostrils are the only ones that know what I'm doing.
One of my favorite lines comes from someone else on this list and I never 
fogot it.  When the author of the line gets a complaint about his smoke, he has 
said, "My parole officer says it relaxes me."
I'm sure the comments stop right there.
I hope you are all well.

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Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 21:52:08 -0700
From: Steve Beaty <????????????????????>
Subject: let's kick this one out


	Time for another digest, finally.  We only have two submissions
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	lively :-)

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